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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 32 End Recap

Dong Rushuang mistakenly thought that King Yun had arranged for Xie Beiming’s intrusion. Unexpectedly, Fu Ziyou stood up from behind, and King Yun was stunned with Pei Yanzhi’s eyes. Pei Yanzhi smiled, this is their plan to join hands to catch turtles in the urn. King Yun’s big plan to murder the emperor had long been discovered by Pei Yanzhi, and he made a careful layout.

When King Yun’s army rushed into the palace, they were taken by Fu Ziyou’s army. King Yun was very angry, and Xie Beiming was betrayed him. Regardless of everything, he drew his sword to assassinate the guard, fiercely, and pointed directly at the emperor. Fu Zi blocked King Yun, and when he was about to kill King Yun, Xie Beiming suddenly rushed out to block Fu Ziyou’s sword. King Yun was frightened, put down the sword in his hand, and he still remembered his emperor’s throne.

The scourge of King Yun was finally eliminated, and the emperor planned to confess to the world, to make the Bailiang tribe innocent, and to have the face to see the first emperor. The emperor also wanted to promote Su Ci to the post of the Department of Der Spiegel. Pei Yanzhi believes that Su Ci’s qualifications are too young to convince the public, and he is more willing to recommend Luo Xin to the head office. The emperor joked with Pei Yanzhi, asking him whether he wanted to keep Su Ci by his side. Pei Yanzhi laughed at himself for so many years that he had been alone. The emperor gave Pei Yanzhi and Su Ci the reward and punishment with a smile.

Fortunately, Xie Beiming was only hit by a sword at the time, but he remained unconscious in bed. Dong Rushuang guarded Xie Beiming day and night. It was only from Pei Yan’s mouth that he learned about the relationship between Xie Beiming and King Yun. Recalling the strange words Xie Beiming said, Dong Rushuang realized that. So, blame him for the pain alone.

But since the incident, Pei Yanzhi has never thought that Xie Beiming had difficulty choosing between loyalty and filial piety, and blocked a sword for King Yun. He has not regretted knowing Xie Beiming before, nor has he ever blamed him. Dong Rushuang cried and hugged Xie Beiming, wanting him to wake up quickly.

When Luo Xin found out about the truth files of the Bailiang tribe, Pei Yanzhi expressed his affirmation after reading it. He hoped that he would tell the emperor truthfully. The emperor announced in front of his officials that the Bailiang tribe’s murder of the first emperor was done by King Yun, and the Bailiang tribe was innocent. . Facing the spiritual card of his parents, Su Ci finally let go of the stone in his heart, and he is no longer the remnant of the sin clan, and the Bailiang clan can finally be justified.

In order to wake up Xie Beiming as soon as possible, Dong Rushuang checked many medical techniques, tried acupuncture, massage, and smoked medicine. He also learned to make-up and painted his face with a big red face. Su Ci and others gathered in the small pavilion to celebrate Xie Beiming’s escape from the dead, and also to celebrate Su Ci’s becoming a famous person in the capital, turning into a picture book for storytelling. The common people praised Su Ci’s ability to solve crimes. Everyone toasted to celebrate, neither drunk nor return.

Su Ci was watching the night scene by the lake, intoxicated by the night, Pei Yanzhi took out a box and gave Su Ci a pair of handcuffs. Pei Yanzhi felt that his meeting with Su Ci was because of this pair of handcuffs, and the two smiled at each other. Pei Yanzhi also prepared a surprise for Su Ci, holding her hand, making her close her eyes, and waiting for him to count to three. Fei Yuan received Pei Yanzhi’s signal and opened his eyes to see the fireworks, which Pei Yanzhi specially made for Su Ci. The red bean-like fireworks were named Xiangsi.

Pei Yanzhi held Su Ci’s hand. Su Ci promised him three conditions before, and the last one was that he hoped that Su Ci would be his wife and the concubine Qi of Liang. Su Ci yelled Brother Pei, Pei Yanzhi told her to change her name to her husband. Su Ci lowered her head shyly. She was very happy to have Pei Yanzhi’s appearance and gave her the courage to live. He promised Pei Yanzhi would like to be with him forever. Hug and kiss together. On the other side, Xie Beiming also proactively kissed Dong Rushuang, and Feiyuan turned into a melon-eating crowd next to him.

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