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Jiu Gong Qi Ju 九宫奇局 Episode 1 Racap

Uncle Gen Guiyuan went to the Gu’s ancestral hall for an autopsy. The second master took the opportunity to run and was captured by Head Lu

In the middle of the night, a shifter was shifting on the street, when he suddenly looked up and found that there was blood on the door plaque of a family, and he hurried away with fright. At this time, the patrolling police heard the movement and came out to check but no one was found. At this time, there was a person hanging on the wall and his hand was bleeding and his hand was mutating. In the morning, an old man came to Yizhuang to wake up the young man sleeping in the coffin, and then listened to the young man telling one by one the newly received corpses.

On the other side, Young Master Shi played Lao Qian at the gambling stall and was discovered. Young Master Shi hurried away when he saw it, while others kept chasing him. Many people gathered in the ancestral hall of the Gu family early in the morning to watch the excitement. It turned out that the Gu family was on fire not long ago, and after that, the head of the Gu family, Gu Boyan, disappeared, and some people said that they saw Gu Boyan enter the ancestral hall.

The head of the security regiment Lu and his party are waiting for Uncle Gen of Yizhuang to come over for an autopsy, and head Lu thinks that this is a trivial matter to make himself a little overkill. Deputy Chief Zheng on the side saw that Chief Lu was impatient and quietly gave him a few gold bars. All of a sudden, Chief Lu smiled.

On the other side, Master Shi was chased to a house that was on fire. Master Shi found a chamber pot in the ruined house with an ocean hidden inside. Uncle Gen and Guiyuan were on their way to the Gu family’s ancestral hall. Guiyuan found that he had forgotten to take the medicine and was called back by Uncle Gen to take the medicine. It turned out that Guiyuan nearly drowned when he was a child, and his eardrum was damaged by water pressure.

Since then, Guiyuan can always hear things that others can’t hear, which is why Uncle Gen lets him sleep in the coffin every day. Young Master Shi took Dayang and ran to the Gu family’s ancestral hall, but Head Lu paid no attention to him. Young Master Shi saw that his chaser was still outside, and he deliberately talked to Head Lu. He thought that a big family like Gu Boyan must cherish his life, but there must be some reason for rushing into the ancestral hall by the fire. Head Lu thinks that it is justified but the idea of ​​playing Gu’s gold bars.

At this time, Uncle Gen and Guiyuan rushed to the Gu’s ancestral hall after teaching a gangster who bullied a girl on the street. Uncle Gen checked the surroundings and asked Gui Yuan to find some sesame seeds, then lit the burnt fat of the corpse with charcoal and sprinkled the sesame seeds. After a while, the fat cooled and condensed with the sesame seeds on the ground to form the previous shape, and the deputy head Zheng asked the Gu family to identify it. Gu Jia’s butler found that this person was missing a finger, and Gu Boyan also missed a finger, so he thought it was Gu Boyan’s corpse.

After a while, there were traces of two people on the ground. Uncle Gen believed that Ren Boyan should not have been burned to death. Steward Gu recognized that the man was the second young master’s subordinate Hou San, but the second young master did not agree with this statement and had a dispute with his aunt. It turned out that the second young master and the aunt wanted to fight for the gold bars in the Gu family’s cellar. At this time, Uncle Gen analyzed that Gu’s ancestral hall was not well ventilated, so if someone had been to Gu Jia’s ancestral hall, there must have been burns on his body from the fire.

Head Lu stopped and let Guiyuan inspect and found that the second young master did have burn marks on his body. The second young master said that he was looking for gold but was knocked out by Hou San. Head Lu ordered the gold to be transported back for safekeeping, but his aunt was unwilling, so the second young master ran away. Guiyuan hurried to chase him until the second young master jumped into the river. Guiyuan didn’t dare to go into the water.

Fortunately, head Lu’s subordinates rushed to catch the second young master. Young Master Shi was called to spend money on the street, but the caller saw that Young Master Shi bought buns for other callers and returned the money to him. Head Lu’s daughter Xiangyi and Shen Xiao heard about Uncle Gen’s story and decided to open a newspaper to let people in the town know what happened.

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