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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 22 Recap

He’s mother and Uncle Hong were going back, He Xuelin and Ding Yu sent them to the train station, but Ding Yu temporarily drove He Xuelin away. He Xuelin insisted on sending him to his mother. Her tone was not very good, so Uncle Hong quarreled with her. When they got up, the two finally broke up. Watching Xuelin leave, Ding Yu accompanied Hong Shu and He’s mother into the train station, but they packed up and left as soon as they entered the train station.

It turned out that He’s mother and Ding Yu had already planned everything. He mother did not want to go back, but she did not want to distract He Xuelin, so she decided to rent a cheap hotel near her home. Tomorrow is He Xuelin’s birthday. Ding Yu wants to get Ho’s mother to accompany Xuelin on her birthday. He knows that Xuelin has a stubborn temper. She asks Ding Yu to forgive Xuelin. Ding Yu knows that Xuelin’s heart is straightforward. He always uses it. Xue Lin is in her own way.

The hotel where He’s mother and Uncle Hong stayed was paid by Ding Yu. Uncle Hong asked about the room money. He’s mother saw that Uncle Hong was caring about the money again. She was a little unhappy to let Uncle Hong leave by herself, but Uncle Hong was unhappy. He raised his wish with heartfelt words. He kept saving money just to let Ho’s mother live a good life after he left. He was afraid that Xuelin could not take care of Ho’s mother. Ding Yu took all his faults on himself. Hong Shu thought that Ding Yu was only verbally admitting his mistakes. He asked Ding Yu to do tomorrow’s affairs. He’s mother just wanted to celebrate Xuelin’s birthday. Ding Yu couldn’t handle it well, and he couldn’t help Ding Yu anymore.

Fang Jue was hovering at the door of Ding’s house with the gift. Father Ding took Fang Jue into the door and asked Fang Jue to have a good talk with Yanzi. Fang Jue is going to go abroad for three years. He is unwilling to break up with Yanzi. He hopes that Yanzi can wait for him for three years. He was forced to leave by his parents when he went out. Yanzi insisted on breaking up with Fang Jue and was reluctant to break up with him. There is any entanglement.

Uncle Hong and He’s mother stayed in the hotel. Uncle Hong bought a binoculars for He’s mother when he went out shopping. The two of them came to the rooftop and saw Ding Yu’s balcony with the binoculars. On the other side, Chen Shengliang has been accompanying He Xuelin to find Yuanyuan. He Xuelin has been looking for clues for a day but no results. She has a bad face and only asks Chen Shengliang to send her home.

Father Ding asked Ding Yu to find some toys that Yuanyuan didn’t play with. Ding Yu looked at Yuanyuan’s old toys in the room and couldn’t help but think of the happy life before the family of three. At the same time, Chen Shengliang sent He Xuelin home. He Xuelin was unwilling to send Chen Shengliang to the door, but Chen Shengliang insisted on sending He Xuelin home. He looked at the slippers on the floor and couldn’t help but recalled what happened when he was dating He Xuelin. She was willing to have too much entanglement with Chen Shengliang, she let Chen Shengliang leave, she was a little tired and wanted to take a break.

Chen Shengliang wanted to watch He Xuelin sleep and then leave. He Xuelin once again had a showdown with Chen Shengliang. Chen Shengliang wanted to continue to love He Xuelin and go back to the past with He Xuelin. He Xuelin once again clearly told Chen Shengliang that she and Chen Shengliang were no longer possible. Chen Shengliang asked about Yuanyuan. He Xuelin knew that Chen Shengliang had doubted Yuanyuan’s life experience, but she would never allow Chen Shengliang to mention this matter.

When He Xuelin quarreled with Chen Shengliang, Ding Yu’s screams came from Yuanyuan’s room, and He Xuelin knew that Ding Yu was at home. She looked a little angry at Ding Yu sleeping in the room. When Ding Yu became sober, He Xuelin found Yuanyuan’s toys in his bag when Ding Yu went out. She asked Ding Yu to put the toys back and asked Yanzi to return the Lego. Ding Yu thought He Xuelin was too unreasonable. This time, he didn’t follow He Xuelin’s words, and just went out with toys. He believed that their daughter, Yuanyuan was never a stingy person. He Xuelin watched Ding Yu go out, she cried, and Chen Shengliang had been with He Xuelin, no matter what He Xuelin became, he always loved He Xuelin in his heart.

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