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Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 Episode 13 Recap

On a new day, Li Zhenyan went to school early, but he didn’t know whether he should go to the A group or the S group, or to the piano classroom. Li Zhenyan was in a daze on the bench, and Lin Qingshang sat down beside him, comforting him. In other words, it is said that their A team sees Li Zhenyan’s dedication in their eyes. She just thinks that the cancellation of the game is a pity, but she can see that Li Zhenyan has a last resort to give up the game. She can understand the decision made by Li Zhenyan, Lin Qing As Shang was talking, she suddenly saw Qin Fen coming.

She didn’t want to meet Qin Fen, so she left first. Qin Fen didn’t understand why Lin Qingshang left as soon as he saw him. Li Zhenyan asked Qin Fen if he was disappointed in him. Qin Fen’s ideas coincided with Lin Qingshang. No matter how he decided, he supported Li Zhenyan, and Li Zhenyan sighed. Qin Fen was a little embarrassed when the two people had the same idea. Li Zhenyan also saw from Qin Fen’s reaction that he liked Lin Qingshang, but Qin Fen insisted on not admitting it.

After Li Zhenyan left, Elise also found him and told him that the biggest reason for Fisher to come to Baiqi was actually for his first love Lin Yumian. Elise told Li Zhenyan the story of Lin Yumian and Fisher back then. It turned out that Fisher left. The road to the command was because of a sentence from Lin Yumian. The two had agreed to go abroad for further study together, but Lin Yumian’s fingers could no longer play the violin because of excessive practice.

After Fisher went abroad, their love affair also died. But Lin Yumian still has a very important position in Fisher’s heart, otherwise, because of Lin Yumian’s phone call, Fisher would give up everything and return to Baichi.

Although Fisher knew about Li Zhenyan because of Li Yazhe, it was indeed because Li Zhenyan showed his commanding talents that Fisher really wanted to accept him as a disciple. Elise repeatedly persuaded that if Li Zhenyan really wanted to become a conductor Home, you shouldn’t back down because of the relationship between Fisher and Li Yazhe.

Finally, Elise handed Li Zhenyan a piano score, saying that Fisher wanted Li Zhenyan to replace Song Ran and perform with him on the same stage. Wait for Li Zhenyan to think clearly. Then go to the A group. After learning about this, Fang Xiaolu encouraged Li Zhenyan not to hesitate and seize this opportunity.

Fisher found Tian Yisong to apologize, saying that he did come for Li Zhenyan, but he also saw Tian Yisong’s talents. He thought Tian Yisong still had many opportunities in the future, but Tian Yisong was not suitable for his apprentice, and Tian Yisong was puzzled. , Fisher said that Tian Yisong did not return the score to the S group and did things that shouldn’t be done at the performance. Fisher was not accusing Tian Yisong, but he felt that as a conductor, he should be more focused on music.

To make the heart more pure and clear, Tian Yisong listened to Fisher’s words and realized that he had no chance to become Fisher’s apprentice. He was unwilling to compromise with Jiang Shasha. Tian Yisong would go to Europe to study under Jiang’s father’s support, but Jiang’s father But made a request to Tian Yisong.

Li Zhenyan decided to participate in Fisher’s performance. As a musician, he felt Fisher’s conduct. Although everyone in the S group understood Li Zhenyan’s decision, in this way, there would be no conductor for the graduation performance of the S group. Li Zhenyan called. He Shengliang of the A regiment asked him if he would like to command the S regiment. He Shengliang hesitated for a long time. Although he was reluctant, he still didn’t want to give up this hard-won opportunity.

Li Zhenyan began to rehearse with Fisher, but Fisher felt that Li Zhenyan’s playing was too calm, and hoped that he could use more body language to express the emotions of the music. In the process, Fisher was also teaching Regarding Li Zhenyan’s question of conducting, Li Zhenyan didn’t like Fisher’s commanding style of using body movements to express music. He hoped that Fisher would not impose his own conducting style on him. Fisher went back and reflected on it. I found Li Zhenyan who was tirelessly teaching. Li Zhenyan was a bit impatient at first, but suddenly he realized something from Fisher’s words.

At the graduation performance of S group, Fang Xiaorui finally had the opportunity to participate in the S group’s performance. Although Li Zhenyan could not see it with his own eyes, Fang Xiaorui was still very happy. After the performance, Fisher took the time to find Fang Xiaorui backstage. Chatting and asking Fang Xiaorui’s dreams in the future, Fang Xiaorui still said that he wanted to be a kindergarten teacher and also wanted to be with Li Zhenyan, but Fisher said that Fang Xiaoru’s dream was a little difficult to achieve, and Li Zhenyan just set foot on his own.

The stage of Li Zhenyan will go farther and farther in the future. If Fang Xiaolu stops moving forward, one day he will not reach Li Zhenyan. Fang Xiaolu was silent. Before Fisher left, he left the watch Lin Yumian gave him to Fang Xiaolu, hoping to bring good luck to Fang Xiaolu.

After the performance of the S group, they all went to the auditorium to watch the performances of Fisher and Li Zhenyan. Li Zhenyan felt the passion and happiness brought to him by the stage and music during the performance. Li Zhenyan recalled what Fisher taught him. , It seems to have sentiment. And Fang Xiaolu looked at the sparkling Li Zhenyan on the stage and thought about Fisher’s words, feeling a little lost.

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