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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 25 Recap

The Ansuo asked the old Ding to discuss Xiaofu’s affairs. Although Xiaofu’s parents have been found, the two asked for a leave of absence at all. In addition, the double festival is about to arrive, and the police station is also busy. The Ansuo does not know how to arrange Xiaofu. it is good. On the other side, Lao Yang received news from Han Wenwen. He brought a beer to comfort Ding Yu. Ding Yu saw He Xuelin’s call on the phone, and for the first time he chose to shut down and refused to answer He Xuelin’s call.

Father Ding approached He Xuelin. He hoped that Xiaofu could be placed in their house. During the day, Yanzi went to take care of Xiaofu, and at night He Xuelin and Ding Yu took care of it. Father Ding didn’t know that the two had divorced, and He Xuelin didn’t deliberately mention it, but she didn’t directly agree to Father Ding. She only asked Father Ding to seek Yanzi’s opinion first. As long as Yanzi agreed, she would have no problem here.

Yanzi approached Chen Shengliang, and she asked Chen Shengliang about his blood type. After learning that Yuanyuan’s parent-child relationship with Chen Shengliang was close to 100%, the parent-child relationship between Ding Yu and Yuanyuan was only less than one-third. , She also understood everything instantly, Ding Yuanyuan’s biological father is most likely Chen Shengliang.

Ding Yu drank too much. He came to the room and found that the photos of their family of three had been taken by He Xuelin. He only took out the paintbrush and drew three people on the frame, symbolizing their family of three. Seeing Ding Yu’s appearance, Lao Yang called Han Wenwen uneasy. Only then did she learn that the couple had an accident. Ding Yu pulled Lao Yang and said his grievances in his heart. He was only for He Xuelin’s good, but He Xuelin was I have never forgotten him, I can’t see his good.

On the other hand, He Xuelin also pulled Han Wenwen and said that she was sad in her heart. She loved Ding Yu and knew that Ding Yu loved her, but she really couldn’t hold on. She sacrificed Ding Yu’s dream and forced Ding Yu to change jobs. It was for the happy life of the two. At the time, she cried worse than Ding Yu, but she never expected that this marriage that had sacrificed their dreams in exchange for the two would eventually end.

Father Ding brought Xiaofu to see Yanzi and planned to give Xiaofu to Yanzi. Originally, he sent Xiaofu to Ding Yu’s house because he was afraid of irritating Ding’s mother. But when Ding’s mother came out to look for the two, she still saw Xiaofu and she mistakenly recognized Xiaofu as Yuanyuan. Xiaofu struggled very hard. After listening to Father Ding’s explanation, Mother Ding accepted that Xiaofu in front of her was not Yuanyuan, but Yanzi came forward to play with Xiaofu. Xiaofu hoped that Yanzi could take her to find He Xuelin. She had something to say to He Xuelin. , Yanzi brought Xiaofu to Ding Yu’s house.

Ding Yu sent Lao Yang away. He burst into tears watching the eighth anniversary ring he had prepared for Xuelin in the past. He didn’t know why he managed the marriage like this for eight years of love. At the same time, He Xuelin also looked sad. Originally the divorce should have been happy, but she was not happy at all. Chen Shengliang was with He Xuelin. He wanted to save He Xuelin and make up for Yuanyuan, but He Xuelin clearly told Chen Shengliang, Yuan Yuan is Ding Yu’s daughter. In this world, no one loves Yuan Yuan more than Ding Yu.

Yanzi brought Xiaofu to the room. She asked if Yuanyuan was Ding Yu’s biological daughter. Ding Yu clearly told Yanzi that Yuanyuan was always his daughter regardless of whether Yuanyuan was his own. Yanzi thinks that Ding Yu is very awkward. She wants to divorce Ding Yu and find someone who is pleasing to the eye. Therefore, Ding Yu got into trouble with Yanzi. It is absolutely impossible for him to ignore Yuanyuan. Yuanyuan has always been his daughter. , In the future, will always be his daughter.

Chen Shengliang accompanied He Xuelin to the house to find Yuanyuan’s photo. Swallow left Xiaofu at Ding Yu’s house during the day. Xiaofu handed He Xuelin’s note to He Xuelin. In the words of He Xuelin, he was concerned about He Xuelin and also mentioned Ding Yu Kindly, with Ding Yu accompanying He Xuelin, she was completely relieved. He’s mother’s words kept echoing in He Xuelin’s mind. He Xuelin asked Chen Shengliang to stop the car halfway, and she wanted to go home.

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