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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 24 Recap

He Xuelin ran out of the house crying, Ding Yu dumbly chased him out at the request of He’s mother, but He Xuelin had already taken a taxi and left. He Xuelin went to see Chen Shengliang in the tea restaurant. Chen Shengliang still missed the past. He not only gave the watch that He Xuelin broke when she broke up in the second part of the relationship, but also expressed his desire to have a future with He Xuelin, but He Xuelin had already put everything down, she looked out the window. That pouring rain was just like the day when the two broke up. She hoped that Chen Shengliang would put everything to an end and stop entangled with her, but there was one thing she had to tell Chen Shengliang that Yuanyuan was indeed Chen Shengliang’s child. .

He Mu and Uncle Hong decided to go back to their hometown. They packed their bags and left on the same day. He Xuelin and Ding Yu met at the police station at night. They met the passenger who had news about Yuanyuan. According to the clues revealed by the passenger, Yuanyuan was on the train. She was guilty of asthma, and there was an old lady beside her claiming that Yuanyuan was her daughter. The passenger thought the old lady was very suspicious, as if she had a mental illness. It was determined that the child was Yuanyuan, and the Ansuo immediately sent someone to check the list of passengers at the station. Now they are all real-name passengers. If the identity information of the old lady can be locked, it will be one step closer to finding Yuanyuan.

Ding Yu and He Xuelin went home. He Xuelin decided to divorce after today’s affairs. No matter how Ding Yu stays, He Xuelin is determined and ready to see Ding Yu in the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow.

The next day, Yanzi told Father Ding that Chen Shengliang came to Ding’s house to explore the blood type problem. She extremely suspected that Yuanyuan was not Ding Yu’s biological daughter. Father Ding only asked Yanzi not to think about it.

On the other hand, Ding Yu came to see He Xuelin at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau. He did not sign the divorce agreement, and kept asking He Xuelin and Yuanyuan to come back to mention the divorce. He Xuelin refused to agree. She had to divorce today. At the age of two, Ding Yu refused to have her own child for her and Yuanyuan. She has been living very guilty all these years, and now she wants to end this period. Ding Yu has a deep affection for Yuanyuan. Yuanyuan is his daughter. He does not want to divorce, but He Xuelin insists on divorcing.

Only after the marriage is divorced can she live happily. Seeing He Xuelin, who has a firm tone, Ding Yu feels sad. She didn’t want He Xuelin to be wronged, so she signed her name on the divorce agreement one stroke at a time. The two would divorce at the Civil Affairs Bureau. Even at the last second, Ding Yu wanted to prevent the divorce, but Zhang Yi Guy, the two have been husband and wife.

The two came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau. He Xuelin complained about Ding Yu’s calmness. Ding Yu asked He Xuelin to conceal the divorce before Yuanyuan came back. He Xuelin thought that paper could not contain the fire. Sooner or later everyone needs to know, it is better to choose to be frank from the beginning. He Xuelin didn’t have the slightest nostalgia for this relationship. Ding Yu was completely disappointed. When He Xuelin said he was going to get married, he agreed to He Xuelin without saying a word. Now He Xuelin suddenly wanted to leave and divorce, but he was still stupidly trying to keep this relationship. He was stupid, He Xuelin abandoned her and abandoned them. When the words fell, Ding Yu strode away in front of He Xuelin, and He Xuelin looked at Ding Yu’s back and felt worried in her heart.

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