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Jiu Gong Qi Ju 九宫奇局 Episode 4 Racap

After Shi Dashao came out, Guiyuan asked him why he was here? Shi Dashao mentioned that the betting must have a result, so he wanted to come to Yizhuang for an autopsy. Feng’er also said that he also wanted to see the corpse of long green bean sprouts, but Gui Yuanyi said that the autopsy could not be done if Uncle Gen was not there. Shi Da rarely sees that Guiyuan is soft and hard, so he had to leave. Feng’er began to mention Guiyuan and said that he should have an autopsy.

Then he let Master Shi know that he had lost, but Guiyuan didn’t respond. He just said that he couldn’t do an autopsy without Uncle Gen. This is Yizhuang’s rules that cannot be broken. Fenger knew that the radical method was useless for Guiyuan and went to the yard to dry clothes.

Young Master Shi didn’t give up on sneaking to the cellar behind Yizhuang, and Xiangyi came to Guiyuan and told him that the squires gave gifts to Head Lu and recommended Xinyou. Xiangyi said that if he couldn’t find out about Lu Bu’s corpse, Uncle Gen might lose his status, and Guiyuan was also very anxious, but Uncle Gen had not returned. Finally, Guiyuan decided to go to the autopsy on his own under Xiangyi’s instigation, and then brought Xiangyi to the cellar.

Guiyuan and Xiangyi came to the cellar and found that Shi Dashao was there and preparing for an autopsy. Guiyuan stopped Shi Dashao and said that the autopsy was for Yizhuang. Shi Dashao plausibly stated that Yu Si wanted to know the result of the gambling, and that the corpse of Yu Gong, the green bud, was related to the comfort of the people in the town.

He must figure out what was going on. Then Young Master Shi tore away the white cloth covering the body, and then the green sprouts on the body followed the white cloth with green leaves in the air, and then the green leaves fell on the three people, and the three people passed out.

On the other side, Xu Yueting, who had returned from overseas, came to visit Captain Lu and sent a lot of guns to Captain Lu as a meeting ceremony. Head Lu was very happy and talked with Xu Yueting. Then Head Lu asked Xiangyi to introduce him to Xu Yueting. Shen Xiao quietly told Head Lu Xiangyi to go to Yizhuang to take pictures of the body of Green Bud. went.

Head Lu was very worried about the safety of Xiangyi, so he took his men to Yizhuang to find Xiangyi. Feng’er also came to the cellar at this time, and the corpse with green shoots turned out to be her brother. Feng’er looked at the corpse and cried very sadly, and then covered the corpse again with a white cloth. Then Feng’er spotted Guiyuan’s trio lying underground, and red dots appeared on their bodies.

Feng’er knew that having a red spot meant that he was infected, and then took out a knife and cut a cut in the hands of the three of them. Only in this way can the poison gas of the three people be guaranteed. Feng’er finished this and then left the cellar but ran into Uncle Gen who came back, so he immediately brought Uncle Gen to the cellar to treat the three people.

When Uncle Gen was treating the three people, Head Lu rushed in with someone. As soon as he came in and saw Xiangyi lying unconscious on the ground with a wound on his hand, he shot Uncle Gen. Finally, he walked into Uncle Gen to find that he said he was saving people, and immediately asked Uncle Gen to save Xiangyi. After Chief Lu left, Deputy Chief Zheng had been with Xu Yueting.

Finally, when everyone went to dinner, the owners of the major shops were all but Chief Lu had not arrived. Xu Yueting gave each of these bosses gold bars, and was not angry at the absence of Captain Lu, because this time he knew that Captain Lu’s weakness was his daughter. Uncle Gen put the antidote on the palms of the three people’s hands and then gave them a needle. All three of them woke up. In the end, Head Lu took away Uncle Gen and the corpse, and learned about Yan Wangzhen from Uncle Gen. Xiangyi went home and woke up to hear that Uncle Gen and Guiyuan had been arrested by his father, so he rushed to find his father to reason.

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