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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 9 Recap

Wu Xie and the others dressed in disguise, followed the tour group and entered the Tianlin Tower together. Jia Kezi and the others were in the courtyard of the Tianlin Tower. They observed that the place was unusual, saying that the people on the second floor were definitely not ordinary. It’s very strange that there are no one on the third floor.

Wu Xie observed Jiang Zisuan on the second floor through photos. And Fatty Wang also found some unusual people, and they all appeared here. Wu Xie and the others have not been recognized because of their disguise. Later, Bai Haotian and Fatty Wang checked in at the counter and said that they wanted to live on the third floor, but the service staff here said that the third floor was rented out on the whole floor before, so they dare not let anyone live. They also know some things.

At this time, they checked here, Wu Xie and the others also found some things, but at this time, Fatty Wang met Jiang Zisuan, but Jiang Zi knew the identity of Fatty Wang, and then let him enter the house. We talked and talked about the situation on the third floor, saying that the third floor was haunted, but Fatty Wang definitely didn’t believe this.

After that, he said that the person they had checked on the third floor before, for some reason, suddenly disappeared. Then Wu Xie asked Fatty Wang to come back quickly. Fatty Wang left Jiang Zi to count here. After that, Wu Xie and others asked everyone not to reveal their identities, which is more conducive to our actions.

At this time, Wu Xie also took Hodolph’s medicine, saying that this can be out for two hours, but it is better not to. Fatty Wang and the others were going to check on the third floor. He was also worried about Wu Xie’s body, so he asked him to stay here and not go. Afterwards, Fatty Wang and the others used techniques to go to the third floor, while Bai Haotian continued at the entrance. On the other hand, Hodolf and Wu Xie could only observe Fatty Wang and their actions through the computer, and he was also very nervous. They checked the house number on the third floor, but did not find 315, only 314 and 316. They felt very strange. Then Wu Xie said, look under the door, and then Fatty Wang spotted the mark.

Fatty Wang and the others heard some strange noises afterwards. He told everyone to evacuate as soon as possible, but at this time they could not see their stairs, Fatty Wang said. Then they wanted to climb to the second floor with the help of a rope. But it didn’t work, it was still in place. Afterwards, Wu Xie and the others saw someone behind Fatty Wang and them indoors and asked them to be careful behind. But they did not fail to hear Wu Xie’s words.

After that, Wu Xie did not speak, but Fatty Wang and the others did hear Wu Xie speak. Thinking that Wu Xie was talking, they entered the room. At this time, Wu Xie and the others were very anxious indoors and couldn’t go in, but they still went in. After that, they saw a lot of luggage in the room. Afterwards, Fatty Wang took their bodies. There are still their marks on the wall. Later, Fatty Wang and the others found room 315, and then Fatty Wang saw a mobile phone, he turned it on, and it was playing a murder video about Zhang Qiling.

Later, Fatty Wang asked Wu Xie and the others for help. After Wu Xie, regardless of whether Hodolf stopped him, he had to save them. After that, Bai Haotian waited at the entrance, then went to the third floor, went to find Fatty Wang and the others, and saw Jia Kezi, Fatty Wang and Li Jiale.

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