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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 14 Recap

The Ding family and the He family saw He Xuelin’s true love cry on TV. Erhu and Father Ding also looked sad on the side of the road, and Father Ding couldn’t help wiping away their tears. As soon as the TV was broadcast, an old man called and said he had Yuanyuan’s whereabouts, but there was no phone where he lived, so he had to let Yuanyuan stay at home and don’t run around. He went to the commissary to call and inform Yuanyuan’s whereabouts. parents.

After receiving the call from the police station and Ding’s family, they rushed to the canteen. The owner of the canopy brought the two to the old man’s house. They learned from the old man’s mouth and the graffiti on the wall of the old man’s residence that Yuanyuan was indeed living these days. Here, according to the old man, Yuanyuan didn’t like to talk or laugh, she just kept picking up small stones and drawing pictures on the wall. In addition to these paintings, He Xuelin also found Yuanyuan’s schoolbag and water bottle. He Xuelin was even more anxious and kept calling Yuanyuan.

It has been half an hour since the old man called. Yuanyuan disappeared for half an hour again. The old man blamed herself very much. Ding Yu also found Yuanyuan’s asthma spray in the outside corner. Taking medicine, He Xuelin was even more worried that Yuanyuan would be in danger. The family kept calling Yuanyuan nearby, but she could not find Yuanyuan until dawn. On the second day, Anzai asked the old man to take the old man back to ask for news. She comforted Father Ding. Yuanyuan’s whereabouts were good news to the police, at least it proved that Yuanyuan was safe.

The old man was taken to the police station for questioning. He confessed that the reason why he didn’t call the police was because Yuanyuan was very well-behaved. He was very lonely and left Yuanyuan. He had never bullied and abused Yuanyuan. According to his account, Yuanyuan once asked him about the train ride. She wanted to go to her grandma so that her parents would not divorce. He Xuelin called Director An, Director An was driving the speakerphone, and the two heard that Yuanyuan had been making a noise and refused to go home, and had an asthma attack. Both were worried. After hanging up the phone, He Xuelin’s heart collapsed. The conflict between her and Ding Yu escalated again. When her emotions collapsed, she also said that Yuanyuan was not Ding Yu’s daughter.

Ding Yu also wanted to help He Xuelin conceal this matter. But Yanzi had already heard about this. He Xuelin wanted the time bomb to explode, but Ding Yu refused to admit it. He emphasized to He Xuelin and Yanzi that Yuanyuan was his biological daughter and refused to let anyone say something about Yuanyuan. If it has nothing to do with him, he has been fulfilling the promise he promised to Xuelin He for so many years. He has never changed. He Xuelin can’t see it anymore. There is no point in entanglement in this matter now.

Yanzi approached He’s mother, and she asked Yuanyuan directly if she was Ding Yu’s biological daughter. He nodded directly. He didn’t know about this. He called He Xuelin. He Xuelin’s mood has calmed down. She apologized to Ding Yu. She was angry with herself just now. Ding Yu didn’t blame He Xuelin, but he knew that he couldn’t help it.

Father Ding has been running around about Yuanyuan’s affairs. He asked Ding Yu and He Xuelin to go to the police station first and then look for clues. He Xuelin met the old man, and the old man confided in his encounter with Yuanyuan. He had thought about it. Send Yuanyuan home, but Yuanyuan has been reluctant to go home, and Yuanyuan’s bag is the thing that Yuanyuan values ​​most.

It contains eye drops that his father bought for his mother. Yuanyuan will not go to sleep at night. Open that bag and heard this, no matter how good-tempered Ding Yu was, he asked the old man why he didn’t call the police. The old man cried and apologized to the two. He was so lonely, he finally had a child willing Staying to speak with him, he was reluctant to send the child away, so he left the child to stay, but did not expect Yuanyuan to lose again.

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