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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 4 Recap

Yao Kun asked Kuang Mingchou and Jiang Cheng to check the real reason for the information of Director Tian. Jiang Cheng made up a nonsense and wanted to perfuse him. But when Yao Kun heard that he wanted to call Director Tian to ask clearly, Kwong Mingchou had to tell the real reason. In fact, the two of them did it for The order came from the Institute of Machinery.

This lie about the age of Director Tian squeezed the place of Director Dong. Yao Kun originally did not believe it, but with the evidence of Director Tian’s unit, Yao Kun had to withdraw the qualification of Director Tian, ​​and Director Dong re-qualified for training. . After getting the qualification, Director Dong changed his previous arrogant attitude and was very kind to the two, so the order was successfully won.

After the order was taken, Director Zou came forward to persuade Zhou Dingbei. Zhou Dingbei explained that he was considering that there was no more money for foreign exchange settlement in the import computer, and the order was too large to be easy to operate. Director Zou accepted these facts. However, they will also report to their superiors that they will strive to fulfill the order. Director Zou is very supportive of the young people’s career, and handed the back door communication room to Kuang Mingchou and Jiang Cheng to use. This party has tossed up, Hong Yuqiao is also good. The central government supports educated youth as self-employed businessmen.

Guan Tao has rented the exterior of the supply and marketing cooperative to make money by selling tapes openly with Hong Yuqiao. Jiangcheng calculated how much money could be made in this business of the Machinery Institute, but the matter of importing computer approvals was not settled, and how to make money. Jiangcheng had enough ideas and was well informed, so he still needs approvals for importing computers in the city where he lives. People can directly go to Guangzhou. Buy and sell computers.

Jiang Cheng wondered if he could go to Guangzhou next time to discuss computer sales, and Kuang Mingchou worked hard to implement the approval. Kwong Mingchou went to the Bureau of Foreign Trade to bump into the nails. Chief Sun, who was in charge of the approval, failed to implement the approval. Director Li Keyu also rejected Kuang Mingchou’s approval. Kwong Mingchou could not help but met Yao Kun outside the Foreign Trade Bureau. Yao Kun had an acquaintance in the Foreign Trade Bureau. Can Yao Kun help himself with a message to Director Li? Yao Kun saw Kuang Ming’s heart-warming heart, and stayed outside the Foreign Trade Bureau on weekends.

He “blackmailed” Kuang Ming to prepare a meal before giving him an idea. Elder Sun Ke, who is in charge of the approval, is in the suburbs, and there is a big push for wheat in a hurry to harvest. Kuang Ming helped Elder Sun Ke to harvest the wheat when he found this way. When Mr. Sun saw that Kwong Ming was too sincere, he promised to follow the procedure to give Kwong Ming. The preparations for the approval document only took effect after Director Li’s signature was required. Kuang Mingchou was excited and accidentally injured his foot while cutting wheat.

When Mr. Kwong went to the Foreign Trade Bureau to wait for Director Li, Director Li saw that the young man was too stubborn and had a foot injury, and he promised to give him five minutes to explain the reason for the approval. Mr. Kwong’s remarks moved Director Li very much, but Procedures must still be legitimate and legal. Jiangcheng seems to be progressing smoothly there.

The so-called friends in Guangzhou promised to give computers in stock, only for foreign exchange. After seeing the computer, Jiang Cheng called Director Zou anxiously to ask for foreign exchange. Originally, the foreign exchange quota allocated to the Microcomputer Institute by the state was not large. These foreign exchanges are very important to the Microcomputer Institute.

Director Zou wanted to hold a meeting to study and research, but Jiang Cheng was anxious. , Director Zou specially approved the foreign exchange to Jiangcheng. Kwong Mingchou met District Mayor Tian Yi and Director Li at Director Li’s house through Yao Kun. District Mayor Tian Yi supported the development of scientific research enterprises and came here as a lobbyist to persuade Director Li to sign the approval letter. Director Li was very impressed by Kwong Mingchou and helped Kwong Mingchou too. Because the development of scientific research enterprises can drive national technological progress, they agreed to help.

Mingchou Kwong took the approval letter to Director Zou to ask for foreign exchange, but the foreign exchange was sent to Jiangcheng. It happened that Dingbei also came to ask for foreign exchange last week. He learned that all the foreign exchange was given to Jiangcheng and went to Guangzhou to buy a computer. How could the leader arrange for another team to compete with the service agency, but the foreign exchange has been remitted and there is no way to recover it, and Kuang Mingchiu can only sneak away. Originally, Kwong Mingchou was relieved when the approval was received, but there was an accident in Jiangcheng.

As soon as the foreign exchange was handed over to the so-called computer supplier Chen Xiaoguang, Chen Xiaoguang disappeared. This is a major event. The foreign exchange cannot be found. Kwong and Jiangcheng are dead. Guangzhou helps Jiangcheng find Chen Xiaoguang together. Kwong Mingchou and Jiang Cheng stayed at the door of Chen Xiaoguang’s house day and night, but there was no trace from morning to night. And Hong Yuqiao’s small business was doing well, and the young couple ate braised pork with braised pork, watching the days go by, the better.

Kwong Ming-Chiang came to Guangzhou for so many days. He forgot about inviting Yao Kun to dinner. He took the time to call back and apologize. Yao Kun learned that Kwong Ming-Chiu had gone to Guangzhou. Although Kwong Ming-Chiang went to Guangzhou, he asked her to contact her student Yu Wenjing in Guangzhou. It is also good to have a local person to help you in Guangzhou, where you are unfamiliar. The effort paid off, Jiang Cheng finally made it to Chen Xiaoguang to go home, but he did not dare to act without permission to ask Kuang Mingcai to make up his mind.

Kuang Mingcai thought of asking Yu Wenjing for help, pretending to be a neighbor knocking on Chen Xiaoguang’s door and holding him back as soon as he entered. The rogue looked unwilling to change the money, and forced Kwong Mingchou to knock his head with a brick, and then clamored to call the police that Chen Xiaoguang beat him. Chen Xiaoguang was afraid to pay the money quickly after seeing this posture, and explained that he was not a lie. When things were done, Kuang Mingchou and Jiang Cheng invited Yu Wenjing to dinner, but Yu Wenjing felt that she had opened her eyes.

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