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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 16 Recap

He’s mother took the IOU to showdown with Uncle Hong. There is no parent in the world to ask for the children to pay back the money. Since Uncle Hong is so eye-sighted about the money, she has nothing to discuss with Uncle Hong, and plans to divorce Uncle Hong. Uncle Hong knew that He’s mother was angry. He cleverly comforted He’s mother and raised her sense of insecurity. When He heard this, she comforted Uncle Hong softly and tore the IOU on the spot. Uncle Hong watched The torn IOU was so distressed, He Mu immediately put down the IOU and let Uncle Hong remove it by herself.

Sister Lai learned from Chen Shengliang that He Xuelin was Chen Shengliang’s ex-girlfriend. She joked that Yuanyuan looked more like Chen Shengliang, but Chen Shengliang smiled and shook her head to deny that she didn’t know Yuanyuan’s true identity. Afterwards, Chen Shengliang called He Xuelin to know about Yuanyuan’s news. Ding Yu answered the phone, but passed the call to He Xuelin when He Xuelin came.

Although Ding Yu avoided being present, he still cared about He Xuelin and Chen Shengliang afterwards. conversation. At the same time, He Xuelin told Ding Yu that she was going to Lanxi. On today’s flight, Ding Yu thought He Xuelin was too reckless. He wanted to let He Xuelin go home before discussing it. He Xuelin was emotional and insisted on going to Lanxi. She would never let it go. Any trace of possibility.

He Xuelin went to the company to advance the commission from Mr. Zhao’s order and met Chen Shengliang. He wanted to know if He Xuelin would still get a divorce after Yuanyuan came back. No matter how impossible, she gave Chen Shengliang an IOU, but Chen Shengliang grabbed He Xuelin’s hand. He was unwilling to give up He Xuelin. Faced with Chen Shengliang’s affection, He Xuelin was not touched at all, and just threw away Chen Shengliang’s hand and got up. go away.

Ding Yu went home to pack his luggage and prepare to go to Lanxi, but Uncle Hong stopped Ding Yu and asked him to write another IOU. Ding Yu was in a hurry. He wanted to leave before He’s mother returned, but Ding Yu paid it back. He returned without signing his mother. Uncle Hong didn’t wait for Ding Yu’s signature and refused to let him leave. He Xuelin called to remind Ding Yu. Ding Yu wanted to leave He’s mother but grabbed Ding Yu. She also took her from Uncle Hong’s pocket. I found the IOU written by Ding Yu and got angry with Uncle Hong on the spot.

Seeing that the time was running out, Ding Yu hurriedly left with the box, but Uncle Hong chased him up. He pulled Ding Yu on the spot for 100,000 yuan and refused to let him go. He also seized his mobile phone, Ding Yu. Uncle Hong couldn’t have to call He Xuelin. He Xuelin was afraid that the two elders would be worried, so she had to conceal the matter. Uncle Hong refused to let Ding Yu leave. Ding Yu had to take the suitcase and leave first, but he couldn’t catch the flight after all. Chen Shengliang has been with He Xuelin and went to Lanxi to find Yuanyuan with her.

Ding Yu went home dejectedly, but found He mother sitting alone in the living room crying, while Uncle Hong packed up and left home. He comforted He mother and went back to the room. He also saw He Xuelin’s WeChat message on his phone, He Xuelin He was extremely disappointed in him, but he didn’t know how to explain to He Xuelin. When he came to Yuanyuan’s room, Ding Yu saw the bouquet of roses he prepared for Xuelin for the eighth anniversary. The ring he prepared for He Xuelin was hidden in the roses, but everything changed.

Father Ding learned that He Xuelin had gone to Lanxi, so he asked Ding Yu to call He Xuelin. If He Xuelin refused to come back, Ding Yu must go to Lanxi to accompany He Xuelin. Chen Shengliang has been with He Xuelin. He Xuelin met a couple in Lanxi who were also looking for children. After learning that the couple had been looking for a child for ten years, He Xuelin became even more frightened and panicked, fearing that Yuanyuan would not be found.

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