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Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的你在哪里 Episode 10 Recap

Ding Yu and He Xuelin came to see the insider, but the eldest sister did not bring her husband. She only said that her husband had told her everything. That day, her man saw the little girl and asked her where she was going. Her man left when he had something to do. Seeing this elder sister did not know any specific clues, Ding Yu simply took He Xuelin to leave. The eldest sister was afraid that the money in hand would fly away, so she called her husband. He was there. Walking towards the two in the distance.

Old Ding pretended to be a passerby and kept staring at the two of them. He saw the man and remembered the phone call he had heard. The man was a liar. I saw that the man asked Ding Yu for money as soon as he opened his mouth. Ding Yu cautiously asked the man, but He Xuelin was afraid that the man would not reveal the whereabouts of the child. She gave the money to the man, and the man hesitated and said that the child went east.

After he took the money, he wanted to run. Ding Yu and Old Ding realized that the man was a liar, so they chased the man and snatched 150,000 back. After getting the money back, He Xuelin excitedly pointed the knife at the eldest sister. The eldest sister repeatedly claimed that she did not lie, but Ding Yu said she was a liar and she didn’t know who to believe. Old Ding comforted Xuelin and calmed her emotions. Ding Yu did not lie, nor did the woman lie, and the man just lied. She is not the older sister’s husband, but the younger brother.

The Ding family took the woman to the police station. The woman did not speak alive, but her brother came to the police station at this time. He said he could provide Yuanyuan’s true clues, but asked He Xuelin to promise him a condition. Later, He Xuelin came to chat with her elder sister alone. She mentioned that she had been on the verge of collapse since losing her daughter. Seeing He Xuelin’s tears and sadness, the eldest sister handed over a tissue and told the whereabouts of the man her husband had beaten. He Xuelin, as long as the man does not hold her husband Zhao Yonggui accountable, her husband will be able to come back, and she is willing to reveal the clues of Yuanyuan.

Yuanyuan had been lost for eight days. Chen Shengliang asked her friend Lai from her TV station for help, hoping that she could broadcast a show on TV to find children. On the other hand, He Xuelin and Ding Yu were going to find the beaten man Master Luo. Ding Yu bought some gifts for his beauty. The gang of mermaids were mixed.

Ding Yu was afraid He Xuelin would be unsafe, so he went to see Master Luo. He exhausted his tongue to get Master Luo to sign a letter of guarantee, and then he gave Master Luo the 150,000. After getting the guarantee, Ding Yu came to find Luo Xuelin as soon as possible. Luo Xuelin heard that Ding Yu was a little pity that 150,000 yuan hadn’t been cut down. She left angrily on the spot. She didn’t expect that Ding Yu would care about the children at this point.

Mother He and Uncle Hong came to visit Mother Ding. Mother Ding saw the shoes that had been embroidered overnight. She thought it was a Bodhisattva who had appeared. It was obvious that she was only half embroidering these shoes. He heard Mother Ding exaggerating the embroidering of the shoes. Gong, she steals pleasure from the bottom of her heart, but she is unwilling to let Mother Ding lose hope, only saying that it is indeed a bodhisattva manifestation.

He Xuelin and Ding Yu came to look for the eldest sister with the letter of guarantee, but the eldest sister did not expect that they would really go to Master Luo. She asked them about the lock of the steering wheel. Only Master Luo handed over the fingerprint lock before her husband could do it. Feel free to come home. Ding Yu and He Xuelin had already given 150,000 yuan, but they didn’t get the lock. He Xuelin and Ding Yu had to go to Master Luo again to return the steering wheel lock. When leaving the house, Ding Yu was stopped by Uncle Hong. Uncle Hong was always anxious about his 100,000 yuan. He pulled Ding Yu forcibly and insisted that Ding Yu write him an IOU before he was willing to let Ding Yu leave.

He Xuelin and Ding Yu came to see Master Luo back and forth, but Master Luo refused to hand over the steering wheel lock. Ding Yusheng was afraid that He Xuelin might be in danger. He only pulled the emotional He Xuelin away and let He Xuelin hide in the dark. He went with Luo again. Master talk. Ding Yu and Master Luo wanted to lock, but Master Luo refused to give it. Ding Yu had to mention that he was willing to spend more money to buy it. Master Luo asked for one hundred thousand. Ding Yu pretended to agree. He asked to take a look at the lock first.

After the lock was obtained, he Taking the opportunity to escape with the lock, he secretly handed the lock to He Xuelin in the dark, and led Master Luo away by herself. Master Luo and the gang are not vegetarians. They chased Ding Yu and beat Ding Yu to death. Fortunately, the police and Xue Lin arrived in time. The police drove away Master Luo’s group of people. Ding Yu said that she was going to die, and asked He Xuelin to hug him again, not to mention the divorce. He Xuelin eagerly agreed to Ding Yu for fear of Ding Yu’s accident, but realized Ding Yu. He was lying to her and immediately pushed Ding Yu away.

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