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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 23 Recap

After the contractual marriage between Jin Zeyi and Luo Tianran was exposed, it caused an uproar. Tiffany was so busy that he nodded and bowed with his partners all day, hoping that they would give him a chance. But there were still people sending out the contract cancellation letter, Shi Dong also scolded Tiffany for negligence, and asked her to find a way to fix this, otherwise she would not have to bring Jin Zeyi again in the future.

On the other hand, the cooperation between Luo Tianran and Guan Dao also failed. When she was no longer Jin Zeyi’s wife, he did not use a song from a composer who had not yet made her debut. Jin Zeyi was very angry, but Luo Tianran looked open, thinking that it was their loss for them not to use their own music. Since Luo Tianran said so, Jin Zeyi had no choice but to open a little. After all, what is even more troublesome now is that they still need to explain to the elders at home.

As soon as the news came out, several elders rushed to the house to ask questions. Faced with their inquiries, Jin Zeyi and Luo Tianran could not lie, so they had to explain everything together, from their initial contract to the present friendship. After confirming that their feelings for each other were true, grandma, mother and father all forgave them and told them to live a good life. After the elders left, Luo Tianran couldn’t help sighing. He didn’t expect them to forgive himself so quickly. Jin Zeyi said that this may be his family. But people who are not family members, how will they treat them in the face of their mistakes.

The next day, Tiffany met with Luo Tianran, and Luo Tianran went to the appointment without telling Jin Zeyi. Tiffany opened the door and said that he was here on behalf of the company and hoped that Luo Tianran could take the initiative to assume all the responsibilities for this incident. Luo Tianran agreed without hesitation, but Tiffany was a little surprised.

She wanted to say but reminded Luo Tianran, which meant that the netizens’ fire would focus on her alone. Although Jin Zeyi can keep her reputation, she may be human flesh, online violence, or even how long it will last. In the worst case, maybe someone would point her nose and scold her when she went to the street to buy groceries.

Tiffany hoped that Luo Tianran would think clearly whether she would stand up even if she was subjected to such unfair treatment. Luo Tianran still did not hesitate, she expressed her willingness. Because she knows how rare things are for Jin Zeyi today. He is the spiritual support of thousands of fans and cannot just fall down. Tiffany, who has experienced many battles, was also moved. She said that she finally understood why Jin Ze liked Luo Tianran for a while.

In this way, with the approval of Luo Tianran, the company shifted all the responsibilities to her. In the eyes of the public, she has become a vain girl who uses all means for the house, and Jin Zeyi is a poor person who feels that she has been taken advantage of. Public opinion immediately reversed, and everyone no longer blamed Jin Zeyi, but instead insulted Luo Tianran.

Jin Zeyi could not accept such a result. He asked for a press conference to declare that he was the main responsible party. Tiffany was so angry that he was fainted by scolding him, and public opinion finally stood on his side, and he was about to obliterate everyone’s sacrifices and efforts. But no matter what Tiffany said, Jin Zeyi said that he can do nothing for Luo Tianran. In fact, Tiffany also understands his feelings and understands Luo Tianran’s situation better. But as an agent, she has some things involuntarily.

At Jin Zeyi’s insistence, Tiffany held a press conference for him. Before the press conference, she confirmed to Jin Zeyi that even if the company wanted to hide him, he would not regret it. After getting the affirmative answer, Tiffany didn’t have any psychological burden, she decided to respect Jin Zeyi’s own choice. At the press conference, Jin Zeyi publicly stated that he forced Luo Tianran to sign a contract, rather than Luo Tianran using it.

However, just after the press conference, Jin Zeyi discovered that Luo Tianran had disappeared. He ran home, only to see a letter left by Luo Tianran and the torn marriage contract. Luo Tianran decided to leave for a period of time. Under such circumstances, she felt that she should not stay with Jin Zeyi, otherwise it would only cause him to suffer more public opinion.

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