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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 20 Recap

Yanzi sat down with Uncle Hong to eat noodles. Yanzi listened to Uncle Hong telling him about his romantic past, and Uncle Hong learned that Yanzi Magazine had ceased publication. At this time, Xuelin called Uncle Hong. Swallow knew from Uncle Hong that Xuelin had been sent home by Chen Shengliang. Ding Yu hadn’t come back yet, and she didn’t plan to stay here any more. She just got up and left. Uncle Hong knew about Yanzi. With Fang Jue, I’m going to help the two of them.

Ding Yu took Xiaofu with him. He only bought a hard sleeper because of the tight ticket. He gave up the position to Xiaofu while sitting on the side. The conductor came over for a routine check. He asked Xiaofu and noticed that the relationship between Ding Yu and Xiaofu was very strange. He tentatively asked Xiaofu’s name. Ding Yu didn’t want to reveal too much, and only called Xiaofu his daughter Ding Yuanyuan. , This time I took her to Lanxi for a trip.

The conductor was uneasy. He stepped forward to wake up the confused Xiaofu. When he heard Xiaofu’s name was different from the one provided by Ding Yu, the conductor prepared to inspect Ding Yu. After Ding Yu confessed what happened, the conductor called He Xuelin. Verify the situation. After understanding everything, the conductor inserted a missing person notice for Ding Yu the next day, and wanted to help Ding Yu find a child.

He’s mother was unhappy because Xuelin asked her to go back. Uncle Hong absolutely obeyed He’s mother after this incident. If He wanted to go back, he would follow him. If He didn’t want to go back, he would stay with He’s mother. After a whole night of thinking, Mother Ding decided to go back, and Uncle Hong had a whim, saying that this time it was definitely Ding Yu who asked He Xuelin to drive them away, but Mother He thought that Ding Yu was not such a person.

Swallow accompanied Ding’s mother to the hospital for a review. Director Gu told Ding’s mother to take a good rest. The brace is not a panacea, and only a good rest can help her body. At the same time, Chen Shengliang also returned to the hospital to work. Yanzi came to Chen Shengliang after sending away Ding’s mother. Chen Shengliang knew what Yanzi came from. He deliberately mentioned that he came back with He Xuelin and He mother yesterday. Yanzi didn’t want to hear Chen Shengliang say this time. For these, he asked when Chen Shengliang broke up with He Xuelin. This matter was related to Yuanyuan. Chen Shengliang suddenly remembered He Xuelin’s mutter in her dream, and realized that Yuanyuan was very likely his child.

Ding Yu returned with Xiaofu. He Xuelin went to pick him up with An Suo and Father Ding. He Xuelin and Father Ding thought that Yuanyuan was back at first, but Ding Yu explained that it was not Yuanyuan, and He Xuelin’s eyes faded instantly. She patiently accompanied Ding Yu to the construction site to find Xiaofu’s parents, but Xiaofu’s parents had quit their job two weeks ago, and Ding Yu was also instantly confused and didn’t know what to do.

Since Chen Shengliang had seen Swallows, he had been utterly unwilling. He was thinking of Swallows’ words and He Xuelin’s words at the same time. Ding Yu and He Xuelin had a small quarrel because of Xiaofu, and He Xuelin asked Ding Yu to send Xiaofu back.

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