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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 28 Recap

Xie Beiming didn’t know how to choose. Facing the fact that his adoptive father was King Yun, he couldn’t bear it, but Pei Yan made a remark to make Xie Beiming plan to save King Yun and let him turn his head back. Dong Rushuang dressed up as a man and threatened with poison and asked Wenwen to come over and tell her the truth. Wenwen was afraid of the poison in Dong Ru’s hands, so she honestly confessed that Xie Beiming spent money to accompany her to act.

Xie Beiming took the initiative to find King Yun and told him that Pei Yanzhi and Su Ci had gone to Nanxun Town. He also found out that King Yun was the one behind Bai Liangjin’s poisonous killing of the Emperor. After King Yun heard this, he planned to draw a salary from the bottom of the tank, attack Pei Yanzhi and Su Ci, and ask Xie Beiming to report any questions to him. Li Yu wanted to kill the witness, but King Yun had other plans, he wanted to take back what should have belonged to him, and King Yun had already opened up the relationship with the court.

No matter what Pei Yanzhi said, Xie Beiming did not want Dong Rushuang to get into trouble. Dong Rushuang stopped Xie Beiming, applied lipstick to his lips, kissed Xie Beiming, and stamped him, indicating that Xie Beiming can only be owned by her, no matter what method he uses, he Will not leave Xie Beiming, where Xie Beiming goes, Dong Rushuang will go.

Pei Yanzhi was called into the palace by the emperor, and the Queen Mother’s birthday was approaching. King Yun suggested that Pei Yanzhi be responsible for the birthday banquet of the Queen Mother. Pei Yanzhi wanted to refuse, but King Yun asked Pei Yanzhi not to postpone it. The emperor also supported this King Yun’s suggestion. Pei Yanzhi returned to the house, intending to change into the clothing he used to fight and take out the sword. Pei Yanzhi said that he would do his best to kill King Yun by surprise, and Xiwen was ready.

Xie Beiming wrapped a silk scarf around his lips, wanting Dong Rushuang to come up with the antidote. Unexpectedly, Dong Rushuang applied lipstick to his lips again, telling Xie Beiming that this was the antidote, and only counted if he had to kiss. After Xie Beiming kissed, Dong Rushuang also took the initiative to kiss. The two kissed in the small pavilion. Dong Rushuang made him only like it. Alone, Xie Beiming quickly got up in a panic, picked up the silk scarf and turned to leave.

When Su Ci came to see Song Yao again, she found a mark on Song Yao’s neck. Song Yao said it was the cause of her allergies. Su Ci again mentioned a murder case that just happened. On the riverside in the suburbs of Beijing, the corpse was Tian Yong, who often troubled Song Yao.

Pei Yanzhi arranged for Xiwen Fu Ziyou to do a good job of defending the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet. Xiwen stopped talking to Pei Yanzhi, but did not say what he wanted to say, Pei Yanzhi was aware of it. On the way back, Xiwen encountered Luo Shaoguan. Because of the murder case in the suburbs of Tian Yong, Luo Shaoguan decided to take Xiwen back to the Der Spiegel Office for a transcript investigation.

Xiwen was taken back to prison. When Pei Yanzhi came to the department of Der Spiegel, the head of the General Administration explained that if Pei Yanzhi helped, even if Xiwen was innocent, it would be complicated by Pei Yanzhi’s intervention. Pei Yanzhi couldn’t help but hope that the adults of the General Administration will follow the Greek text more.

Li Yu found Xiwen in prison and asked him to stand in the gang and betray Pei Yanzhi, otherwise he would threaten him with Song Yao. Good birds choose woods and live there. Li Yu said that if he returned to King Yun, he would not touch Song Yao, the person he likes. Xiwen noticed that there was an internal response in the Department of Der Spiegel, and he could not himself become King Yun’s pawn against Pei Yanzhi. He took out a sign and remembered Pei Yanzhi’s encouragement to him at the Battle of Honggu.

Su Ci saw that Pei Yanzhi had been worried about Xiwen’s case, and she did not believe that Xiwen would kill, so she applied to the head of the General Administration to investigate Xiwen’s case, because there were unclear points in the confession and testimony of Xiwen’s case. Luo Shaoshua happened to be nearby, thinking that Su Ci favored Pei Yanzhi’s cronies and wanted to please Pei Yanzhi.

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