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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 15 Recap

An Suo showed the latest video to Father Ding. There is a little girl who is suspected of Yuanyuan in the video. Father Ding is afraid that this news will be another empty joy. He only asked An Suo not to tell Father Ding the news, and Ding Yu and He Xuelin He returned home and found that He’s mother had disappeared. Ding Yanzi came to ask about He’s mother’s biological and non-biological matters before. Ding Yu and He Xuelin sank, knowing that this matter must be hidden.

He’s mother came to the hospital to find Chen Shengliang, but Chen Shengliang had already left work, so He had to leave first. Yanzi has been following He’s mother secretly. Seeing He’s actions, she concluded that Yuanyuan must not be Ding Yu’s biological child. At the same time, she also asked Fang Jue to investigate the matter of keeping DNA. It is better for both parents to keep the police station NDA. , But Ding Yu never left the NDA, Yanzi was even more sure of what he thought.

An Suo followed the surveillance video and the clues, and finally determined that Yuanyuan was heading to the train station, but now it is the peak of summer transportation, she asked Father Ding to be psychologically prepared. Except for Ding’s mother, He’s mother, and Hong’s uncle, Father Ding summoned all the people in the family. He told the clues that Yuanyuan went to the train station. He Xuelin and Ding Yu knew that Yuanyuan was most afraid of going to places with many people. Yuanyuan is unlikely to go to the train station alone.

He Xuelin is always reluctant to think in the worst direction, but Yanzi hates He Xuelin very much. She tore He Xuelin’s wounds word by word in revenge, if it weren’t for He Xuelinfei Forcing Ding Yu to divorce her, Yuanyuan would not run away from home and stayed at a strange old man’s house for ten days. The reason why Yuanyuan went to the train station was because she wanted her grandma to file a complaint, but Yuanyuan could not be alone. The only possibility to go to the train station is to follow the traffickers. The person who caused this incident was He Xuelin herself.

Ding Yu and Father Ding both rebuked Yanzi. At this moment, his mother came back. Yanzi asked He Xuelin to make it clear in front of everyone. He Xuelin knew that there was no need to hide things at this point. She told her mother Father Ding admitted that Yuanyuan was lost because she was divorcing Ding Yu, she was dissatisfied with Ding Yu, and her quarrel with Ding Yu made Yuanyuan refuse to go home. It’s God. Her punishment. Seeing He Xuelin’s guilt and self-blame, Ding Yu still accompanies He Xuelin unconditionally, loving He Xuelin deeply.

Ding Yu and He Xuelin rushed to the train station early in the morning. The two decided to look for Yuanyuan’s latest clues separately. A woman in a convenience store in the train station claimed that she had met Yuanyuan and she was following an old lady at the time. She didn’t cry or make trouble, she thought it was Yuanyuan who was the granddaughter of the old lady. The old lady was going to bring Yuanyuan into the station. She had a few conversations with the old lady and she knew from the old lady that she was from Lanxi. . Xuelin asked about some characteristics of the child. She thought it must be Yuanyuan, but Ding Yu wanted to be cautious to confirm that the girl was Yuanyuan’s identity, and the two had a small fight.

Father Ding asked someone to check the surveillance camera at the station, but the monitoring has not yet resulted. Father Ding talked to He Xuelin. He had to tell He Xuelin the worst result. If the girl is sure that it is Yuanyuan, the old lady is very likely. It’s a trafficker. On the other side, He mother found that Uncle Hong was sneaking up on the IOU that was torn by the swallow last time, and a fire broke out in her heart, preparing to settle accounts with Uncle Hong.

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