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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 7 Recap

Xiaobai cried, telling her why she was ill, and she had to hide it from her. Wu Xie said that she didn’t want everyone to know or worry about it. Wu Xie talked a lot to Xiaobai, and Wu Xie was afraid to trouble others, so he let him go out after a few words with Xiaobai. After Wu Xie stayed alone for a while, he told the fat man to say that he wanted to go to the toilet and asked the fat man to help.

The blind man and the little brother were going to be unable to stand it any longer, and the flood rushed in again. The two of them looked at the surrounding environment, and the blind man said that there were holes everywhere, and the holes were strange. There seemed to be nothing in the hole, but suddenly something very sharp came out of the hole. The younger brother found something was wrong, and the two ran away quickly. Boss Jiao is still threatening the mute woman .

When the blind man ignores him and does not reply to the message, the mute woman is very sad when he hears the words of Boss Jiao. Boss Jiao says that the blind man doesn’t care about the mute girl at all, so he intends to kill the mute girl, but The dumb woman asked Boss Jiao to let her go, but Boss Jiao said that he would kill the dumb woman when he heard the thunder. Boss Jiao shot and killed the dumb woman and recorded a video.

Knowing that time was running out, Wu Xie let Xiaobai go out and said that he was going to auction the notes of the tomb, and deliberately set down to fool boss Xue. He also asked Xiaobai to make up for herself, saying that she wanted to create a look back and forth. After Xiao Bai gave Wu Xie makeup, Wu Xie wanted to use the old man in the antique circle to design boss Xue.

Boss Xue is buying antiques and discussing the price with people. Boss Xue threatens people with money to help him. Wu Xie and Xiao Bai are discussing whether Boss Xue will come? Wu Xie knew that Boss Xue would definitely come. After talking, Boss Xue came, Xiaobai deliberately said that he was not welcome, but Boss Xue still sat down and said that he wanted to participate. Boss Xue asked Wu Xie to sell him the entire shop, but Wu Xie politely said no. Wu Xie spoke deliberately to let Boss Xue let go of his doubts.

Wu Xie deliberately called people to say that Boss Xue had bad rules, and Xue Wuye had to leave. The fat man went to the “daoyou” and asked him to help quickly, but the other party gave a condition, and the fat man had to agree because the matter was urgent. Everyone in the antique shop was making fun of Boss Xue, because Wu Xie got rid of it, and Boss Xue’s small group became dissatisfied. Boss Xue quickly explained, but everyone didn’t believe it and was dissatisfied. Boss Xue asked him to say something nice to himself, and everyone stopped. Xiaobai quickly went back to tell Wu Xie about the situation in Boss Xue’s house, and the fat man was still begging for help. “Master” let the fat man be quiet!

Xiao Bai told Wu Xie that the people who should come to the auction were not coming, and Wu Xie knew what was going on. Xiaobai fell asleep, and Wu Xie gently covered him with clothes. Wu Xie’s auction started. Only Boss Xue went there. Everything was under Wu Xie’s control. Wu Xie said some “cruel words” to Boss Xue. He did not expect Hodolf to appear at Boss Xue’s house at this time. At this time everyone panicked and doubted Boss Xue. The auction started. Xiaobai supported the auction. Wu Xie was waiting at home for everyone to be fooled. No way, the fat man brought back the fake tomb raider note, only half of it, so he had no choice but to go.

Fluttering and left. Boss Xue asked a child to help him memorize the tomb robbery notes. Boss Xue discovered Wu Xie’s delaying time. Boss Xue became excited and everyone came to Haoshanju. Boss Xue was very dissatisfied and worried. I began to admonish everyone and threatened everyone with a lot of harsh words. Xiaobai was careful and had to let Boss Xue inspect the goods. But only let him look at the first half or the second half. At this time, Wu Xie was gambling, because this fake tomb-raising note was only half of it, but Boss Xue was really fooled.

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