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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 11 Recap

He Xuelin was very angry because Ding Yu lied to her. She went back to the police station all the way. The eldest sister saw that the two had taken the lock back, so she was willing to follow the two to find her husband. On the way, Ding Yu apologized to He Xuelin. He didn’t deliberately lie to He Xuelin. He just watched He Xuelin’s worry for him. He believed that Yuanyuan would come back and her family would get better and better, but He Xuelin Reluctant to talk to Ding Yu from beginning to end.

At night, a group of people rushed to a dilapidated small house, but Zhao Yonggui was not there. Ansuo asked him to look for Zhao Yonggui nearby. Ding Yu sat with He Xuelin, and he apologized again to He Xuelin, but He Xuelin could not forgive Ding Yu, and was unwilling to bother with Ding Yu. He Xuelin did not want to say, Ding Yu himself said that he mentioned the relationship between the two of them when they were just married, hoping to find the beauty at that time, but He Xuelin was unwilling to go back to the past. In eight years, the two of them came step by step Now, not overnight, she and Ding Yu are over, Ding Yu still wants to keep He Xuelin, but when he raises his eyes, he sees Zhao Yonggui, and he chases Zhao Yonggui without saying a word.

Zhao Yonggui learned that Ding Yu and He Xuelin had solved the trouble for him. He thanked both of them and was willing to provide clues about Yuanyuan. At that time, he ran into that Yuanyuan on the road. Yuanyuan kept crying because she learned that her parents were about to get a divorce. She didn’t want to go home, but kept crying.

Zhao Yonggui tried to persuade Yuanyuan to go home and learned that she After the home address, he took Yuanyuan to the gate of Changqing Jiayuan Community and took the 627 bus. After Ding Yu asked the four characters of Changqing Jiayuan Community, he learned that the community had the same name as the community they lived in, and Zhao Yonggui had sent Yuanyuan to the wrong home.

Mother Ding has been studying the embroidery on the shoes. Lao Ding came to the ward and told his wife that the embroidery on the shoes was embroidered by He Xuelin. The swallow said it was impossible. Lao Ding only asked the swallows to learn to live with He Xuelin peacefully, He Xuelin. It is true that she has paid a lot for this family, and Yuanyuan’s affairs are not going well, I am afraid it is not that simple to find Yuanyuan’s whereabouts.

Ding Yu and He Xuelin came to Changqing Jiayuan for monitoring. When the two of them were waiting outside, He Xuelin sent her temper on Ding Yu. If it wasn’t for Ding Yu to be too fond of Yuanyuan, it’s not that the Ding family usually advocates happy education. Father Ding did not raise the children’s safety awareness, and Yuanyuan would not be ignorant, so Zhao Yonggui sent to this community. The education concepts of the two are incompatible.

He Xuelin frequently reprimands Ding Yu, and Ding Yu accepts all orders. But when He Xuelin is about to get a divorce, Ding Yu firmly opposes. This time Yuanyuan lost because of the divorce of the two. He is true. I want to live a good life with He Xuelin. He is willing to do everything for He Xuelin and Yuanyuan. Ding Yu’s sincere words made He Xuelin startled for no reason, and her expression became looser, willing to accept the clothes Ding Yu put on her.

He Xuelin and Ding Yu waited outside the complex for one night. The security guard on duty ran around for one night and brought them the key to the security room. They adjusted the surveillance video and saw Yuanyuan’s figure. That night, Yuanyuan was sent to the gate of the community by Zhao Yonggui, but she ran away from the surveillance video by herself.

The two got new clues, and they went from door to door around the community to ask about Yuanyuan’s whereabouts that day. An old aunt saw Yuanyuan. She mistakenly thought that Yuanyuan was going back to Changqing Jiayuan, but she suddenly ran away. It drove, and while running, she shouted at a woman in front of her for her mother. She thought that Yuanyuan had found her mother, so she didn’t catch up.

Yuanyuan’s clues were interrupted. Ding Yu discussed with Ding’s father that he would search the neighborhood again according to the previous procedure. When the family was anxious, the kindergarten teacher Xiaoxue called Ding Yu and He Xuelin to go to kindergarten. Came to the kindergarten, the kindergarten mentioned the kindergarten competition. Yuanyuan played an important role in the competition. The garden hoped that He Xuelin could return the competition clothes. They decided to change Yuanyuan in order not to delay the competition. He Xuelin lost her temper and was resolutely unwilling. It is Yuanyuan’s happiest thing to get out of the game and get this game role.

She believes Yuanyuan will come back. In order to make He Xuelin change her mind, the garden party brought He Xuelin to watch the children’s rehearsal, but when He Xuelin saw Han Wenwen’s child Qiaoyi replaced Yuanyuan’s role, she was angry in her heart and finally reached an agreement with the garden party if Yuanyuan was one week away. In return, Yuanyuan must let Yuanyuan continue to play the news.

When the two left the kindergarten, Ding Yu received a call from the TV station. He mistakenly thought that the phone call was a liar, but the other party said she didn’t want a penny. There was a glimmer of hope in He Xuelin’s eyes and she was about to go on the phone to find a child.

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