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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 11 Recap

Does dialect just want to give up like this? Zuo Yao’s words were always in her ears, and she couldn’t help but tears in her eyes. Meng sleep when tossing and turning, thinking about when aHolding dialect. Dialect saw the words on the small blackboard and thought that since I chose to let go, I would let the last indulgence once, anyway, only the last two days. Shi Meng got up and saw the table full of delicious breakfasts. Hao Yingjun introduced Shi Meng the house he chose for the dialect, but Shi Meng was not satisfied, and Hao Yingjun said that it was still yours.

The camping equipment Zuo Yao bought for Left and Right arrived. Left and right seemed a little unhappy to say that the others were a family of three. Zuo Yao said that Uncle Weilin should go, and Left and Right said that his uncle is not his father called Uncle Hao, Zuo Yao refused. When Shi Meng came home, he saw a two-day countdown to moving in the dialect written on the blackboard.

The dialect took the computer and said I was leaving soon. Do you want to calculate the accounts? When the dialect was finally calculated, Meng owed 10,000 yuan, and Shi Meng took out his wallet. Ready to take money, the dialect says I don’t want cash, I want you 24 hours, Shi Meng said I promised you. When the dialect called in the morning, Meng quickly got up, and the dialect was about to drive out. As soon as the car went off, Shi Meng sat in a panic. The teacher brought a list to Zuo Yao and suggested that some items should not be selected, and he needed his father’s help.

Zuo Yao said that he could be both a father and a mother, and he still checked. When the dialect was taken, Meng came to the field for skating. The dialect said that this place is different to me. The two put on skates, and the dialect shoelaces could not be fastened. Shi Meng bent down and fastened her, and the dialect secretly took a photo. Zhang Zhao, dialect can’t skate, Shi Meng took her to walk slowly, and when he let go, the dialect almost fell over, Shi Meng hurriedly caught her. Shi Meng went to borrow a helmet to wear to the dialect, and then took her hand to teach him slowly.

Hao Yingjun drove to Zuo Yao handsomely with camping equipment and said sorry I’m late, Zuo Yao said? The paternity test has been done, you still don’t give up? Hao Yingjun comforted me and said that I couldn’t help but give me a chance. Pick up the activity sheet to Uncle Hao. The first activity was a back-to-back tug-of-war. The opponent was a very fat person. Just about to start, Hao Yingjun imagined that he would make a move and won easily. After he came back to his senses, the other party couldn’t be fooled.

He dragged him and ran, and immediately lost. He took medicine from left and right and handed him the medicine. Zuo Yao said that you are so stupid, and Hao Yingjun said that I was not for you. At the bonfire party in the evening, I opened a bottle of beer in dialect, opened the thermos, trotters soup, and then took out an earphone. The voice of the proprietress said that the trotters soup was coming, and Xiao Mengduo would surpass your brother with some. Shi Meng asked how you found the boss?

The dialect said that my aunt told me, Shi Meng took a drink, then remembered his childhood memories, then turned his head and asked, why are you so good to me and I am not good to you at all, but the dialect said that you are actually very good to me. It’s just a little bit fierce, so what do you want to tell me? Shi Meng said that I just wanted to be clean, and he cursed the cold-faced devil in dialect. Shi Meng asked my mother what benefits my mother gave you.

Desperately, the aunt said in dialect that as long as I complete the task, he will give me a big reward. Shi Meng said, did you complete the task? Dialect drank a big sip of wine and then hugged Shi Meng and kissed him, saying that it is now complete. Auntie wants me to verify your orientation. Shi Meng stood up and said to go, didn’t he want to see the stars?

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