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The Lost Tomb Reboot S2 重启之极海听雷第二季 Episode 6 Recap

Boss Jiao grabbed the dumb woman to ask the blind man’s whereabouts, but the dumb woman didn’t know where the blind man was? Boss Jiao felt that he had said everything well, and later Boss Jiao used Tony to threaten the mute girl and ask her to record a video. At this time, the mute girl could not cry. The blind man stayed with his little brother in the cave, and they were also trapped. The little brother passed messages to Wu Xie and the others, while the blind man pretended to be idle. Wu Xie and the others got into the wedding banquet of Boss Xue’s daughter, preparing to make trouble.

In order to attract attention, he deliberately talked loudly. For the sake of face, Xue Wuye let them in. The fat man gave Boss Xue a red envelope and said it was a gift, and it was still a coin. I had to let Wu Xie and the others go in, “Let’s see how they acted?” At the wedding, everyone avoided Wu Xie and the fat man, and the clowns at the rudder. When boss Xue gave a speech at the wedding, the fat man made trouble and said that he had drunk too much.

Boss Xue deliberately said “cherish the remaining time”, and the fat man said that he was the ex-boyfriend of Boss Xue’s daughter. Wu Xie’s attention was placed on an old man. The fat man told Wu Xie the origin of the old man. After that, Boss Xue asked Xiao Sanye to talk to another place. The two exchanged talks about the “benefits of both parties.” Wu Xie took the opportunity to give Xue The boss set off and borrowed money from Boss Xue.

After Wu Xie borrowed money from Boss Xue, he continued to give a speech at the wedding banquet and said that he was going to rescue Wu Erye. He also promoted his “action of righteousness” everywhere. He also toasted Wu Xie in front of the public and mentioned Hao Shan Ju’s The mismanagement began to embarrass Wu Xie. He also talked about Wu Xie’s loan to him, and talked about the matter of helping Wu Xie. At this time, the public was watching the excitement, but Wu Xie was deliberately unsightly. Let Wu Xie pick it up with the change, deliberately letting Wu Xie lower his worth. Wu Xie could afford to put it down, but picked it up. As soon as he walked out of the gate, someone followed him. The fat man noticed it and deliberately made Wu Xie pretend to be sick and cough. Boss Xue felt that Wu Xie was really sick after seeing the screen. Very happy!

Xiaobai asked them how they felt about today’s acting? When I went back, I found that Wu Xie and Fatty were on hot searches. Boss Xue deliberately made Wu Xie unsightly. They felt that Boss Xue should not suspect that he was targeted at him for the time being. Boss Xue, they felt that Wu Xie had jumped over the wall in a hurry, and Boss Xue’s men asked Xue Wu. The father asked him if he knew what the plan was? Boss Xue said that if he knew it, it was not a plan. Boss Xue wanted the tomb-raising notes in Wu Xie’s hands, so he wanted to get the tomb-raising notes in Wu Xie’s hands.

Hong Hong was eating, but after seeing the fat man’s news, Hong Hong deliberately didn’t reply to the news, so he hesitated. After receiving the news of Hong Hong, the fat man hurried to find it. He didn’t expect to see Hong Hong being taken away by a car. He was calling Piao Piao’s daughter and chased the car anxiously. He didn’t expect to lose it. Hurry up. Call Wu Xie, Wu Xie and Fatty learned that things had changed. After two people were talking, they were walking, a car drove by, and there was too much dust, Wu Xie couldn’t hold it, coughing would not stop vomiting blood, the fat man said to take him to the hospital, but Wu Xie said not to go, or else just If he couldn’t get out, he couldn’t save his second uncle.

Wu Xie confessed that the fat man asked him to go to Hodolf. At this time, Hodolf was frying dough sticks and did not intend to talk to him, but the fat man knelt down and begged him. He brought Wu Xie back to his place and showed Wu Xie his condition. He felt that Wu Xie must keep a good rest and breathe fresh air. Under the doctor’s first aid, he innocently vomited, but he should pay attention to it, otherwise it would still be dangerous.

Piao Piao saw the “Houquan Project”, but she was discovered by Boss Xue and quickly called someone to chase Piao Piao. At this time, a car came out and hit her to death. Wu Xie woke up with an oxygen tube in her mouth. The fat man found him awake and walked in. Wu Xie asked the fat man how is his condition? The fat man said there was nothing wrong, and he would be fine if he woke up today. Wu Xie got ready, the fat man refused to let him get up, and the two of them hugged each other unexpectedly. Xiao Bai rushed in and looked at Wu Xie and cried.

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