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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 6 Recap

The dialect said that because the clothes were washed off accidentally, can you borrow some personal supplies? When Shiyi said, then you can go upstairs with me. This is Shiyi’s cloakroom. Shiyi brought a shirt and asked how it was. The dialect asked if there was a cheaper one. After thinking about it, I took her to the study again. When I opened a box with a harmonica made of wood, I handed it to the dialect. The dialect said it was my second wish. Holding a handmade harmonica in dialect, I feel that I finally found a cure. Weilin Wenhu Shen’s voice is ready.

Dialect and Wei Lin rehearse the voice of Hu God. Zuo Yao claps his hands and praises it. Dialect always feels there. It’s strange, because it was the first time I dubbed Lake God, I was very nervous. The director sent a voice to speak in dialect. The sound conditions are very good, but there is a small flaw. The dialect feels that he is praised and dances happily. Shi Meng picked up the recording pen and thought to himself that he didn’t like Shiyi’s breath?

Then he threw it into the trash can and heard the dialect yelling to let it go. Shi Meng went to the door and called out the dialect out loudly. The dialect ran out in a panic. Shi Meng must go in, believing that the dialect must have brought people in, and then forcibly opened the door. , The goose suddenly flew out, and the two quietly followed behind trying to catch it, but the goose moved flexibly and flew around and couldn’t catch it. The whole room made a flying dog. The dialect explained that it was my bird. Shiyi asked why it appeared here.

The dialect said that in order to experience the role of the lake god, Shi Meng sneered and asked why the experience role was acting against the goose? Shiyi wants to send it away and frustrated. The dialect hugged me and was kicked out by Shimeng. When I went home, I saw a mess in the room. The dialect picked up his mobile phone and called Shimeng. Shimeng hung up when he saw it. Shimeng continued to speak in the dialect. Shimeng couldn’t pick it up.

The dialect imitated himself. Talking to my bird, the light outside the door is dark, Shi Meng opened the door and said coldly that only this time, the dialect prepared an apple goose, Shi Yi did not, the dialect said that I have a gift to prove our sincerity, and then took out Xiao Mu from the bag The goose returned it to Shi Meng, and Shi Meng saw the harmonica in his dialect. The dialect said it was given by Shi Yi. Shi Meng looked at the little wooden goose in his hand and remembered that when he and Shi Yi were young, Shi’s father wanted to make a model airplane for them.

Then suddenly he heard the voice of dialect, and then walked into the toilet and saw my bird flying on the lamp. Shi Meng picked it up. The phone timed telling the dialect to take it out, but the goose hadn’t come down yet, so he lifted a stool to hug him down, and almost fell. Shi Meng caught him from behind. Shi Meng decided to catch him by himself. My bird flew down suddenly. When Shi Meng turned his head and kissed the dialect, both of them were embarrassed by the kiss.

Dialect woke up in the morning, the harmonica was ruined by my bird, Shi Meng came in and laughed and said that he did not expect this goose to be so destructive, and the dialect pretended to talk to the goose, and then said how important this harmonica is to me. , But Shiyi’s harmonica, Shi Meng turned back and left. Hao Yingjun said that Mr. Gu was back, and the director hurried in and said that I couldn’t do this job. He actually planted a sanitary napkin ad in the opening scene.

Shi Meng went to Mr. Gu. Mr. Gu said that you have invested too much affection for this project. Now that new advertisers are the best economic benefit, Shi Meng said that for movies, such advertisements would only destroy the movie, and Gu always felt that he would change the director. Dialect quietly listening to Shi Yi’s new sound of Shui Jing, Shi Yi asked how she felt as a bosom friend? In dialect, I think this song is perfect in two words.

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