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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 9 Recap

Ding Yu went to the eldest sister He Xuelin met on the street before. He hoped that the eldest sister could help them, but the eldest sister seemed unspeakable. She took Ding Yu to the beach, saying that someone had seen Yuanyuan at the beach at night, Ding Yu couldn’t figure it out. How could a child of Yuanyuan come to such a place? He continued to ask, wanting to meet someone who had seen Yuanyuan, but the eldest sister called that person her man, engaged in secret work, and it was not convenient to see Ding Yu. As Ding Yu didn’t believe what she said, the eldest sister became angry and left directly.

He Xuelin learned that Ding Yu could not stop a woman. She was a little angry with Ding Yu. At this time, Yanzi called Ding Yu to go to the DNA of the Public Security Bureau. She accompanied Ding Yu on the way, but Ding Yu received a call from He Xuelin with DNA. Before she even wanted to rush to the beach, Yanzi hurriedly stopped Ding Yu. She wanted Ding Yu to transfer to Ding’s mother and was unwilling to have contact with Chen Shengliang, but Ding Yu was now attached to He Xuelin and Yuanyuan. He asked Yanzi to return first. The hospital took care of He’s mother, but he braved the downpour to find He Xuelin.

On the way, Ding Yu received a photo from He Xuelin. The shoe print on the photo had the lotus sole imprint of Ding Mu himself. He quickly sent the photo to Yanzi so that Ding Mu could identify whether it was Yuanyuan’s shoe print. Mother Ding could not be identified through the photo. She wanted to identify it by herself. Yanzi decided to ask Chen Shengliang for help and let Mother Ding go to the beach. Ding Yu also found He Xuelin at the beach. He Xuelin was covering her footprints under the rain. To prevent damage to the footprints, He Yu also hurried over to help He Xuelin. The two had been protecting the footprints in the rain. He Xuelin fainted in the rain. Ding Yu saw an ambulance not far away when he was in a hurry.

He Xuelin woke up in the hospital, Ding Yu said that Ding Mu had confirmed that the shoe print was Yuanyuan’s, which was a major clue. There was a glimmer of hope in He Xuelin’s heart. She also thanked Ding Yu for coming to her in the heavy rain and helping her protect Yuanyuan’s footprints. Ding Yu didn’t want He Xuelin to be so productive. He wanted to have a good time with He Xuelin after he found Yuanyuan, He Xuelin But she was determined to get divorced. She thought that Ding Yu was unwilling to divorce because of her family, but Ding Yu understood her thoughts very well.

He loved Yuanyuan and He Xuelin. He mentioned the dilemma that was pressing on him, and Yuanyuan longed for company. , On one side is endless mortgage, but even so, he never thought of giving up, he is willing to change, willing to do everything to give He Xuelin a happy home.

Chen Shengliang was criticized and punished for discharging a critically ill patient who had just completed the operation without authorization, and he still used a hospital ambulance to pull out. He came to He Xuelin, hoping to get back with He Xuelin, but He Xuelin said it was too late, she and Ding Yu The divorce has nothing to do with Chen Shengliang. Even if she is divorced, she will not have anything to do with Chen Shengliang.

He’s mother brought Tang to visit Ding’s mother. She wanted to help here, but He Xuelin asked He’s mother to go home first. Her stay here would only add to the chaos. At this time, the older sister called, He Xuelin was willing to give that older sister 150,000 yuan, and only hoped that the older sister could provide clues to the child with her husband. The older sister said that she needed to think again. . Everything in the ward was heard by Chen Shengliang outside, and 150,000 yuan is not a small amount for the current Ding family. He Xuelin can make up 50,000 yuan at home, but there are still 100,000 yuan they have to think about. Ways to come together.

Ding Yu and his wife sat with He Mu and Uncle Hong to discuss a matter of 100,000 yuan. The family was very difficult. At this time, Han Wenwen called and said that the bank did not deduct the money for repayment of the mortgage, and that money was just lent to He Xuelin, He Xuelin thanked Han Wenwen from the bottom of my heart. As everyone knows, the money belongs to Chen Shengliang, and Chen Shengliang told Han Wenwen not to leak it. On the other side, Lao Ding and Ding Yu also went to the vegetable market to step on them first, for fear that there would be an accident tomorrow, He Xuelin came to visit Ding Mu. She saw Ding Mu bothering to embroider Yuanyuan’s shoes, and she helped Ding Mu embroider overnight. Good shoes.

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