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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 12 Recap

Hao Yingjun came home with his sleeping person on his back. Zuo Yao said thank you for today. Hao Yingjun said that I got along well with you. Zuo Yao said that I know but you don’t need to come again. Hao Yingjun didn’t understand the reason, Zuo Yao explained me. Not wanting to give children expectations, Hao Yingjun said if you don’t try, how do you know, why can’t you give me a chance? Zuo Yao said angrily because I was waiting for my father to come back.

Dialect and Shimeng came to a bridge by the lake and said that I was showing you to see the stars, but now it’s dark. If the sky is full of stars and snow will be perfect, the day of the first snow is of special significance to me. My dad proposed to my mother on the first snow day. Shi Meng said that we could come again next time in the first snow. He said in dialect to make a wish on the lake. The god of the lake will help you when he hears the wish. Shi Meng is unwilling to try.

The dialect faces the lake. Loudly shouted Lake God, next time I can see Chuxue and the sky full of stars, Shi Meng also yelled at the “Water Mirror Story”, and then the two of them were ready to go back, counting five, four, three, two in dialect, when they shouted out. Happy birthday to Meng. Suddenly there were fireworks everywhere and the sky was also bright fireworks. The two quietly looked at each other with a smirk, Shi Meng said thank you for giving me my birthday.

When I walked to the door and said in dialect, I would send you here and not go in. During this time, thank you for taking care of me and I won’t disturb you anymore. After speaking, I turned away sadly. Zuo Yao waited for the dialect to come back, and asked why you were crying. I couldn’t bear to say what to do with the dialect. Shi Meng went home and looked at the cartoon drawn deliberately on the small blackboard. , I went to the refrigerator by myself and opened it and saw boxes full of various labels.

I went to brush my teeth by myself, and I remembered every bit of the dialect wherever I went. The dialect stood in the shop and thought that as long as you count to 100, you can forget Shimeng. Shiyi came, Shiyi said you disappeared for so many days, and thought that Yinjiang had disappeared. The dialect said it was because of a personal problem. , Have you ever wanted to say goodbye to the past when Shiyi said that I found a good way to quickly divert attention, and Shiyi asked her if she had time tomorrow? Shiyi came out to eat stinky tofu in a dialect.

The dialect said that big stars would also eat such stinky things. Shiyi said that eating will make people feel happy. The surrounding fans whispered and talked about taking pictures. After eating in the dialect, they admired that it was delicious. When Shiyi was about to eat it, fans ran over frantically and said that it was really Shiyi. After chasing him, the two of them found a shop and hid. Fans rushed to the store, and the boss said that they could go in for the reservation.

The fans had no choice but to go out. The two people stood up. Shi Yi said that I had reserved the venue for the whole afternoon, and the boss closed the door. Shi Meng smiled happily when he saw a cartoon image appearing on the computer that was dubbed in a dialect. Shiyi started playing the piano Said that the first time I sang was in such a bar, and then I started to play and sing myself, sitting in the audience quietly listening in dialect, and then remembering the picture of Shi Meng.

It was so sad that Shiyi had been in a daze and said that he shouldn’t sing this song after playing the dialect. Shiyi said that the best way to treat unhappiness is to fall in love. Shiyi sent the dialect home, and then asked the dialect if you want to experience the feeling of fire? Shi Meng pushed a hot search on Weibo while watching the computer, and it was Shiyi Heyinjiang who announced his new love affair. The assistant asked Shiyi if he wanted to clarify what to do? When Shiyi said no, I knew it well, thinking that only in this way could the dialect be closer to me.

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