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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 29 Recap

Su Ci wanted to go to jail to find Xiwen and ask more questions, but found that Xiwen had committed suicide in prison by breaking his bowl and cutting his wrist. When Pei Yanzhi saw Xiwen’s body, he felt extremely sad. Feiyuan cried silently and was very dissatisfied with the head of the General Administration. The head of the General Administration believed that after Xiwen assassinated Tian Yong, he committed suicide in jail. Pei Yanzhi asked many questions about Tian Yong’s case, but the head of the General Administration could not answer them. Pei Yanzhi was very angry and wanted to investigate the case to the end.

Pei Yanzhi looked at Xiwen’s military uniform and recalled the bits and pieces of the previous battle in Honggu. When he was besieged by the enemy, Xiwen kept protecting Pei Yanzhi and was born to death with him. Su Ci was very distressed when she saw Pei Yanzhi like this, and she blamed herself for not discovering it earlier, and vowed to investigate the case thoroughly and never let Xiwen die in vain. Su Ci told Pei Yanzhi that Xiwen might plead guilty to protect Song Yao.

Song Yao was heartbroken, knowing that Xiwen was implicated because of herself. It turns out that on the night of the incident, Song Yao was taking rouge in the store. Tian Yong came to harass Song Yao again. After Xiwen hit him, he beat Tian Yong severely. Tian Yong took Xiwen’s jade pendant and ran away, but Xiwen didn’t. To kill Tian Yong, everything is caused by King Yun and Li Yu behind. When Pei Yanzhi discovered the military card Xiwen was holding, he knew that Xiwen was revealing the news to himself that someone wanted to disadvantage Pei Yanzhi.

Su Ci and Dong Rushuang checked Tian Yong’s body again, and believed that the martial arts of the murderer was certainly not low. A special powder was found on Tian Yong’s body. After re-inspection of the crime scene, it was not the real crime scene, and then went to Tian Yong’s home to question his wife, and inquired that Tian Yong Siqian might have dirty hands and feet to repair the warehouse and wanted to steal something.

The four people came to the warehouse in the eastern suburbs of the city and found that the warehouse was empty, with nothing special, only a pot of flour. It turned out that the powder on Tian Yong’s body was this flour. Everyone guessed that this matter was strange, and found a large area of ​​dead bugs on the ground, Dong Rushuang decided to take the bugs back for inspection. Pei Yanzhi also found a lot of lime powder on the walls and floor of the warehouse, guessing that this is not an ordinary warehouse.

Dong Rushuang studied the insects and found that the insects contained poisons, and they were deadly and highly toxic. The people from the Der Spiegel Department also sent a sample of all the land deeds of the granary, and found that the warehouse was owned by Sandu. There were a lot of poison hidden in it, which was used for black market transactions. Xie Beiming also summoned all the people in Feiyun Villa to pay attention to this poison. Dong Rushuang discovered that there was a smell of red widow in the poison. It was the extremely poisonous Utambula of the Western Regions. It was a rare and extremely poisonous, and it would be fatal if it was taken.

King Yun was very angry, and blamed Xie Beiming for not telling him about Su Ci’s Bailiang clan status. King Yun suspected that Xie Beiming and Pei Yanzhi were fighting together. He drew out his sword, hoping that Xie Beiming would not betray him, and let him do a big event at the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet three days later, and give it to Pei Yanzhi and Su Ci. Su Ci knew that she could enter the palace to attend the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet, which she had always dreamed of.

She wanted to go to the court to solve King Yun’s conspiracy, but Pei Yanzhi didn’t want Su Ci to participate because she was worried about the unknown. Su Ci asked Pei Yanzhi that if these things are resolved, the thing she most wants to do is to do nothing. Pei Yanzhi said that no matter where Su Ci goes, he will accompany him and ask the emperor to give her the marriage and marry her with integrity.

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