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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 45 Recap

Qing’er was caught by Palace Master Xiao of the Nine Profound Palace, and Palace Master Xiao told her that if Xiuyu stubbornly resists, she will only suffer hardships, forcing her to surrender her devil power, she can spare her not to die, but Qinger denies that she has a devil. Gong, ordered her subordinates to continue besieging her with the Jiuxuan Palace’s Absolute Soul Formation until she spoke.

At this time, her subordinates came to report that Bai Qing would not carry her handed down masterpieces like Luantian Magic Skill with her, Xiao Palace Master guess Since Bai Qing is a member of the Qingyun Pavilion, that chaotic devil power is likely to be hidden in the Qingyun Pavilion and intends to search for it. However, although the Qingyun Pavilion has not escaped the world these years, their strength should not be underestimated.

If you do, the elders will definitely take the opportunity to talk about things and cause unnecessary disputes. Palace Master Xiao feels that the elders have always been pedantic and opposed to looking for chaotic magic arts, but there is nothing wrong with magic cultivation. Only the strong have the right to speak. The elders have always been acquainted and can inform him to come to Yi State to help.

Fan Le told Qin Wentian that several girls came to Jiuhuamen to look for him. Qin Wentian rushed to find someone from Qingyun Pavilion. They said that they had received news that Qing’er was taken away and was related to Jiu Xuan Gong, but Qing Yun There must be no grudges between the pavilion and the Jiuxuangong.

They must have some purpose in taking Qing’er away, but the pavilion owner of Qingyun Pavilion is in retreat. At present, he needs to trouble Jiuhuamen to help rescue Qinger. Qin Wentian suggested to the senior sisters of Qingyun Pavilion privately First go to investigate Qing’er’s whereabouts, and Fanle and I will ask a friend of Jiuhuamen for help, go directly to Xiao Lan, and then we will split up.

If Huan guessed that Qing’er’s disappearance was Ye Wuque’s conspiracy. After all, Bai Qiuxue killed him so badly. He must hate the people of the Bai family now. If it is Ye Wuque, he must hurry up, but Qin Wen Tian felt that this matter might not have been done by Ye Wuque. In any case, Qing’er’s safety is very important and needs to be inquired. At this time, Dean Diyi appeared and told Qin Wentian that Qing’er had obtained a copy of the magic repair secret. Heavenly Demon Art, presumably the Nine Profound Art was also for this secret book to find a way to take her away, and to rescue her as soon as possible. The fewer people who know about chaotic demon art, the safer she will be.

Knowing that Yi Heng had killed the emperor, Qin Chuan ordered all the soldiers to immediately rise up and assist the prince to attack the imperial city and seize the throne before Yi Heng ascended the throne.

Qing’er used the last bit of strength to break free of Juehun Town, before running for a long time, she fainted with exhaustion and was rescued by Gong Yanghong. On the other side, Ye Wuque used Zijian to assassinate Chu Mang.

The champion Hou discovered that Palace Master Xiao was killed, so he handed the matter to the Ye family for handling. Most of the dead bodies were traumatized, and their fatal injuries were only caused by ordinary weapon attacks. For the time being, the Ye family felt that Xiao Lan was Xue Lan after all. The great prince of the Yun Kingdom is still the palace owner of the Nine Profound Palace.

He is now dead in the Yi Kingdom. He is afraid that neither the Xueyun Nation nor the Nine Profound Palace will give up. Ye Wuque informed the Jiuxuan Palace people that the Lord Xiao planned to go to the Qingyun Pavilion before the accident. Look for a girl named Qing’er, who must be a murderer.

Jiuhuamen also learned that Xiao Lan was killed. Ruo Huan and Fanle suspected that Ye Wuque was planning to push the murder charge on Qing’er. As expected, Ye Wuque planned to seize the Qingyun Pavilion disciples in the imperial city as bait. , Yin Qinger took the bait.

Gong Yanghong discovered that the Qingyun Pavilion disciples were tied up in the forest. Ye Jiajun was guarding them. He felt that Ye Jiajun was in collusion with the Jiuxuan Palace, so he hurriedly left and told Qinger to let her stay a few more days.

Young Master Hua found that Bai Qiuxue was happy, and Bai Qiuxue was shocked and did not dare to accept this cruel reality. Luo He felt that his disciple Hua Taixu had reached the age of marriage, and hoped that he would have more contact with Qingcheng and spark sparks with her.

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