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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 10 Recap

Meng asked when you have not talked about love, a dialect erupted, when Meng said I wanted to tell you off when aA little bit further, he has a lot of emotional experience, and the dialect says that I should learn from Shiyi’s love experience. Shi Meng was brushing his teeth. The dialect stood behind and said that I wanted to wash my hair and was going to remove the bandage. Shi Meng said that he could not remove it. The fine was fine. Shi Meng was going to wash his hair with one hand.

Shi Meng came over and said I would help you, Shi Meng Patiently wash your hair in the dialect, and after washing, pick up the hair dryer to blow your head in the dialect. Shi Meng said I will help you with the drama. Dialects doubt you? Shi Meng said you don’t believe me? Shi Meng began to professionally talk about the dialogue in the Lake God. He patted Shi Meng’s shoulder and asked whether he said it for a long time. After all, Shi Meng liked me or not. This is the line in the dialect.

Zuo Yao toasted in Weilin’s dialect to celebrate being recognized by the director. The dialect said it was because Shi Meng helped me with the play. Wei Lin joked that it must be the power of love. Zuo Yao answered the phone and left. Wei Lin said that you and him had a match Without blushing and my heart beating faster, how could I like Shimeng in dialects? Weilin took out a tablet to watch the five performances of liking people. First, he would be attracted by the other person unconsciously, and would feel that the other person was particularly sexy.

The second time I was particularly concerned about myself. For the image of Fangqian, the third will be jealous for the other party, the fourth will see the other party’s mouth rising up, and the fifth will be blushing for the other party’s physical contact. Dialect wonders if I really like Shimeng? Shi Meng was working, and the dialect was brought down. Then he hesitated that Zuo Yao gave me two movie tickets. I want to invite you to watch it together. Shi Meng picked it up and said that it was released last year and I had already watched it.

The dialect said Then I’ll give it to someone else, turn around and throw it into the trash can, thinking that he doesn’t like me as expected. The dialect was spraying flowers listlessly. Weilin walked over and said that you are just like being broken in love. How could it be possible to quickly argue with the dialect? Shi Meng sent a message saying that he was free at four o’clock in the afternoon.

The dialect danced happily and came to the cinema to see a flash. Ling’s movie, the waiter mistakenly said it was a fantasy movie, and bought two. Shi Meng is still working here, and the director still has questions. Shi Meng stepped forward to explain. He looked at the phone in dialect and found that the time was about to come, so he called Shi Meng, but no one answered the call. Zuo Yao sent a message and asked where he was. ?

The dialect said that I was watching the Shining in the cinema, and then I saw Shi Meng’s work photos. I thought that work was more important. Zuo Yao hurriedly called when he saw the message. When the dialect entered the cinema, there was no signal on the phone. Shi Meng was finally finished. At work, I checked the time and hurriedly passed by. Zuo Yao called Shi Yi to speak in dialect and was afraid of what happened to the Shining alone. Shi Meng saw the message sent by the dialect and watched Shining. The dialect was frightened while sitting in the cinema.

When I walked towards the ladder, when I saw the dialect standing there motionless, the dialect said you let go of my hug for too long, Shiyi asked you, are you okay, the dialect said I went in and saw something wrong, and then came out. Shi Meng After seeing it, he quietly took the elevator and left. Shiyi sent the dialect back and saw that the god was unhappy and asked what was wrong. The dialect said what should you do if the person you like doesn’t like you.

When Shiyi said, then give up. Instead of chasing the person who doesn’t love you, you should choose to love yourself. People. When I went back, I saw all kinds of food on the table. Shi Meng said that I had forgotten. The dialect said that the movie is particularly good. That wife loves her husband very much. The dialect said that my life is only movies. Feelings are a waste of time and energy for me. Dialects Saying that our agreed time is coming, Shi Meng said, I will help you find the house.

The dialect said that she originally wanted to stay and can only move away. The dialect asked Zuo Yao to run at night. Zuo Yao saw that she was not in the right state, and the dialect said she fell in love. Zuo Yao said you don’t want to fall in love. Which man can accept your illness? Dialects have heard that you keep running forward. It is a reality to cure the disease, and it is also a reality to rely on Shiyi to cure the disease. reality.

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