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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 23 Recap

The performance of the Children’s Palace went on as usual. Han Wenwen’s daughter, Qiaoyi, replaced Yuanyuan. At the last moment, Xuelin sent Qiaoyi’s performance costumes. She watched Qiaoyi’s performance in tears, thinking about it all the time. Yuanyuan. As a mother, Zegang, she exhausted all her energy to find Yuanyuan, but Yuanyuan disappeared into her life out of thin air, how could she not collapse.

Ann got a new clue. Someone had seen Yuanyuan on the Lanxi train. If the news was accurate, they would be a big step closer to finding Yuanyuan. Originally, the news was uncertain, and Ansuo didn’t want to tell the Ding family, but Xiao Wang had already told Ding Yu first. Ding Yu decided to use this good news to please Xuelin. Today happened to be Xuelin’s birthday.

Chen Shengliang came to Ding’s house. He first came to visit Ding’s mother, and the other was to mention his father’s arthritis. Their hospital had a list of volunteers. He wanted to ask if Ding’s father would participate. Ding’s mother could not decide on this matter. Chen Shengliang registered with him. The information asked about Ding’s father and mother’s blood type. Yanzi chased Chen Shengliang out. He wanted to know what Chen Shengliang was going to do. Chen Shengliang told Yanzi frankly that he just wanted to find out if Yuanyuan was Ding Yu’s birth.

He Xuelin thought about Yuanyuan in the place where she stayed with Yuanyuan. Han Wenwen came to visit He Xuelin. Now only Han Wenwen can understand He Xuelin. After this incident, He Xuelin also understands that she has always owed Yuanyuan a company. When she can return, she will definitely go to Ehimeyuan in another way and give Yuanyuan enough company.

Today is He Xuelin’s birthday. Han Wenwen wanted to accompany He Xuelin to dinner, but Ding Yu just called He Xuelin and said that there was good news, and He Xuelin was going home. On the way, He Xuelin received a call from Chen Shengliang. Chen Shengliang ordered a good meal in the cafe they used to wait for He Xuelin, but He Xuelin did not care about Chen Shengliang and just hung up the phone.

Ding Yu told He Xuelin about Yuanyuan’s news at home. There was a glimmer of hope in He Xuelin’s heart. She wanted to go straight to Lanxi, but Ding Yu asked He Xuelin to calm down first. Tonight, the passenger who provided the news came here at 10 o’clock. It’s not too late for them to ask about the situation tonight before going to Lanxi.

At the same time, Ding Yu asked He Xuelin to call Ding’s mother. He Xuelin was still awkward and refused to fight because of what happened last time. Ding Yu knew He Xuelin’s stubborn temper, so he only persuaded He Xuelin to make a call. After the phone call, Ding Yu knew that He Xuelin had paid a lot for Yuanyuan for this family. Just like He’s mother gave He Xuelin unconditionally, he and Yuanyuan both remembered Xuelin’s hard work, but sometimes He Xuelin needed to change her temper. Learn to act like a baby. Now that Yuanyuan has not come back, he still allows He Xuelin to be willful for a while, but after Yuanyuan comes back, He Xuelin still needs to change her temper.

Why did Ding Yu Xuelin celebrate her birthday? Not only did he cook noodles for He Xuelin, he also asked He Xuelin to make a wish and blow the candles. Everything was going on well, but at this time, Xiao Wang sent Xiaofu over as Ding Yu requested and gave He Xuelin a birthday. Her face collapsed in an instant, she called Ding Yu into the room and had a big fight with Ding Yu. She was unwilling to accept Xiaofu, and would not let anyone replace Xiaofu.

The quarrel between the two was heard by Xiaofu outside the door, Xiaofu was crying on the balcony, Ding Yu went to comfort Xiaofu, and the two figures on the balcony were seen by Mother He and Uncle Hong. He did not know about Xiaofu’s coming. She mistakenly thought Yuanyuan was back, excitedly preparing to run over to Ding Yu’s house.

He Xuelin was crying in the room, Ding Yu came into the room to comfort He Xuelin, or maybe let He Xuelin come out to see Xiaofu, Xiaofu’s delicacy made He Xuelin hard to drive away, He Xuelin asked Xiaofu to eat the cake, but at this time, his mother came to the door and she embraced excitedly Zhu Yuanyuan, and He Xuelin also learned about Ding Yu deceiving her, and her face collapsed again.

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