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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 43 Recap

Yi Heng and Champion Hou were happily discussing Ye Wuque’s affairs. He didn’t expect Bai Qingsong to be inactive, but his daughter had a bad breath for herself. Ye Family didn’t know how to constrain, especially Ye Wuque, who was arrogant and domineering. Without paying attention to the regent, now Bai Qiuxue has lost his power and can no longer be arrogant in the future. Ye family dominance is not a good thing, but it is still not the time to suppress, and he still needs to continue to use him, Yi Heng wants the champion Madam Hou Rang, went to the Ye family to visit Ye Wuque and expressed his concern.

The Dark Night Demon Emperor asked Qingcheng not to be self-willed anymore when he arrived at the Pill King Palace. Qingcheng coldly stated that he didn’t care about him, so he got into the carriage and left. Shengjun looked at her leaving back, a little worried, and hoped that Luohe could unlock Qingcheng’s heart. In conclusion, when the two meet again, they will no longer be at war.

Qin Wentian was practicing in the forest. He felt that according to the enlightenment that the dean had said, his cultivation progress was faster, but he always felt that something was wrong. At this time, Qinger found that Qin Wentian was good at skill. He has been able to fully understand the secret formula step by step. If this is the case, the world will be saved. Wentian finds that someone is secretly peeking at him, so he shoots and knocks Qing’er down. Then he finds that Qing’er’s hairpin is on his body, and he will She took off her veil and knew that she was Qinger.

Qinger blamed herself for being stupid at the beginning, and almost killed Qin Wentian with Yuehei San, but Qin Wentian expressed his understanding. After all, Qinger was poisoned in her body and was compelled to do so, and she would not blame her, but Qinger felt very deep in her heart. Guilty, but the two of them have recovered their old feelings, and there is no longer a gap. Qinger also faces the Jiuhuamen with her true colors. Fanle is very happy and intends to inform everyone.

Ye Wuque woke up, not daring to accept the fact that he was physically disabled, sad and painful, Ye Mo comforted him, as long as people are still alive, everything will turn for the better.

Chu Mang led the completed secret technique to Yi Wuwei, who thanked him very much and planned to use this method to rescue his father.

Wu Xiuluo attacked Bai Qiuxue and Bai Qingsong, and wanted to kill the Bai family. At this time, Qingcheng’s carriage was passing by. Luohe helped Qingcheng and turned all the soldiers into nothing with the poisonous star soul. Bai Qiuxue thanked the two for their action. To help each other, seeing her father Bai Qingsong’s madness, she secretly vowed that she would never let Ye Mo and Ye Wuque father and son go. She is homeless and hopes that Luohe can accept herself as a disciple, and then she will practice harder. Insulting the title of Master, Luo He felt that her qualifications were not suitable for her apprenticeship. Bai Qiuxue was unwilling to give up and followed the carriage.

Qingcheng felt that Bai Qiuxue had been miserable and hoped that Luo He would not embarrass her. Seeing the young master’s plea, Luo He agreed to accept Bai Qiuxue and accept her as a disciple.

When the maids were packing the emperor’s bedroom, the emperor woke up suddenly and wanted to see Yi Wuwei. The maid hurried to the Jiuhua Gate and told Yi Wuwei about the incident. He was very surprised to know that the emperor was awake, and Qin Wentian also felt that this happened Strangely, Yi Heng is now confronting Jiuhuamen, worried that it was Yi Heng’s trick and wanted to lie to him to go back, but Yi Wuwei didn’t want to miss this opportunity, and Qin Wentian expressed his willingness to go back with him.

Champion Hou came to Ye Mansion to ask about Ye Wuque’s recovery. After all, he was in the stage of confronting Jiuhuamen. Ye Wuque was injured, making this matter very passive. Ye family suggested restarting Sword City and getting Zijian. To greatly increase his strength, Champion Hou felt that this was a good idea, but it was dangerous and risky. Someone was willing to go, and Ye Wuque expressed that he was willing to go to complete this task.

Luohe Yin Qingcheng met the ancestor of the Pill King Palace, hoping that she could help cure the immortal grass and refining the pill to continue the life of the ancestor. Qingcheng agreed to bring the fairy grass back to life.

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