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Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 2 Recap

After Xue Rong discovered that Miss Fu Jia was abducted by the assassins, he led troops to chase her. The two fought, and it was difficult to tell the winner for a time. The assassin took the opportunity to escape, but accidentally dropped his waist card.

At this time, Fu Yuzhan also caught up with the wedding team, thinking that this was not an ordinary assassin, but a man from the capital. Xue Rong asked Fu Yuzhan what was going on. Fu Yuzhan told his sister that Fu Jinzhan had taken her into the sedan chair instead of her, hoping to send troops to hunt down the assassin.

Xue Rong said that their teasing was a crime of deceiving the emperor, and Fu Yuzhan said that this incident was an accident, and that he was willing to get on the wedding car again and fulfill his majesty’s will. Xue Rong said that it had to be so.

The assassin’s accomplices overheared their conversation, learned that the wrong person had been robbed, and reported it to their master. It turned out to be an assassin sent by the Long Princess. She ordered the assassin to lie in ambush in the valley, and when the wedding team entered the valley, she would release arrows. She must let the Fu family daughter die in the valley.

The subordinate said that King Jin was also in the wedding team, and was afraid of accidental injury. Xue Rong was originally a descendant of Chai’s surname, but he changed his surname to Xue after he was adopted. The eldest princess thought that the emperor would not do anything to himself for the blood of a foreign surname, and simply decided to get rid of King Jin and the daughter of the Fu family.

The assassin was ordered to lie in ambush in the valley. Xue Rong observed the terrain when he entered the valley and hesitated for a moment. Fu Yuzhan also believed that the terrain here was vulnerable to ambush, and got out of the carriage to persuade Xue Rong to change his course.

Although the wedding team changed its course, it was still attacked by the assassins. When the two sides fought fiercely, the horses in the carriage that Fu Yuzhan was riding in were startled and out of control. Xue Rong went to chase the carriage and rescued Fu Yuzhan before the carriage rushed out of the cliff. At this time, a group of assassins also chased up. Xue Rong was poisoned with arrows in order to protect Fu Yuzhan, but he rode away the assassins on horseback.

Fu Yuzhan was grateful for Xue Rong’s life-saving grace and was sensible and courteous. Xue Rong thought of the emperor’s arrangement before leaving, and felt sorry for him. At night at the post station, Fu Yuzhan made medicine for Xue Rong. He accidentally discovered that the medicine was poisonous, and found that the well water at the post station was poisonous. So he sent the maid to see Captain Huang and told the soldiers not to drink.

In the room, Fu Yuzhan deliberately told Huang Xiaowei about their strategy. In order to attract the assassins, he found someone eavesdropping on their conversation outside the door. Huang Xiaowei walked around from the window to the door and caught the assassin who was posing as a shopkeeper. Associates.

Fu Yuzhan told the assassin that if he went back and told his leader that King Jin would send a fake King Jin to the east, he would actually go west to save his life and return him a bag of gold. The assassin was wise and went back to tell the leader that the real King Jin would go east. The assassin group chased to the east. Fu Yuzhan had expected that they would be like this. He had set a trap long ago, and the assassin was caught in the trap. However, one of the assassins was very vigilant and chased to the west alone, stabbing the real King Jin.

The assassin who robbed Fu Jinzhan was named Jiang Shao, and they both fell into a hole by accident. The two of them are like a pair of live treasure enemies, fighting each other all the way. Even so, Jinzhan helped Jiang Shao prevent the snake’s attack. Inadvertently, they discovered that it was Fu Yuzhan that Jiang Shao wanted to rob, but he robbed the wrong person. After dawn the next day, they climbed out of the hole with a rope, but Jiang Shao hit his head and passed out.

Fu Yuzhan had already guessed that the emperor did not intend to let himself come back alive this time, and King Jin also confessed to her that it was true. Fu Yuzhan believed that as long as it was not King Jin’s intention to kill her, she would have hope of life.

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