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Dating in the Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 Episode 15 Recap

Among the ruins, the reinforced concrete and the crane together made the construction site dusty and noisy. Lu Jin’s half-brother, Lu Zheng, and her mother are urgently discussing their future interests. His father’s name is Lu Mingting and he is the chairman of Mingting Group. He has a former husband and wife relationship with Chairman Zheng of Zhenghong Group. Although Zheng Dong and Lu Dong have been divorced for many years, they still meet frequently in the market, but most They are all suppressing each other.

As the youngest son, Lu Zheng likes the mechanical aspect with all his heart, this will appear on the construction site, because those hoisting machines are so attractive. His mother was afraid that Lu Jin would compete with Lu Zheng for shares, but Lu Zheng himself saw it very well and didn’t care about it at all. Going to the Ming Ting Group meeting was forced by her mother to do a routine routine.

After the last time the hotel revealed the German scumbag incident, although Meng Xinjie was not directly injured in any help, he returned to the top treatment that could be rubbed by Xu Zhaodi, so it was worth being beaten into a bun. The progress of catching up with Xu Zhaodi is about to complete 100%.

Lu Jin still doesn’t know that his brother Lu Zheng is already in Suhai. He is now addicted to love and went to have a picnic by the lake with Gu Shengnan. The wind by the lake blew Gu Shengnan’s hair, and the hair swayed with the wind. Gu Shengnan was spinning leisurely in the colorful bubbles. Lu Jin looked at his smile and felt that it was probably love. Such a smile will drive him involuntarily to follow along with joy, learning Gu Shengnan is half weird and half cute, waving the bubble machine.

Even taking pictures of her must be beautiful, but unexpectedly when he retreated to look for an angle, he staggered the camera into the lake.

There was nothing to do now, Gu Shengnan actually began to ask his ex-girlfriends, is it Riemann? Why did you split up? When did you like her? One problem is sharper than the other. Lu Jin’s rare speech is not smooth, and he squats and confesses because he loves her. After answering all the questions, I wanted to ask back, but Gu Shengnan didn’t take this set, so I won’t tell you.

The highlight of the picnic is coming. Fresh ingredients are placed on the oven, marinated, massaged, sprinkled and oiled, and served on the table to call Lu Jin in one go. Lu Jin ended the phone call with Riemann, it was time to serve.

Lu Zheng attended the board of directors of Mingting Group. There was a problem with the company’s securities and the cash flow was not available. Lu Mingting was having a headache for this. The next second the secretary came in and told him that the subsidiary Lan Yu Construction had falsified accounts. The bank had cut off Ming Court’s fund loan to avoid suspicion.

The board of directors was unanimous. It is recommended that Lu Mingting discuss the merger and acquisition of Zhenghong Group, the company of his former wife. So Lu Mingting’s precarious heart was finally unbearable, and he fainted to the ground.

To make Gu Shengnan happy, Lu Jin said that she could ask her friends to come out and play together. There were no fewer than ten people in this apartment at the moment, and there were even Gu Shengnan’s colleagues in the kitchen. The solitary time that Lu Jin longed for immediately fell to the ground. With winks, Gu Shengnan returned to chat with him, and after three changes, Shengnan went to play with others.

Cheng Ziqian stopped Lu Jin on the small road in the apartment at night. He also liked Gu Shengnan. What could Lu Jin give Gu Shengnan? Is it always accompanied or caring for Gu Shengnan’s family. But Lu Jin only said that Gu Shengnan loves him and is his woman.

At night, a group of people arranged a room to sleep. Meng Xinjie planned to divide Lu Jin and Gu Shengnan into the same room. However, the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes. Xu Zhaodi did not sleep with Meng Xinjie, and the loudspeaker also had questions. So Gu Shengnan finally lived with a sister chef.

The sisters behind the cook are so bold, they have to have a long conversation with the male sister Gu Sheng with a handful of snack beer. Gu Shengnan was anxious to go out to find Lu Jin, and the sisters behind the cook said mysteriously that she had a relationship with Lu Jin. Gu Shengnan immediately had no intention of leaving and consulted them in detail.

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