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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 5 Recap

Yu Wenjing wondered how Kwong Mingchou met Yao Kun. Yao Kun is a university teacher. Jiang Cheng thought it was nothing special to know Yao Kun, but Kwong Mingchou still thanked Yu Wenjing for her help this time. Kwong Mingchou and Jiang Cheng went back to Pingdu to find a job. On the train back, Yu Wenjing talked about the process of getting to know Yao Kun. Yao Kun became her head teacher right after graduating from University, and she had a very good relationship with herself. Yao Kun would not give up what she was passionate and persistent.

Kwong Mingchou and Jiangcheng’s entrepreneurial passion decided to give up their jobs and go to Pingdu. Kuang Mingchou and Jiangcheng’s decision to encourage and support Yu Wenjing wish her a new world. When they arrived in Pingdu, the two of them sent Yu Wenjing to Yao Kun’s residence, but they rushed back to the unit and did not say hello to Yao Kun.

Yu Wenjing and Yao Kun were very happy to meet each other. Yu Wenjing talked a lot about her experience helping Kuang Mingchou in Guangzhou, and decided to live in Yao Kun’s house before finding a job. Yao Kun naturally agreed happily. Director Kwong and Jiang Cheng were praised by Director Zou when they returned to the unit. The profit of this order should not be used as the start-up fund for Kwong and Jiangcheng’s small communication office.

Director Zou believes that their actions have initiated the reform of scientific research institutions. Of course, he strongly supported Zhou Dingbei’s first shot, and specifically went to talk to Zhou Dingbei about transferring the relationship file between the two to the service agency.

Zhou Dingbei also heard about Director Zou’s tolerant decision to Kuang Jiang and they happened to have a good chat with Director Zou. Zhou Dingbei believes that the service agency is the company under the computer. If Kwong Mingchou’s small communication room is allowed to exist , Then it is in conflict with the function of the service agency, and Kuang Mingchou’s personal small business is also prone to problems. Director Zou cannot learn the bad methods of those capitalist countries just because he travels to the country.

In any case, Director Zou supported Kuang Mingchoo to continue to engage in small businesses to promote the reform of scientific research institutions. Zhou Dingbei threatened that if there were any problems with the operation of this decision, he would not hesitate to report it to the higher authorities. De Duan was not afraid at all, but Zhou Dingbei really seriously thought about what he reported. Kwong Ming-chiu’s small communication room received another order, and both the Metallurgical Institute and the Physics Institute found Kuang Ming to build a computer room.

The employees of the Educated Youth Service Agency are very worried about their salary this month, and look at the others Jiang Cheng and Kwong Ming-chiu are very envied. Someone found Jiang Cheng to join the small team in private, and took the risk to ask Zhou Dingbei for leave. Jiang Cheng promised to let them join if he could ask for leave. Yu Wenjing still feels bored looking for a job, she still admires Kwong Mingcho’s career, she is passionate and motivated.

Yu Wenjing and Yao Kun talked about their admiration for Kuang Mingchoo, and especially wanted to go to the small communication room. Yao Kun saw Yu Wenjing worrying about taking risks at work these days, so she babbled Yu Wenjing. Jiangcheng recruited people from the service agency to complete the project, but Kuang Mingchou was always uneasy.

These people were all under the management of Zhou Dingbei. A large number of people asked for leave would cause Zhou Dingbei’s dissatisfaction, but Jiangcheng didn’t care to complete the project first. Wang Yong followed the wind to ask for leave from Zhou Dingbei, but Zhou Dingbei knew that those people from the Educated Youth Club were asking for leave to go to Kuang Ming to make money, so Wang Yong asked for leave and Zhou Dingbei refused to approve it, and he severely reprimanded Wang Yong.

Later, he found Kwong Mingchoi angrily to argue. Kwong Mingchoi insisted that people not only make money to support the family, but also have ideal ambitions. He did not take the initiative to find colleagues in the educated youth club. They used their spare time to find him. Zhou Dingbei did not care about these principles, but still wanted Handle employees who ask for leave.

The small service agency set up by Kwong Mingchou in the communication room is very popular. Many enterprises and institutions need to install the computer room and think of Kwong Mingchou. Kwong Mingchou originally wanted to promote the project to the educated youth club, but other units only looked for Kwong Mingchou’s golden sign. Kwong Mingchou continued to understand Dean Lin’s needs. Time was tight and the task was heavy. Kuang Mingchou suggested that he go to the educated youth club. Dean Lin signed a contract with Zhou Dingbei after hearing that he considered it.

Yu Wenjing went to the small reception room to look for Kuang Mingchou, and when she heard the two talk about pushing down the order, Yu Wenjing made them happy with a few words, but Jiang Cheng still thought that the project should not be handed over to Zhou Dingbei. Kwong Mingchoi casually asked about Yu Wenjing’s work, but Yu Wenjing lost ground and said that the job she was looking for was very boring. Jiang Cheng also casually said that she invited Yu Wenjing to join her team. This was exactly what Yu Wenjing meant, and she quickly agreed and wanted to hurry. Settled.

Kwong Mingchoo thinks that this place can only be regarded as a small project team and has no right to recruit employees. If he can set up a company, he must hire Yu Wenjing. Yu Wenjing is also very happy to be able to become a temporary employee first. Speaking to Yao Kun, Yu Wenjing’s child’s disposition wants to do something meaningful. The service agency signed the order, and Zhou Dingbei triumphantly even made a banner to encourage everyone, but even if the service agency receives the order, everyone can get the same salary. Everyone has no motivation, and those employees who ask for leave are unwilling. When I went back, I still continued to work with Kuang Mingchou.

Yu Wenjing met the thief while riding the bus and bravely tried to subdue the thief. Mei Zhaohe happened to be in the bus to help catch the thief. Hong Yuqiao made money and wanted to move out of the Microcomputer Institute, and met Guan Tao’s birthday, so he invited a few good friends to dinner to celebrate. Guan Tao also invited Yao Kun and Yu Wenjing. Although the atmosphere was a bit awkward, Guan Tao Tao took the initiative to resolve the misunderstanding and the atmosphere was very good, especially Mei Zhaohe couldn’t do without seeing Yu Wenjing.

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