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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 14 Recap

Li Zhenyan became more and more excited when he played. He found that he wanted Fisher to teach himself more, and wanted to experience more of this kind of music and this kind of stage with Fisher. However, Fang Xiaolu did not finish listening to the performance, alone. Lost and left. After the performance, Li Zhenyan understood Fisher’s intention in inviting him to perform on the same stage, but he was still unwilling to change his decision and did not agree to go to Europe with Fisher.

Fisher knew that Li Zhenyan had some shadows in his heart, but he pointed out that Li Zhenyan, a musician, should not let his inner pain become an obstacle on the way forward, but turn it into motivation.

Fisher was about to leave Hundred Devices. Elise gave Fisher time to say goodbye to him and Lin Yumian separately. Lin Yumian was a little sad. She knew that Fisher was really leaving this time, and she won’t be abrupt in the future. When they came back, both Fisher and Lin Yumian gave everything for the music, but the two of them never got together. This made Fisher very sad. Before leaving, Fisher suddenly posted to Lin Yumian’s ear and said next time. When meeting, just marry him, Lin Yumian did not escape as usual, but said that she would consider it.

Jiang Caiwei found some information about European orchestras for Tian Yisong and wanted to show Tian Yisong. Tian Yisong hesitated and told her that she had found a way to go abroad. Jiang Caiwei was overjoyed and felt that the two could go abroad together and stay together in the future. Tian Yisong He felt a little guilty, but he didn’t have the courage to tell Jiang Caiwei the truth.

After Fisher left, Song Ran also bid farewell to Li Zhenyan, and also wished Li Zhenyan and Fang Xiaolu. After Song Ran left, Li Zhenyan also recalled that Fang Xiaolu hadn’t come to her for a meal in the past few days. Li Zhenyan went to the S group again. The graduating members of the S group are worrying about work. After they leave, the S group will also be disbanded. Everyone is going to have a loose meal. Xu Zixuan asks Li Zhenyan to take Fang Xiaofu Also called, it was strange that several people had not seen Fang Xiaolu for several days.

Li Zhenyan told everyone that Fang Xiaolu had been practicing piano in recent days. After Li Zhenyan came home, he met Ji Mo who was delivering food to Fang Xiaolu, and then he knew the real reason for Fang Xiaolu’s recent piano practice. Li Zhenyan knew that Ji Mo was a little jealous after giving Fang Xiaolu a meal these days, so he went home to cook and let Fang Xiaolu come to eat, and said that if Fang Xiaolu had a good meal, he would listen to Fang Xiaolu the next day. Playing the piano.

With Fang Xiaolu’s efforts and Li Zhenyan’s guidance, Fang Xiaolu’s performance is no longer as messy as it was at the beginning. The ensemble of the two attracted many students to watch, and Zhang, who felt that Fang Xiaolu was playing the piano, also The other side’s little lettuce has changed a little. When Ji Mo listened to Fang Xiaolu’s piano, he suddenly remembered something.

Qin Fen bought a lipstick for Qin Qing on the recommendation of sister Xu Zixuan, but he refused to admit that he bought it by himself. He only said that it was a lucky draw gift for the noodle shop. Of course Lin Qingshang didn’t believe it and asked Qin Fen to put on lipstick for himself. Qin Fen was irritated by Lin Qingshang and bit his head and was about to paint Lin Qingshang. Suddenly, Lin Qingshang saw the traces of Qin Fen’s lipstick test on his arm and questioned the gift Qin Fen just said. Seeing that he had been exposed, Fen ran away quickly.

Qin Fen was a little reluctant to disband the S group and proposed to Li Zhenyan the idea of ​​continuing the S group, but Li Zhenyan felt that this idea was too unrealistic. Qin Fen did not hesitate to speak for a while, and questioned Li Zhenyan and did not agree with Fisher. What was the reason for leaving and staying in Baiqi? Li Zhenyan was a little angry, and Qin Fen realized his mistake.

Seeing that Li Zhenyan was upset, Fang Xiaolu invited him to dinner. On the way home after the two of them, Li Zhenyan asked Fang Xiaolu if he had considered the future. Fang Xiaolu insisted on his own ideas, and Li Zhenyan thought that Fang Xiao Let’s attitude towards the piano has changed, and she hates her a little bit, so Fang Xiao Let’s ask Li Zhenyan why he didn’t go with Fisher.

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