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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 12 Recap

Ding Yu and He Xuelin came to the TV station. The TV station asked for a video of Yuanyuan. Ding Yu remembered that the camera was at Ding’s house on the day of the accident. He called and asked Yanzi to get the camera from Ding’s house. Swallow was in a hurry and was about to go home to pick up the camera, but Uncle Hong came to the hospital to deliver food.

He stopped the hurried Swallow at the door and talked with her. He thought that the Swallow was extremely uneducated, and the Swallow was unwilling to be outdone. Uncle Hong and Yanzi became anxious about Baba’s temper. He accidentally spilled the soup on the ground and took out a piece of paper from his trouser pocket to wipe his hands. The tip of his eyes saw that this piece of paper was exactly the IOU written by Ding Yu. She tore up the IOU without saying anything, and was extremely unhappy with Uncle Hong.

Ansuo asked Father Ding to come to the police station. She found the suspect who had taken away 100,000 yuan. Father Ding looked at the blurry photos and guessed that he was most likely a sunspot, but he still didn’t tell An and only prepared himself. To deal with this matter.

Chen Shengliang asked Sister Lai to conceal what he helped. Sister Lai clearly told the two before they appeared on the show that it was risky to appear on the show, and the two would also begin to accept public opinion. In order to find Yuanyuan, the two were willing to take all risks. Yanzi also sent them a video recorder. She thought that Ding Yu knew people on the TV station. Ding Yu only claimed that the TV station found them. Yanzi still didn’t have a good tone for He Xuelin. With her face, she always thought that He Xuelin had an unclear relationship with Chen Shengliang.

He Xuelin and Ding Yu recorded the program as scheduled, and both of them were very tired on the show. During the break, He Xuelin saw a video on the camera, and only then did she know the reason why Yuanyuan left home. During the recording of the show, the host asked the reason why the child disappeared. He Xuelin already knew the reason why Yuanyuan ran away from home. She said on the screen that Yuanyuan ran away because they were about to divorce. She was in front of the camera. She confessed the reason why Yuanyuan left, and cried and begged Yuanyuan to come back. If Yuanyuan did not want her to divorce, she could not divorce for Yuanyuan.

Yanzi already knew that Chen Shengliang had arranged the TV station, but Chen Shengliang’s concealment made Yanzi unhappy. Yanzi thought from the bottom of her heart that He Xuelin had an adulterous relationship with Chen Shengliang. She was drunk by the side of the road and Fang Jue stayed with him. Yanzi, Yanzi woke up the next day and learned that she had written a report in the complaint box when she went to the hospital drunk last night.

This report letter was sent to the dean’s mailbox. Chen Shengliang was criticized by the director for this incident. The director absolutely believed in Chen Shengliang’s character, but he also knew that Chen Shengliang was related to the sixteen-bed patient. Now Ding Mu has reached In terms of discharge conditions, the director asked Chen Shengliang to discharge Ding’s mother first, and there was a place in the hospital for sending doctors to the countryside. He suggested that Chen Shengliang should go, so as to avoid the trouble here, and give the dean a good impression.

Chen Shengliang came to the ward to inform Ding’s mother to be discharged. He called Ding Yu out of the ward and asked Ding Yu to take care of Ding’s emotions. He also mentioned the two people’s TV station and also took out an anonymous complaint letter, no matter what the letter was. No matter what, Chen Shengliang thought He Xuelin was right to get rid of this family. After that, Ding Yu took this anonymous letter to find Yanzi to settle the account.

Yanzi believed that there was nothing wrong with what she had done. She mentioned that the TV program was arranged by Chen Shengliang. He Xuelin did not tell Ding Yu about this. It is impossible to guarantee that there will be more things to hide. With Ding Yu. Yanzi kept claiming that He Xuelin’s red apricot went out of the wall. She was ruthless to let He Xuelin go out. Ding Yu would not allow anyone to discredit He Xuelin, and he would never divorce He Xuelin. If Yanzi continued to slander He Xuelin like this, he would not have The sister Yanzi.

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