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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 6 Recap

Yu Wenjing is very special to Kuang Mingchou, but Kuang Mingchou only likes Yao Kun. Fortunately, the main purpose of this meal is to celebrate the housewarming and Guan Tao’s birthday. Yu Wenjing is very lively and cheerful, making the atmosphere at the dinner especially festive, Yu Wenjing Speaking of his first impression of Yao Kun, he was resolute, cheerful and kind. Kuang Mingchoi was excited and said that he was a little scared of his impression of Yao Kun, but when he mentioned the Microcomputer Institute, the atmosphere on the table was a bit embarrassing. Fortunately, Guan Tao moved in time. topic. Kwong Mingchou and Yao Kun sent Yu Wenjing home together.

All the way, Kwong Mingchou praised Yao Kun for her rigorous work. Yu Wenjing was curious about the sensitive matter of everyone, but neither Kwong Mingchou nor Yao Kun explained it. When I got home, after Yu Wenjing left, Yao Kun chatted with Kwong Mingchou alone. Kwong Mingchou took the initiative to cook as a gift to Yao Kun. Yao Kun was very happy. The atmosphere was just right for the two to have dinner together. Yao Kun read the lines from “Jane Eyre”, and Kwong Mingchou liked it very much. The distance between the two people’s common interests is closer.

Yu Wenjing went to the small reception room to help clean up early in the morning. She was very motivated. Kwong Mingchou looked a little headache, so Yu Wenjing had time to respond except when it was convenient for the weekend to come. Yu Wenjing and Jiang Cheng laughed. stand up.

Xiao Wu from the service agency took the motor to do a test and met Zhou Dingbei who wanted to use Xiao Wu, but Xiao Wu will follow Kwong Ming to make plans anyway, so he is not threatened. On the weekend, Kwong Ming asked Yao Kun to watch the “Jane Eyre” movie together, while Jiang Cheng brought some young people from the computer institute to sing and dance in the corridor.

Zhou Dingbei reprimanded Jiang Cheng for a meal, but a group of young people didn’t care at all, Zhou Dingbei It is too rigid to worry that these capitalist things will corrupt the revolutionary comrades. After Zhou Dingbei reprimanded Jiang Cheng and the others when he returned home, he was even more angry when he saw his son listening to those pop songs. Not only did he teach his son a lesson, but he also made up his mind to write a complaint letter.

Kwong and Yao Kun love the movie “Jane Eyre” very much. After watching the movie, I feel a lot of feelings. Kwong thinks that the heroine of “Jane Eyre” is very similar to Yao Kun, with the same perseverance and passion. Yao Kun is indeed such a person, she Love has nothing to do with status or status. Zhou Dingbei’s real-name reporting letter attracted the investigation team of the Science and Technology Commission. They suspected that Kuang Mingchou’s small team was speculative and quickly embarked on the path of capitalism, because the investigation Kuang Mingchou and Jiang Cheng’s current orders must be suspended and the contract has already been signed.

It is also necessary to compensate for the breach of contract. Kuang Mingchou, who was planning to go on a big fight, was quite frustrated. Jiang Cheng wanted to pull Kwong Mingchou to resign and start a company with his previously known buddy Huang Ge. To start a company, he must first take a loan. Kuang Mingchou has not yet fully grasped his way out of the microcomputer office. Zhou Dingbei’s service agency was the first to start construction after investigation by the investigation team, but everyone was not very motivated, and the construction period was difficult to complete on time.

Kwong Ming-chiu and Jiang Cheng went home to talk to his old father about the incident. Kwong’s father persuaded Kwong Ming-chiu to wait patiently. The development of any career will be stagnant, but time does not wait for anyone. If the order of the Physics Institute misses the time, he will be liable for breach of contract. Anxiously decided to go to District Mayor Tian Yi to talk about his actual difficulties. Tian Yi asked Kuang Mingchou to continue to wait for the organization’s investigation results. All scientific research institutions and service agencies under the Science and Technology Commission were waiting. Kuang Mingchou was very frustrated.

Tian Yi persuaded him to wait patiently and believe Organization, good things are tedious, the result must be good. But this kind of words would not comfort Kuang Mingchou, Kuang Mingchou was still helpless. Yao Kun went to Kwong’s house to comfort him. Although Kwong Mingchou’s things are deviant in the eyes of others, when you can’t see the front, you must wait for a hopeful future with full expectation. Yao Kun’s words let Kwong Mingchou regain confidence.

Tian Yi really feels sorry for the young people who break through the barriers of the Microcomputer Institute. Although the roads are blue, young people are full of enthusiasm for the scientific research institutions and units in the district to find a good way to reform and welcome new people, but there are always some people who are uncomfortable to give young people.

Although Tian Yi is distressed to hinder the development and progress of science and technology, it is difficult to speak for them at will. After all, the superiors have not determined the nature of these service organizations. Mrs. Tian Yi suggested that reporters from her own newspaper should interview Director Zou and Kuang Mingchou of the Microcomputer Institute. The report does not make judgments, but reflects the true situation.

The reporter’s report was transmitted to the provincial party committee through layers, but the interview has not been results for a long time, and Huang Ge has already received big business, Jiangcheng is very anxious, but Kuang Mingchou is still willing to wait for the results. Yao Kun went to the computer office to wait for Kwong Mingchoo to get off work. Yao Kun didn’t persuade Kwong Mingchoo to give up but let him build up confidence. There was hope before the end of the matter.

Wang Yong took the staff of the service agency to work overtime to work on the project, but the computer room suddenly tripped out of power. Even though Wang Yong had reported the risk of the trip, Zhou Dingbei still urged the big guys to continue. Wang Yong had no choice but to find more experienced Kwong Mingchou He Jiangcheng. Jiang Cheng hated him. Zhou Dingbei directly refused to help, but Kuang Mingchou couldn’t bear to see his colleagues in difficulties, and agreed to go to the computer room to help. Kwong Ming-chiu took a look at the wiring diagram of the computer room.

Many places were wrongly routed and it took time to reconnect. However, the construction schedule was tight and only had three days to sprint. Kwong Ming-chiu was willing to take everyone to complete it for three days and three nights. He just took advantage of the trend to propose a bonus for everyone. Zhou Dingbei was anxious to complete the project and finally agreed.

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