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Jiu Gong Qi Ju 九宫奇局 Episode 3 Racap

The man in black sneaked into Yuexianglou at night and peeked at A Li from the side. He never expected to make a noise and was spotted by the store. Knowing that he was found, the man in black immediately caught the person who found him and killed him, and then disguised the person as suicide and hanged himself, knowing that Yuexianglou’s mother had found the body the next morning.

On the other side, a girl came to Yizhuang to find Uncle Gen, and said that her name was Feng’er and she was the apprentice of Master Zhu from Yizhuang, Songjiang. Master Zhu died of illness not long ago and told Feng’er to come to Uncle Gen before she died. Feng’er handed the letter from Master to Uncle Gen to Uncle Gen. After reading the letter, Uncle Gen chose to believe in Feng’er and kept her, because I wish Master to explain to Uncle Gen in the letter and let Feng’er continue to study with her.

Head Lu received the report that someone had hanged himself in Yuexiang Tower and then murmured with Deputy Zheng Tuan that strange things have happened one after another since the last fire in the town. At this time, a wealthy businessman who had returned from overseas sent his subordinates to send an invitation to Head Lu. It is said that this person’s wealth is so high that he can buy half of Shanghai Beach. Head Lu decided to visit Xu Yueting for a while.

After Yizhuang Zhongfeng’er made the meal, he and Uncle Gen Guiyuan ate together at the table. Uncle Gen asked Feng’er when did Feng’er learn art with Master Zhu? What Uncle Gen was curious about was that he had never heard Master Zhu mention it. Feng’er replied that she suffered a hardship when she was fourteen and was rescued by Master Zhu and followed. After hearing Feng’er’s life experience, Uncle Gen felt very distressed and asked Guiyuan to clean up the room for Feng’er to live in. In the evening, Master Shi secretly ran to Yuexianglou and saw A Li.

A Li asked Master Shi and Guiyuan about betting that the corpse had green bean sprouts, and said Master Shi could not do things with just a mouth. After all, the corpse is still there. Put it in the Yizhuang. At the same time, Feng’er was searching for the whereabouts of the corpse in the Yizhuang. Guiyuan was already asleep and dreaming. In the dream, Guiyuan saw his father and mother, but he felt very uncomfortable as if he had been stuck in the water. Uncle Gen got up to see Guiyuan Feng’er hurriedly hide.

Uncle Gen woke him up when he saw that Guiyuan might be having a nightmare again. After Guiyuan woke up, he was very worried about his body because of the more and more nightmares. Uncle Gen recalled the incident when he found Guiyuan on the river bank and sighed. Then he gave the last packet of medicine to Guiyuan, and then let him Guiyuan went to Yinji to buy medicine with himself.

After Uncle Gen left with Guiyuan, Feng’er got out and continued to search for the corpse, but after opening all the coffins, the whereabouts of the corpse was not found. Uncle Gen brought Guiyuan to Yinji, and told Guiyuan Yinji that there is a rule for Yinji that the lamp cannot illuminate the goods and cannot ask the source. After the two parties succeeded in buying and selling, they did not know each other. If the rules here are broken, their lives will be in danger.

Then Uncle Gen came to the medicine stall and bought the medicine Guiyuan often took and was about to leave. Someone followed Uncle Gen and Guiyuan on the road, and the person who was following somehow was hanged on the tree.

In the early morning, Uncle Gen had to go out for a few days to let Guiyuan take care of the corpse, and Young Master Shi also ran out to buy tofu for A Li. Feng’er tried to talk from Guiyuan when she couldn’t find the corpse. Guiyuan only answered that she was hidden in a safe place. Feng’er immediately asked Guiyuan and Shi Dashao about the bet. Guiyuan finally told Feng’er that the body was in the cellar behind Yizhuang. Young Master Shi, who came out to buy tofu, hid in the dark and heard the news, but Master Shi accidentally made a sound and walked out directly.

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