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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 23 Recap

The company’s phone calls have been blown up by the media and partners, and almost all partners have expressed their intention to terminate the contract with Jin Zeyi. Mr. Shi said that Tiffany scolded Tiffany and told her to sacrifice Luo Tianran, telling her that if the matter is not resolved, Jin Ze will not take it with her.

The big director also canceled the cooperation with Luo Tianran. Jin Zeyi heard that he was angry for the director afterwards. Luo Tianran prevented Jin Zeyi from calling the director for theory. Jin Ze looked serious, and Luo Tianran told him: You still look good with a smile, and your face is so ugly. Jin Zeyi said that he was dragging Luo Tianran, and Luo Tianran told him that this was originally the matter of the two of them.

The Jin Ze family asked if the fake marriage on TV was true. Jin Ze grabbed the conversation and said that he would handle it well, so that they would not ask too much. Grandma has been helping Jin Ze round the game, but found that he did not deny that the contract is true. Now even grandma can’t help but scold him, saying that he made herself too sad. Luo Tianran took the responsibility and said that Jin Zeyi made such a decision for himself, not deliberately to deceive them. The two told the truth about the matter. Dean Jin asked if the two had already had a relationship, why not give each other a fair marriage.

The thing that Jin Zeyi’s mother felt most distressed about was that Luo Tianran gave up because of a house She married herself, and she said that as Luo Tianran’s family, she would not allow this to happen in the future. Grandma thought very openly. She felt that since the two had already had a real relationship and hadn’t been married before, it would be fine to get married in the future. She also said that she only recognizes Luo Tianran, the grandson-in-law. Both of them still regarded Luo Tianran as a close family member and forgave her.

Luo Tianran was a little sad for Jin Zeyi: Fans who used to support Jin Zeyi now think that Jin Zeyi faked marriage for profit, and they no longer like Jin Zeyi. Jin Zeyi said that as long as he has a clear conscience, those who understand will naturally understand.

Tiffany told Luo Tianran that if public opinion can’t hold it down, Jin Zeyi’s career will probably stop there. Therefore, Luo Tianran is urgently needed to take responsibility, and it is all the responsibility. Luo Tianran agreed without saying anything. Tiffany reminded her that if she made this statement, it would mean that she would suffer online violence and her music dream would be ruined. On the other hand, President Shi also asked Jin Zeyi to clear up the relationship with Luo Tianran and put the blame on her. Jin Zeyi firmly opposed. He said that the heat will pass, but the delay will not.

Even if Luo Tianran is not a star, she will live her life. To bear the unwarranted stigma, he said that his future is as important as Luo Tianran’s future, but if he lets himself choose, he will choose Luo Tianran. Luo Tianran also told Tiffany that Jin Zeyi’s is more important than his own reputation. President Shi saw the cellphone and laughed and said to Jin Zeyi: It seems that someone has a higher level of consciousness than you, and they all passed.

Jin Xiaoqin couldn’t bear the girls saying bad things about Luo Tianran, so she went straight up and locked her throat. As soon as Jin Ze came to Tiffany, he said that he should bear the responsibility, and Luo was naturally innocent, but Tiffany would naturally not allow him to ruin his future. Jin Zeyi told her: For Luo Tianran, I can care about nothing.

Tiffany hung up the call from Lin Che, Lin Che came directly to pick up Tiffany from get off work, Tiffany asked him: What else can you do besides standing here with an umbrella, Lin Che threw away the umbrella in his hand and smiled and said that he could still To accompany her in the rain, Tiffany hugged him.

When Luo Tianran resigned, he found that the standing sign on the street had become his own photo. It was taken by Yun Shu and said: May your life be illuminated by light.

Jin Zeyi’s decision finally got Tiffany’s support. Jin Zeyi apologized to everyone at the press conference and clarified for Luo Tianran. Luo Tianran tore up the agreement and decided to leave him so that Jin Zeyi would no longer be troubled by himself.

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