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The Long Night 沉默的真相 Episode 9 Recap

Three years later, things are not humans, Jiang Yang and Chen Mingzhang personally greeted Zhu Wei, and the three were reunited, immediately buying food and beverages. Chen Mingzhang raised his glass and mentioned three things. One was to celebrate Zhu Wei’s return from the public security school, and the other was that Chen Mingzhang himself quit his forensic work, sold all his stocks, and planned to return to Jiangtan to start a business.

As soon as these words came out, Zhu Wei and Jiang Yang were shocked, thinking that their old friends were about to leave Pingkang, suddenly felt a little lonely. But everyone has their own ambitions, perhaps doing small business, quiet and inaction is the life that Chen Mingzhang yearns for. As the third thing he wants to say, Jiang Yang is married and has a two-year-old son. His wife, Guo Hongxia, works in the county fertilizer factory. She has a slightly lower education level, but she supports and understands Jiangyang. Although the conditions are not as good as Wu Aike, the best is not the most suitable.

Chen Mingzhang was too weak to drink and fell directly on the table drunk. Zhu Wei talked about the progress of Hou Guiping’s case, as if a sharp blade finally cut Jiang Yang’s tight strings, making him cry on the spot, telling the predicament of the interruption of clues and the situation of his fighting alone. Fortunately, now that Zhu Wei is back, the duo that had joined forces can finally start from scratch. Time can change society and people, but they cannot change their beliefs.

According to clues provided by the insider, Zhu Wei’s appearance characteristics and mobility vehicles were recorded. Gu Yiming focused on the control area, but he passed by Zhu Wei during the arrest process and missed the opportunity. The fifth anonymous letter has been received. The photo shows a man from the back. Because it is too blurry, Yan Liang asked Xiao Ma to go to the provincial office for photo processing.

Kahn Group wants to publish an advertisement on the “Jiangtan Evening News” page. The editor-in-chief Chen Mingsheng was invited by Hu Yilang to take Zhang Xiaoqian to the restaurant. Hu Yilang noticed that Zhang Xiaoqian was a bit familiar, so he began to question. Hearing that the other party denied it, he stopped further investigation, and simply tapped to test the photo results and the identity of the sender, but Zhang Xiaoqian was vigilant and directly confessed that the task force had already accepted the case. .

Hu Yiming realized that the situation was urgent and became uneasy. He asked Li Jianguo to suppress the matter as soon as possible. Otherwise, once the truth was revealed, everyone would not be able to protect themselves. Since Li Jianguo was dismissed by the Public Security Bureau, he has never intervened in the Kahn Group again. He is now in a dilemma and can only think of another way.

The Banking Regulatory Bureau launched an investigation into the financial situation of the Kahn Group and found that the lending banks of the Kahn Group had a large number of illegal operations. They issued loans through the shell company under the Kahn Group, and then let the shell company to assume debt , Acquisition and other methods to revitalize the company’s non-performing loans. In the Kahn Group’s annual report, the investigation found that the group had suffered losses five years ago, but the strange thing is that even so, the group can still get loans from the bank.

Director Zhao Weimin believes that if the Kahn Group is really related to the subway corpse throwing case, it will inevitably cause a lot of trouble, which involves the entire business community of Jiangtan City, which may affect the whole body. Zhao Weimin immediately went to Deputy Director Gao to report the situation. Fortunately, Deputy Director Gao understood the work very well, and gave affirmation and support to the task force, and asked everyone to check it out and never tolerate it.

The task force set up an outlet near Pingan Street in the old city. Ren Yueting retrieved Zhu Wei’s files and learned that he had been suspended from pay for more than half a year before Zhang Chao’s case. Not only did he revoke all registered mobile phone numbers, but he was also mysterious. He disappeared until he appeared in Jiangtan City. Holding the remote control of Zhang Chao’s toy car when he pretended to explode in the subway, Yan Liang gradually hesitated in his heart. He not only began to ask himself whether he should straightforwardly end the bombing case, or follow the clues to the bombing case to pursue the old case.

In Pingkang County in 2007, Jiang Yang happily asked Zhu Wei to drive to the detention center, telling him that he had learned of the whereabouts of Ding Chunmei among the newly captured prisoners. This person is He Wei, a well-known local gangster. After dropping out of junior high school, he gathered idle members of the society to form a hooligan organization known as the “Thirteen Taibao”. He was sentenced to six years in prison for the crime of intentional injury and died shortly after he was released from prison. .

After a preliminary trial, He Wei has been detained in the Pingkang Detention Center. In order to reduce his sentence and live his life, He Wei voluntarily confessed to another murder case, claiming that Wang Haijun, a member of the “Thirteen Taibao”, was instructed to kill a village woman in Miaogao Township in 2003 and then abandoned. Shi Shanye, now a security manager in Kahn Group.

Although the identity of the village woman has not yet been confirmed, she is 100% sure that she is Ding Chunmei. Jiang Yang and Zhu Wei carefully deployed their plans and acted separately. As Ding Chunmei’s body appeared in the back hills of Miaogao Township, even Wang Haijun was successfully arrested and brought to justice.

Jiang Yang did not expect that the circumstances of the case would turn for the better after many years. Just as he was full of emotion, and Zhu Wei was almost crying with joy. Unexpectedly, Li Jianguo came suddenly, forcibly took Wang Haijun away, and ordered Zhu Wei to take over other cases. Seeing the scene where the sword was at war, Jiang Yang knew that Li Jianguo wanted to threaten Zhu Wei with his career, so he suppressed his anger and comforted Zhu Wei to hold back his anger, saying that Wang Haijun’s murder evidence was solid and he would apply for the procuratorate to intervene in advance to prevent Li Jianguo from having a chance.

However, early the next morning, Zhu Wei rushed into the office of the procuratorate with a pale face, intermittently telling the news of Wang Haijun’s murder. Wang Haijun died strangely during the interrogation. The cause of death was “sudden death from hypoglycemic shock.” Jiang Yang rushed to the morgue to examine the corpse. Under Chen Mingzhang’s guidance, he found obvious pinholes in Wang Haijun’s neck. It was preliminarily determined that the injection of excessive insulin had caused death.

In order to treat his daughter Nini’s eyes, Li Jianguo could only help Hu Yilang kill and shut down the surveillance video in advance. The bureau met to discuss and announced that Li Jianguo was suspended for inspection and accepted for further processing. Chen Mingzhang suggested that Jiang Yang apply to the higher-level public security organs to dispatch a forensic doctor for autopsy and protect the body during this period, otherwise important evidence will be lost.

His son Jiang Xiaoshu was taken away by a mysterious woman. Jiang Yang accompanied his wife to search the streets. Zhu Wei notified all police officers of the police station to search, but Hu Yilang sent the child. Jiang Yang asked Guo Hongxia to take her son upstairs, and then rushed up to beat Hu Yilang. The reporter raised the camera to shoot, but Zhu Wei could only hold Jiang Yang.

After Hu Yilang left, Jiang Yang noticed that things were strange and suddenly thought of the corpse in the county hospital. When he and Zhu Wei arrived, the corpse was long gone. Under the influence of money, Wang Haijun’s family cremated the body ahead of time. The only evidence was destroyed, and despair followed.

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