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Falling Into You 因為我喜歡你 Episode 1 Recap

In Zitong’s ranking of the importance of life, money is the absolute number one. He loves money as life, and his unscrupulous character in order to grab orders makes Zitong unpopular among courier partners, but everyone does not know that the money comes to her. The reason why it is so important is that there are unknown difficulties and reasons behind it!

Two years ago, in the taekwondo competition venue, the anchor introduced passionately the top player Zitong and the sisters of Qian Ni in the venue. The crowd was emotionally upset, but the grief in Zitong’s eyes was read out before the match. She unexpectedly ran into an intimate scene between her close friend Qianni and her boyfriend Ting Wei? ! At the beginning of the game, when the two were fighting fiercely at close range, Zitong lost his usual heart due to anger, and was accidentally hit on the knee that had already undergone too much training.

The doctor regretted that Zitong could not play again! A year later, in the business building, a confident and confident dressed in yuppie fashion looked around the audience and talked about his entrepreneurial philosophy. At the same time, Zitong with cold eyes appeared in the same building in a courier suit. The recipient of the original express mail was stimulated by the content of Zhisheng’s speech. Ming Huan, who intended to seek death, unexpectedly implicated Zitong and Zhisheng. The two fell together…

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