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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 21 Recap

Ding Yu wanted to leave Xiaofu at home temporarily. He Xuelin disagreed. Father Ding had to arrange Xiaofu at the police station. He and Ding Yu went back to find Xiaofu two Yuanyuan’s old clothes to replace, but Ding Yu concealed the matter. He knew that Mother He and Uncle Hong were about to return to their hometown. If they knew about Xiaofu’s affairs, they would definitely come down to take care of them. He was unwilling to do anything wrong with Xue Lin at this point. The two discussed in the room. Uncle Hong listened to the corner outside and decided to start with Ding’s father and Ding Yu and try his best to stay.

He’s mother talked to Ding Yu. She has always looked down upon Ding Yu. The reason why she agreed to the marriage of the two was because of He Xuelin’s insistence. She insisted on disagreeing when He Xuelin had a showdown with her to get married. He Xuelin showed that she loves Ding Yu deeply. With this love, He Xuelin is willing to follow Ding Yu through those hardships. After listening to He’s mother, Ding Yu’s heart was mixed, and it was He Xuelin’s love for him that He’s mother was willing to accept the Ding family.

For so many years, Ding Yu’s good mother to Xuelin was in the eyes, He The mother’s resistance from the beginning did not show her current identity. He’s mother didn’t know about Chen Shengliang and He Xuelin before, but only now did she know that Ding Yu helped her in He Xuelin’s hardest days. She was very grateful to Ding Yu. Ding Yu didn’t want He’s mother to say these things. He loves Xuelin. He has been in love with Xuelin every second for the past eight years. He also believes that he and Xuelin will cross over as better as possible and will never divorce.

On the other hand, Uncle Hong went to Ding’s father. He mentioned that Yanzi had quarreled with Fang Jue and Xuelin asked them to go back. He planned to help each other with Ding’s father, but Ding Yu suddenly entered the door and interrupted the two of them. It turned out that He’s mother had decided to go back. He made Ding Yu pretend that she didn’t know about this. She and Uncle Hong went back tonight after finishing their things.

He Xuelin got some clues from the TV station. Sister Lai gave He Xuelin a sum of money when she left. The money was put together and donated to He Xuelin by the column team. It does cost a lot of money to find a child, but He Xuelin has a bottom line and a conscience. She is determined not to accept this money. Everyone in the column team hopes that Yuanyuan can go home as soon as possible. Sister Lai insists that He Xuelin accept the money, He Xuelin She couldn’t refuse, so she had to accept the money, but she still wrote an IOU to Sister Lai. When Yuanyuan came back, she brought Yuanyuan to pay back the money.

Uncle Hong made an appointment with Ding Yu downstairs alone. What he meant was to let Ding Yu help them stay. If the two of them went back like this, He’s mother would definitely be ill. Uncle Hong had been talking for a long time, but Ding Yu told Uncle Hong that he had already bought the tickets for the two of them, and that his mother would let Uncle Hong take care of him. After that, Ding Yu came to find Xuelin, and the two had some conflicts again because of Yuanyuan’s affairs. Xuelin is now fully focused on finding Yuanyuan, and she doesn’t even have the intention to talk to Ding Yu about the relationship between the two.

He’s mother and Uncle Hong were going to go home. Before they left, they made He Xuelin and Ding Yu one last meal. Seeing that He’s mother could not eat, He Xuelin went to He’s room to explain to He’s mother that she did not dislike He. Mother, He’s mother knows He Xuelin’s mind, she doesn’t want to worry He Xuelin, so she decided to go back first, not willing to be a burden for He Xuelin.

At night, Ding Yu packed Yuanyuan’s toys at home. He Xuelin heard the movement and walked out. She asked Yuanyuan’s favorite Lego, which set of Lego disappeared. He Xuelin thought that Ding Yu had hidden Lego for Xiaofu to play with. Ding Yu aggrieved and defended. Hong Shu heard the movement and walked out. He told the two that Lego had been taken by Yanzi and she wanted to return the things to Fang Jue. After hearing that Lego had been taken away by Swallow without permission, He Xuelin was angry in her heart and asked Ding Yu to get the toy back.

Father Ding asked about Yanzi and Fang Jue. Yanzi had already made a decision. She decided to break up with Fang Jue. Hearing Yanzi’s decision, Father Ding unconditionally supported Yanzi and hoped that Yanzi would tell them all his grievances and sadness.

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