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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 8 Recap

Wu Xie asked Xue Wu about the cause of Ye Piaopiao’s death, saying that Ye Piaopiao was killed because he was going to tell the news. At this time, the little girl successfully and quickly memorized the upper part of the tomb-robbing notes. Xue Wu brought this little girl, and they left afterwards.

Later, the girl who remembered the notes of the tomb, she wrote down the contents silently. After Xue Wu, she was very happy to obtain such a treasure, but when he cracked it, he found that it was actually a portrait of a child. The wicked teasing made me very angry. After that, Xue Wu said that he needed someone to teach Wu Xie a severe lesson, but it didn’t take long before the police came to the place where they were. They said that you have been reported by someone here, saying that you have made a lot of cash to buy the notebook. Xue Wu knew that Wu Xie and the others must have done it. Then suddenly someone came in from the door, and the two sides started fighting.

On the other side, in the hospital, Mei crawled on Ye Piaopiao and burst into tears, reluctant to leave her. Afterwards, Wu Xie gave the copy of the tomb robbing notes to Director Liu, so that Director Liu could report Xue. Wu’s crime, if Xue Wu stayed in jail for the rest of his life, then Xue Wu would no longer pay attention to the tomb notes. Director Liu asked why it was him. Wu Xie said that he thinks you are okay and believe him. After that, Wu Xie left.

Fatty Wang came out of the police station. Wu Xie knew that he was feeling very uncomfortable about Ye Piaopiao’s death, so Wu Xie gave him a hug, took off his sunglasses, and put them on Fatty Wang’s eyes. This is very intimate. After that, the two of them were in the car. After Fatty Wang died because of Ye Piaopiao, he was very sad and sad, and asked Wu Xie whether she should enter our business. After listening, Wu Xie comforted Fatty Wang and said that everyone has his value in this world, and you are not wrong. Afterwards, Fatty Wang returned to Leicheng and came to the barber shop. He recalled the happy time when they were together, full of memories. Fatty Wang broke down and burst into tears, and then shut the place away.

On the other side, Jia Kezi returned home, but before entering the door, he was scolded by his wife, saying that he could not earn money and had the face to go home, but she herself was stealing a man and could still hear what was inside. After the man spoke, he left and met Xiao Bai on the way. At the same time, Li Jiale was working on the construction site at this time. The work he did was piece-rate, and he was scolded by the foreman and embezzled money. He was very aggrieved. Later, Xiaobai found him and brought the two of them to them. In the team.

After that, Wu Xie and Wang Fatty, together with Xiao Bai, were about to leave. At this moment Hodolf came and said to follow them, and then set off together. Because Wu Xie’s illness is still not well. So he acquiesced in leaving with him. After that, Wu Xie and the others set off toward the position of their waistcoat hair. In the car, Hodolf said that people generally have a sense of loneliness when they are dying, but he said that Wu Xie is not there, and that this means that he has not yet reached that stage. This mutual discussion is very different.

After Wu Xie and the others reached the position of their waistcoats, there was still a short distance. So everyone decided to get out of the car first, and walk there, so as not to get rid of the grass. Hodolf asked Bai Haotian to accompany Wu Xie in the car, but Wu Xie hadn’t woken up yet. And the rest of them walked to see the road. After that, Jia Kezi and Li Jiale groped, and guided them with some sound, they went into the tunnel, checked, accidentally they touched something, and then they suddenly realized that there was a poisonous gas, so they came out immediately.

At this time, Wu Xie also woke up for a while. He was also very worried that the poisonous gas spread out and would cause harm to the people around him. So he wanted to go forward with gasoline, but Hodolf and Xiaobai stopped him, and then let Fatty Wang The outlet was sealed with gasoline. Prevent the spread of poisonous gas. At the same time, as they experienced this, they received the expression from the waistcoat. He realized that this was a trap.

After that, Wu Xie and the others left. Li Jiale and Jia Kezi were only bruised, but not poisoned. After that, Wu Xie and the others booked a room in Tianlin Tower, and Wu Erbai had lived in this Tianlin Tower before . After they arrived, they checked the surroundings and found that this place was very unusual.

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