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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 17 Recap

Wang Xuelin talked with Maomao’s mother. Maomao’s child has been lost for ten years. In these ten years, the husband and wife have been rushing around looking for a child and suffered a lot. Wang Xuelin comforted Maomao’s mother and comforted herself. found. At the same time, she also learned from Maomao’s mother that the public security bureau here had just arrested a human trafficker group and rescued many children. Some of them who lost their children were waiting for news here. He Xuelin rekindled hope and reluctance. Let go of any chance to find Yuanyuan.

Ding Yu found Uncle Hong in the community park. He re-written a letter of guarantee to Uncle Hong. He believed that Yuanyuan would find it back. He and Xuelin would not get divorced. He will return the 10,000 yuan to Uncle Hong as soon as possible. Uncle Hong knew that the relationship between Ding Yu and He Xuelin was not strong. He asked if Yuanyuan was Ding Yu’s biological daughter. Ding Yu told Uncle Hong with certainty that Yuanyuan was born under the expectation of him and He Xuelin. For many years, he watched Yuanyuan grow up day by day. The first sentence Yuanyuan said was not her mother, but her father. He was Yuanyuan’s father. When the words were over, Ding Yu asked Uncle Hong to coax He’s mother while he was going to Lanxi to find He Xuelin.

Father Ding researched various public welfare platforms at home and wanted to find a way to find Yuanyuan as soon as possible. Yanzi asked about the whereabouts of He Xuelin and Ding Yu. She mentioned to Father Ding that Chen Shengliang was He Xuelin’s ex-boyfriend. She had been speculating that He Xuelin had derailed Chen Shengliang. On the other hand, Uncle Hong returned home and handed the IOU to He’s mother. He tore up the IOU in front of He’s mother and solemnly apologized to He’s mother. He reflected on his behavior. He forgave Uncle Hong and reconciled with Uncle Hong .

When Ding Yu came to Lanxi, he posted a missing person notice at the Public Security Bureau, but met Mao Mao’s parents arguing. When the two of them quarreled, Maomao fainted. Dad Maomao asked Ding Yu to go up and call Xiao He’s lover, Ding Yu. He went up enthusiastically, but found that Xiao He’s lover was Chen Shengliang. He Xuelin was a little surprised when he saw Ding Yu. Chen Shengliang explained that He Xuelin was waiting for Ding Yu at the airport until the last minute. He was worried that He Xuelin came with him. Ding Yu only asked Chen Shengliang. Go down and take a look at Maomao Ma, and turn around and leave alone.

After Chen Shengliang was busy with Maomao’s affairs, he saw Ding Yu downstairs, who was dejected. He thought that Ding Yu’s behavior just running away was too naive, and once again explained why he appeared in Xuelin’s room. He was not at ease. Xuelin. After that, Ding Yu came to the room to see He Xuelin. He explained that the reason he was delayed was because He Xuelin had a fight with Uncle Hong. He Xuelin wanted to call He Xuelin, but Ding Yu stopped He Xuelin. With a shout, the Public Security Bureau sent the child over. He Xuelin and everyone living in this building rushed out to wait for the child.

He Xuelin stood in the crowd. Seeing all the children being claimed and leaving, she rushed to the ground and grabbed the police officer’s clothes, wanting Yuanyuan to come back. Ding Yu hugged He Xuelin who was out of control tightly, and he accompanied He Xuelin until He Xuelin’s mood gradually calmed down, and then he returned to the room with He Xuelin with empty eyes behind his back. Chen Shengliang checked He Xuelin’s body, but He Xuelin’s eyes were hollow and lifeless. He didn’t even answer the phone of He’s mother. He asked Uncle Hong again. Only then did she learn that Xuelin and Ding Yu had gone to Lanxi. Not to mention that Hong Shu accompanies her to Lanxi.

Maomao came to see He Xuelin. She comforted He Xuelin. Finding a child was a protracted battle. He Xuelin didn’t eat or drink at all. Now that the crime-solving team’s action is over, Maomao Ma asked a few people to prepare to go back, and now it doesn’t make sense to continue here. He Xuelin got up to eat, and decided to go back to find clues. The three set foot on the way to the airport, but a man called He Xuelin at this moment, claiming that he had met Yuanyuan.

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