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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 4 Recap

The two pointed at each other and said why are you? Shi Mengda phoned Shi’s mother to ask her how to arrange an inexplicable person to live in my house. Shi’s mother explained that the dialect was your little housekeeper and I was going out for two months. He called Zuo Yao in dialect and said that he was living in the Meng’s house. Zuo Yao suddenly remembered the contract he had signed before, and when he took it out, he found that it was 1 million for breach of contract.

Quickly comfort the dialect for two months and soon, you passed Shimeng and approached Shiyi, and hung up the phone quickly after speaking. Shi Meng played the video to Hao Yingjun and no one answered, and then continued. Hao Yingjun had no choice but to answer it and pretended not to understand, and then took out the photo of Shi’s mother and said that he was entrusted by others.

When Shimeng said that there were a few rules here, 5,000 deductions were deducted for one violation. The dialect found it simply unreasonable. Just as Hao Yingjun was about to go out, he met Zuo Yao holding the contract and handed it over and said that the contract had been signed, and then took off Hao Yingjun’s clothes and tied them to the bench. Shi Meng went to the bathroom and saw shreds of hair on the sink. He threw it away disgustingly and went to the bathroom to take a bath.

Suddenly he heard Shi Meng’s voice on the bed with a mask in dialect. He thought something was going to happen, and when he walked to the door, he knocked on the door. When it was opened, Shi Meng stood at the door very angry and quickly closed the door. The dialect realized that the hair was shredded and remembered that she had put the shower gel and put it into hair removal cream.

When Shi Meng got up in the morning and saw hair everywhere on the bed, the dialect decided to find a way to call him. Cheer up, then stand outside and sing a song. Shi Meng opened the door and ran away with a call of good morning in the dialect. Then he put on the black bean breakfast he had prepared. The last thing was a wig. Shi Meng saw it. Shouting loudly, the dialect ran away with the wig.

The employees of the company thought that Shi Meng had changed her hairstyle. Hao Yingjun said that Linlin’s acting skills were okay but the flow was not good. There were still a few roles who had not found suitable actors. Hao Yingjun quietly said to Shi Meng that Linlin was waiting for you outside. Afraid of being replaced. Dialect received a fine of 10,000 yuan from Shi Meng’s text message. Weilin asked how he felt on the first day of living together with the president.

Weilin gave the contract to dialect, and the dialect was very happy. Linlin said that Yiming and I belong to the same company, and he has broken the contract. Can I treat you to dinner? Shi Meng asked if there is anything to be straightforward. Linlin just wanted to have a close relationship with Shi Mengtao. When entering the elevator, the dialect suddenly rushed. When the dialect saw Shi Meng and Linlin were about to turn around and avoid him, Shi Meng was surprised.

He pulled her tightly, took off her clothes and put on her. Linlin went out alone with some boringness. When Linlin left, Meng pushed the dialect out of the elevator and said something ten thousand. The ticket was waived. Weilin said that the company wants you to meet Shiyi. Shi Yi asked Dr. Cui if he had heard of a disease called somnambulism. Hao Yingjun mimicked greeting Zuo Yao in the mirror, Zuo Yao appeared from behind and asked why you are here?

Hao Yingjun said that I was looking for something to do with you and signing the contract. Hao Yingjun asked you why you broke up with me back then. A little boy walked out and called his father. Hao Yingjun asked him who your mother was. The boy said it was her. When the dialect knocked on the door to find, when he said that I am not a fan of the brain, I came to you after the company arranged for me.

When I said that I had already talked to Dr. Cui, and then I said that I must be sad that no solution was found? The dialect pretended to be strong and said no. Hao Yingjun said that you were pregnant when you broke up with me. He must be my son. Zuo Yao firmly said no, and drove Hao Yingjun away. Hao Yingjun took the opportunity to take a little boy’s hair and decided to do a paternity test.

Shiyi was playing the piano, listening quietly in dialect, clapping his hands and saying it was really nice. Shiyi said that this song is called the reconciliation waltz to apologize to her. The dialect finds this way of expression very subtle, and Shiyi says something you think is implicit. Put another way, I promise you three wishes.

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