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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 5 Recap

ShiichiSay I promise you three wishes. In dialect, my first wish is to have an autographed photo and write two sentences. Gaoshan Liushui meets the friend, and the dialect understands Shiyi. After the two thanked each other, they always gave their own jackets. The dialect puts on instructions to protect your throat. The dialect drove the video to celebrate with Zuo Yao and Wei Lin. There is medicine to cure the future. Wei Lin asked the dialect to imitate the live broadcast to receive the award.

The dialect was eloquent. Shi Meng suddenly came back and patted the dialect on the shoulder from behind, scared. The dialect official took the video. Shi Meng drew the number of fouls on the small blackboard, limited to three days to pay off, and expired after the deadline. After speaking, he walked away indifferently. The dialect was scared of heart disease. Dialect decided to use Weilin’s live broadcast method to make money. The beauty makeup egg, while the live broadcast, Shi Meng suddenly asked what you are doing? I’m going to take a shower now.

I’ll give you one second to go out. Dialect ran out and found that the mobile phone was forgotten to take out. The mobile phone was still live streaming. Shi Meng had already taken off his clothes and started taking a bath. Dialect secretly opened the door and sneaked in to get the mobile phone. Shi Meng was alarmed by the falling of his mobile phone. Shi Meng was furious and yelled to go away. When Hao Yingjun received the phone call, Yinjiang’s account was blocked.

Shi Meng asked Hao Yingjun to expel the dialects. Hao Yingjun took out the photo of his mother when he said that it was really embarrassing that I didn’t go, but he thought of a good idea. Meng thinks it will work. Shi Meng imagined the cockroach under the cockroach on vacation and scared her to a dreadful look. As a result, the dialect didn’t respond at all, and she started playing.

The dialect asked Zuo Yao how to make a man happy. Zuo Yao said that he was the King of Cold Mian, but he might not do it. The dialect wanted to help him. There was a knock on the door, and the dialect opened the door and saw nothing. Suddenly the electricity went out. The dialect was holding the phone to illuminate Shimeng’s door. There was no one, and it was dark everywhere. Then I called Shimeng and heard the phone sound on the table. I was going to take my mobile phone and saw a ghost face doll.

The dialect suddenly became confused and started to fall ill. Then when he walked forward, Meng found that something was wrong and picked her up on the sofa. Shi Meng hurriedly called 120 and learned the doctor’s instructions. I put a piece of clothing on and cut the clothes inside. Just about to do artificial respiration, I suddenly opened my eyes in the dialect and found that the clothes were cut open. I saw 120 in the dialect and then took it over and said that I was just an old troublemaker.

Meng himself was so scared that he was still thinking about the previous things in dialect, but he wondered why it was all right in a while this time? Thinking of Dr. Cui’s words that Shiyi’s breath can give him a sense of security, the dialect suddenly remembered that it should be Shiyi’s coat. Dialects called Zuo Yao and said that Shi Yi’s coat can be cured. Shi Meng received a video from Shi’s mother.

Shi’s mother said that she had worked so hard to cheat in. You have to be good to others, what dialect you just have to speak Called to eat, the dialect said I just scared you? It’s vertigo, and then I asked why there is that baby Baby, Shi Meng said I’m sorry. Tell me what kind of compensation you want. The dialect hesitated to say whether I can ask for other compensation, that is, Shiyi’s personal things, Shi Meng said impatiently, no. Hao Yingjun said that I let you scare her, you used deathly silence, Shi Meng said to help me make something, I want Shi Yi’s breath.

The dialect received a box and put a card in the compensation that he always gave when it was written. There was a voice recorder inside, which was Shiyi’s sleeping sound. The dialect felt that Shi Meng, a straight man, could not rely on him. He still had to rely on himself. Dialect called Dr. Cui. Phone, please ask him to come together. In Dr. Cui’s clinic, the dialect talked about the illness last night and lasted for a few minutes, so I thought the breath of the coat could cure the disease. The dialect said that because the clothes were washed off, could you lend me some personal supplies?

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