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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 8 Recap

An Suo confided the loss of Yuanyuan and also criticized Uncle Hong, saying that he could not doubt the Ding family because of this. This was totally groundless. He mother learned that Yuanyuan was missing and she had a heart attack anxiously , Uncle Hong quickly looked for medicine in the bag. After Ho’s mother’s emotions stabilized, Hong Shu raised the doubts about the matter and still didn’t believe Yuanyuan’s loss. If Yuanyuan lost her, how could she drink wedding wine? An Suo thought that Hong’s doubts were very funny. Old Ding went yesterday. She persuaded her to drink the wedding wine, but also to find a clue to Yuanyuan. After confirming that Yuanyuan was not hidden in the Ding family, Hong Shu asked An Suo to help him trace the whereabouts of the 100,000 yuan.

He Xuelin received a phone call. The other party said that he had met Yuanyuan and asked He Xuelin to charge him 500 yuan for the phone bill. He Xuelin asked about some of the clothes Yuanyuan was wearing that day. The other party’s bull’s head was wrong, and she instantly knew this. Is a liar. Seeing He Xuelin’s collapsed expression, Han Wenwen beside her comforted her. He Xuelin knew that Han Wenwen had been asked by Ding Yu to comfort her, but she had a lot to say in her heart. Yuanyuan was lost, she would go to Yuanyuan at all costs. , And she and Ding Yu have indeed come to an end, they have already gone from liking to looking at each other.

He Xuelin went to the square to look for her daughter with a sign. Ding Yu called and asked He Xuelin to go with him to the police station to save her DNA, and He’s mother already knew the truth about Yuanyuan’s departure. He Xuelin was anxious. She went home as soon as she finished DNA with Ding Yu. He’s mother was angry because He Xuelin concealed Yuanyuan’s affairs, but when He Xuelin called her mother, He still cried and hugged He Xuelin and comforted her. To his own daughter.

Chen Shengliang wanted to ask Han Wenwen about He Xuelin’s current situation, but Han Wenwen refused to disclose any information because of He Xuelin’s orders, and Yanzi was waiting for him in Chen Shengliang’s office. She repeatedly claimed that Chen Shengliang was the third party to destroy He Xuelin’s marriage, and Chen Shengliang mistakenly thought that Yanzi knew him. In the matter with He Xuelin, he only told Yanzi frankly that what He Xuelin and Ding Yu were about to do. No matter what he and He Xuelin would do in the future, it had nothing to do with the Ding family. He only needed to have a clear conscience for the Ding family.

Lao Ding came to ask Heizi about the man in the baseball cap, but Heizi was sneaky. While playing around with Lao Ding, he took the 100,000 yuan he got into the house and gave it to Erhu. On the other hand, Yanzi came to the police station to find Ding Yu, but Ding Yu was not there. Yanzi took out the information she found and questioned He Xuelin, thinking that Yuanyuan’s disappearance was related to Chen Shengliang. He Xuelin couldn’t tolerate anyone saying that Yuanyuan was not good. She only thought that Yanzi couldn’t figure it out, and she ignored Yanzi and left first.

Yanzi was unwilling to give up, so she came to Ding Yu and told Ding Yu about He Xuelin and Chen Shengliang. Ding Yu had been with He Xuelin before graduation, so he unconditionally believed in He Xuelin and asked Yanzi to leave it alone. In this matter, Yanzi was worried that Ding Yu was deceived. She kept Chen Shengliang with He Xuelin’s photos from Ding Yu’s back, and He Xuelin had also been collecting photos and telling Ding Yu about the skirt. Ding Yu forcibly resisted the uncomfortable heart , Leaving in stride.

He Xuelin walked through the streets and sent out a missing person notice. A woman had been following He Xuelin secretly. He Xuelin knew that this woman had clues about the child. She was excited to ask about the child’s whereabouts, but she fainted on the street. Soon after, Ding Yu received a call from Chen Shengliang. He rushed over and learned that He Xuelin had fainted on the street. He also learned that Chen Shengliang was the bastard who abandoned He Xuelin back then. He warned Chen Shengliang not to approach He Xueliang again. He Xuelin’s body is still very weak now. Ding Yuqiang endured the anger in his heart. He held the fainted He Xuelin and rode home in Chen Shengliang’s car. After getting out of the car, he smashed all the change on him.

When He Xuelin woke up, she mistakenly thought that Ding Yu sent her home. She was so emotional that she wanted to go out to find Yuanyuan, but Ding Yu said that it was Chen Shengliang who found He Xuelin. He Xuelin said that the person who abandoned her had already gone abroad, and he thought it was. Really, he wanted to know if He Xuelin still had Chen Shengliang in her heart. If He Xuelin wanted to divorce him because of Chen Shengliang, as long as He Xuelin said it, he would definitely not make He Xuelin sad. He Xuelin was very disappointed with Ding Yu. The dress she always treasured was the one she wore when Ding Yu proposed to her. She always remembered what Ding Yu said to her, but Ding Yu had forgotten everything. She lived for the two of them.

Working hard, she became the person she hated the most. She endured all the sadness and grievances until now because of Ding Yu, but Ding Yu has forgotten everything. Now she lost Yuanyuan, she thinks Ding Yu doesn’t love her at all. Ding Yu knows that He Xuelin is emotional. He has been holding He Xuelin crying desperately, and he apologizes to Xuelin. The two cried loudly in the room. He’s mother and Hong’s uncle outside the door also felt distressed for the two of them. He’s mother was crying so much that he had a heart attack. Hong’s uncle hurriedly took He’s mother back to the room.

Yanzi and Fang Jue followed Chen Shengliang. The two were about to smash Chen Shengliang’s car but were found. They questioned the relationship between He Xuelin and Chen Shengliang, mistakenly thinking that Yuanyuan was taken away by Chen Shengliang, but Chen Shengliang opened the trunk to They saw that the reason why he put food in the trunk was only because of the problem of cleanliness. There was no recollection between him and He Xuelin. He told them all the conversations between He Xuelin and him, and decided to pursue He Xuelin again. He gave up. He Xuelin once, but he will never give up the second time.

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