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Jiu Gong Qi Ju 九宫奇局 Episode 2 Racap

Xiangyi had been talking about running a newspaper at home and was told by Head Lu. Deputy Head Zheng, who was next to him, stood up to help Xiangyi talk to Head Lu and finally agreed. Guiyuan was playing the flute he learned when he was a child by the river, and Xiangyi and Shen Xiao also came to the river to take pictures. Xiangyi heard the sound of Guiyuan’s flute and remembered the boy who had fallen into the water to rescue him when he was a child.

After this wandering, Xiangyi almost fell into the river. Fortunately, Guiyuan saved him in time. But Guiyuan’s mental shadow reappeared because he met the water. Fortunately, Uncle Gen came and took Guiyuan away. Deng Jiaxiu’s house found a mummy on the beam and it was covered with green shoots. Young Master Shi strolled on the street and ran over when he heard the news.

Head Lu had already gone to the scene and asked Deputy Zheng Tuan to visit Uncle Gen. At the same time, Xiangyi wanted to take pictures on the scene. I saw a few Taoist priests and wizards doing the same there. Head Lu directly exposed the conspiracy of several people to cheat money. At this time, Deputy Group Zheng rushed to the scene with Uncle Gen and Gui Yuan. Uncle Gen took a brief observation and asked Leader Lu to dismiss the unrelated personnel here immediately.

When Captain Lu ordered the villagers to leave, everyone noticed that there were mung bean sprouts on Captain Lu’s shirt. Captain Lu was so frightened that he hurriedly asked for help like Uncle Gen. When Uncle Gen asked Guiyuan to take off the mung beans from Captain Lu, suddenly a bamboo pole fell down and just hit Captain Lu and knocked him out. I went out to check and found out that it was Young Master Shi who did it.

Young Master Shi was walking around the street with the bird cage, but suddenly he was hit by someone and fell to the ground and the bird ran out of the cage. Then Shi Dasha casually copied a bamboo pole to fly the bird on the beam of the house, and then accidentally overturned the bamboo pole so that it hit Captain Lu. After a while, Captain Lu slowly woke up, and learned that it was because of Shi Dashao that he was stunned by the bamboo pole, Captain Lu was very angry and wanted to teach Shi Dashao. Head Lu thinks that Young Master Shi is the unlucky spirit.

Last time, he had a big quarrel with his aunt because of the gold thing he said. This time, Young Master Shi was stunned by a bamboo pole because he caught a bird. Head Lu felt that as long as Young Master Shi got close to him, he would be unlucky, but fortunately, after a while, he would stop. After all, there is still serious work to do today, and the corpse has not yet undergone an autopsy on Uncle Gen.

Uncle Gen began an autopsy, first took the mung bean sprouts from the corpse and put it in water. The mung bean sprouts slowly turned black in the water. Uncle Gen asserted that these bean sprouts were highly toxic. Moreover, the nutrients of the corpse had been absorbed by the mung bean sprouts, and at this time Xiangyi who wanted to take pictures was stopped by Guiyuan.

Head Lu felt that this thing was so evil, it was better to burn it, but Uncle Gen suggested that he wanted to bring the body back to Yizhuang for further study. Young Master Shi on the side believed that this person must have been killed by others, and that the murderer was a person with an unhealthy mind, such as cultivating immortals. Guiyuan didn’t agree with Shi Dashao’s statement. Guiyuan believed that these mung bean sprouts grew out by himself while the deceased was alive.

Young Master Shi refused to accept Guiyuan’s remarks and made a bet with Guiyuan. In the middle of the night, a man in black came to Yizhuang but was discovered by Guiyuan. Guiyuan and the man in black moved their hands and Uncle Gen also rushed to the man in black to leave. Uncle Gen thought that the man in black came at the corpse, and then Guiyuan found a red mark on the corpse’s thigh. Xiangyi invited Uncle Gen and Guiyuan to dinner. Xiangyi like Guiyuan expressed his gratitude. After the meal, Uncle Gen told Guiyuan that he was leaving for a few days and told Guiyuan to take care of the corpse.

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