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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 47 Recap

The owner of the Shenbing Pavilion secretly met with Yi Wuwei. Now Yi is violent, seeking power, and embarrassed with Ye Mo and framed Zhongliang. Shenbing Pavilion heard that Yi Wuwei has contacted the Northwest Army and sent the imperial city and expressed willingness to help him. With one hand, revitalize the Chao Gang.

Now the entire imperial city is arranging the ceremony for Yiheng’s ascension. In a few days, Yiheng is about to ascend to the throne. This is something that everyone does not want to see. If he really becomes the throne, then the people of Dayi will be bored and Yi will do nothing. He said that he came this time to use the power of the Shenbing Pavilion to deal with the Galaxy Guild.

He received the news that the Galaxy Guild had colluded with Yi Heng, and the Northwest Army arrived in the future, and a fierce battle was inevitable. If you don’t deal with the Galaxy Guild first , Will suffer the chaos, the Galaxy Guild is a tiger, and they must be punished. The Shenbing Pavilion and the Galaxy Guild have been fighting for a long time and are willing to help Yi Wuwei get rid of the Galaxy Guild.

Mu Qing sent the god pattern crystals to Yi Heng, telling that the god pattern map has been arranged according to Yi Heng’s instructions, and only a few actions can bring the power of burning the city. The consequences are unimaginable. The reputation of Galaxy Guild is beyond imagination. It’s not that Lang has gained a false name, but Yi Heng still feels jealous.

Although there is a god pattern formation, no one in this world dares to defy him, but Yi Wuwei is still alive, which is a threat and hidden danger, so he sent his subordinates to quickly pass the order to Yitian. Jiao, let him tell Jiuhuamen that Yi Wuwei must be surrendered. If not, Ye Wuque will be used to eradicate Jiuhuamen together with Zijian.

Bai Qing has recovered a lot due to the power of Xianchi, but although Xianchi can help her heal her injuries, it is not a matter of reshaping the meridians overnight, and because of the transformation of the meridians, she has completely mastered the magic power of chaos. Master told her not to Running around, and being more cautious about cultivating demons, Bai Qing thanked Master and Gong Yanghong for their help, and planned to go down the mountain to help Qin Wentian.

Ren Qianxing received a letter from Yi Heng requesting the surrender of Prince Yi Wuwei, stating that Jiuhua Gate has always only supported the royal orthodoxy, and should not be bullied by insurgents and thieves. He must be prepared to fight at any time, fully accept Yiheng’s challenge and exhort. The disciples prepared early.

The dark night clan told Ye Wuque that the dark night demon emperor had been very disappointed in him, and told him that although he had obtained the Zijian, he had to learn to restrain himself. Mo Qingcheng had already left the holy palace and went to the Danwang Palace, and persuaded him to get rid of the wrongdoing against Qingcheng as soon as possible. Think about it.

Ye Mo reported to Yi Heng, the three armies were fully guarded, the city was guarded strictly, and dripping water did not leak. Yi Heng knew that the Qin family army should not be far from the imperial city, so he passed the order to stop the Northwest Army and must not let them destroy the enthronement ceremony. In addition, Yi Tianjiaohe Ye Wuque has also started to act, trying to let the Jiuhuamen have no time to destroy the ceremony of enthronement.

The Shenbing Pavilion discovered the God pattern formation of the Galaxy Guild. The purpose of this formation is to cause a large number of star soul powers to collide. Once the center of the formation is opened, the entire formation will explode. If you want to control the formation, you must get the formation. Xin, Shenbingge knew the danger of this matter, but they had to stop them no matter what, but the solution of the formation required a very proficient talent, so he could only go to Qin Wentian for help.

Qingcheng planned to leave the Pill King Palace but was stopped by someone. Hua Taixu told her that the Pill King Old Ancestor would soon wake up. Everyone in the entire Pill King Hall was preparing to meet the old ancestors. Now Luohe knew her True identity, I wanted to wait for the ancestor to wake up and use her to enter the sword city to get the demon sword, but Hua Taixu wanted to secretly help Qingcheng leave.

Qin Wentian carefully comprehended the mystery of the Jiuyuan Mansion Secret Art, slowly and completely penetrated it, and then he had to learn to control it by himself. Yi Tianjiao and Ye Wuque led their troops to attack the Jiuhua Gate. All the Jiuhua Gate disciples fought back. Qin Wentian wounded Ye Wuque with the Jiuyuan Mansion Art and fainted.

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