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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 18 Recap

He Xuelin received a call from a man. She learned that Yuanyuan was in Yongjing County, but it was raining heavily outside. Xuelin insisted on looking for Yuanyuan. Ding Yu couldn’t stop Yuanyuan, so the three had to take a taxi outside under the heavy rain, cold rainy night. The car was not easy to hit. Ding Yu couldn’t get off the car even in the middle of the road in the rain. Fortunately, a kind-hearted man passed by and heard that the three were going to look for their daughter.

Apart from anything else, he planned to send the three to Yongjing County. The road to Yongjing County was blocked due to mudslides, and the car stopped in the middle of the road, but there were still dozens of miles away from Yongjing County. He Xuelin was going to walk over in the rain. Ding Yu and Chen Shengliang wanted to stop He Xuelin, but He Xuelin was stubborn. , She insisted on going, and the two had to accompany He Xuelin out of the car and walk over.

The three of them were halfway lost, and they asked the truck driver on the side of the road for directions. Now the driveway to Yongjing County is no longer working, and even the dirt road cannot be crossed. The driver heard He Xuelin rushing to find her daughter. He prepared Drive He Xuelin in the car. Ding Yu and Chen Shengliang wanted to get in the car together, but there was only one more person in the car. Chen Shengliang and Ding Yu fought in the rain and saw the two of them twisted together in the rain, He Xuelin Only let the driver drive away first.

The car drove away slowly, and Ding Yu and Chen Shengliang reflected it. Chen Shengliang mentioned the current situation. Xuelin had a low-grade fever and injured her leg. He was a doctor. At this time, he could be with Xuelin for protection. Ding Yu knew that Chen Shengliang was right. He only stopped the car and asked Chen Shengliang to accompany Xuelin. At the same time, he also told He Xuelin to take care of herself. He Xuelin was the most important woman in his life.

The next day, the driver escorted the two to Santiao Inkstone Township, but there was a mudslide on the road which made them unable to cross the road. The two of them had to decide to walk seven or eight kilometers past. On the way, they encountered a small pool of water. Chen Shengliang was afraid that He Xuelin would be in danger, so he wandered alone. Walking over with He Xuelin on his back. Seeing what Chen Shengliang had done, He Xuelin only told Chen Shengliang again that it was impossible for her to be with Chen Shengliang, so she hoped that Chen Shengliang would not treat her nicely. She and Chen Shengliang could not go back a long time ago.

He Xuelin and Chen Shengliang arrived in Yongjing County. According to the children in Yongjing County, the little girl in the photo was Xiaofu. A few days after she arrived in the village, He Xuelin was so excited that she hurriedly followed Chen Shengliang to find the child according to clues. Seeing Yuanyuan, He Xuelin happily chased forward. Yuanyuan saw the two of them just running. Eventually, Yuanyuan was hit by a car. Xuelin stepped forward and held the child, only to realize that she was not Yuanyuan The child is indeed exactly the same as Yuanyuan in the photo. Whether she is Yuanyuan or not, Chen Shengliang still sends the child to the hospital first.

Chen Shengliang inspected the child inside, and Ding Yu also rushed to Yongjing County. He saw He Xuelin crying alone outside. He Xuelin told Ding Yu that the child was not Yuanyuan. Ding Yu was also upset, but he still held He Xuelin to comfort her. , They continue to search, they will find it.

He mother rushed to Lanxi to find Xuelin. She was very surprised by Chen Shengliang’s appearance, but Xuelin had a fever, so she had to take care of Xuelin’s situation first, and then she talked with Ding Yu alone, for fear that Xuelin decided because of Chen Shengliang After the divorce, Ding Yu believes in Xuelin regardless, thinking that Xuelin will never be such a person. On the other side, He Xuelin kept saying that Yuanyuan is not Ding Yu’s in her sleep. Chen Shengliang heard this sentence and Chen Shengliang looked at it from the bottom of his heart.

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