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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 31 Recap

Su Ci heard that Pei Yanzhi had been framed by King Yun and was on trial in the hall. Regardless of his own body, Su Ci insisted on helping Pei Yanzhi. The head of the General Administration told the emperor and the queen mother that the poison powder was highly toxic. If the fireworks exploded, no one in the entire palace would be spared.

He also pulled out the case of Xiwen and Tian Yong, nonsense that Tian Yong was the one who repaired the warehouse containing the poisonous powder, and Pei Yanzhi’s subordinate Xiwen killed Tian Yong because of his eloquence. All the spearheads were directed at Pei Yanzhi. The queen mother was very angry and thought it was a crime. Make chaos, rebellious and unruly.

At the critical moment, Su Ci rushed to the hall and pointed out that the murderer of the poison powder was not Pei Yanzhi, but the head of the General Administration.

Su Ci guessed that someone deliberately brewed a big case in order to get rid of Pei Yanzhi, and he was deliberately dismissed by the head of the General Administration to go to Zhushui Village. The head of the General Administration did not admit that King Yun deliberately provoked and accused Su Ci that what he said was not true, and the case of Zhushui Village was not related to the fireworks case. Su Ci took out his assassin’s key and said that the head of the General Administration must have a red line in his hand. This was caused by encountering Utambula’s poisonous powder.

The head of the General Administration could not deny and admitted that he was the murderer, but the reason was that he was a member of the Bailiang tribe and was sent to his foster parents’ house since he was a child. So he hated those who were officials in the dynasty, and thought that they regarded human life as an idiot. He drew out his sword to assassinate the emperor, but pretended to hold Su Ci to remind him to beware of King Yun.

It turned out that all of this was designed by King Yun. He used this to tell Su Ci’s Bailiang clan’s life. Bai Yian is Su Ci’s real name, and deliberately instigated the Master of the General Administration. Although the poison powder was indeed ordered by the General Administration, In the end, he also wanted to protect Su Ci and make her wary of King Yun.

Unexpectedly, King Yun deliberately linked Su Ci’s life experience with Pei Yanzhi, thinking that the two were guilty of riots, and asked the Queen Mother to cut them off immediately. Pei Yanzhi asked to prove his innocence, brought a real craftsman, and also discussed with the emperor, intending to lead the snake out of the cave and find the master behind the scenes. Pei Yanzhi knew it well and arranged for his subordinates to make careful preparations.

King Yun panicked and said that he was being blamed by Pei Yanzhi. When Li Yu was taken to the hall, the craftsman identified Li Yu as King Yun’s maid and gave them poison pills in the prison. King Yun firmly refused to admit that it was Pei Yanzhi who kidnapped his maid, which should not be used as evidence. Under the persecution of King Yun, Su Ci surrendered the evidence he found in public regarding the murder case of the Bailiang clan, and King Yun was the one who murdered the first emperor.

At that time, the maid of Huanyi Bureau who was instigated by King Yun wrote a blood book. She lived for seven years in order to identify King Yun. Su Ci continued to report everything she found to the emperor and queen mother.

King Yun still refuses to admit that Pei Yanzhi and Su Ci are conspiring to frame themselves. Pei Yanzhi said that in the Battle of Honggu, King Yun was involved with foreign enemies, collaborating with the enemy and treason, which led to the sacrifice of all soldiers in the Battle of Red Valley. He wanted to seek justice for these innocent soldiers who died in vain.

At this time, there was a shout of killing from outside the hall. After hearing this, King Yun couldn’t bear his ambition and strangled a minister who opposed him on the spot. Everyone now bowed their heads to him and threatened to ascend the throne. Modify The history book also admitted that he had murdered the first emperor, but because Pei Yanzhi obtained the military power, he has always been afraid of Pei Yanzhi and framed Pei Yanzhi everywhere. At this time, Xie Beiming suddenly led his troops into the hall, and Dong Rushuang was surprised.

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