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The Long Night 沉默的真相 Episode 10 Recap

The 300,000 yuan in 2007 easily made Wang Haijun’s family annihilate their conscience and did not punish the perpetrators to comfort the dead. When Jiang Yang and Zhu Wei drove over, they happened to miss the silver van. A group of relatives were sitting in the car, carrying the casket and going away. They thought that the truth would eventually come to light, but in the end they were still in the trap of others. There is no light.

Chen Mingzhang received the call and returned to Pingkang overnight. The three reunited at the table, and there was no laughter. In addition to the endless regret, Zhu Wei also announced that he would withdraw from the investigation. Jiang Yang did not expect it, and never thought that Pingkang Baixue would compromise, until Zhu Wei analyzed the Kahn group influence, Chen Mingzhang mentioned Guo Hongxia mother and son, the obvious potential threat made Jiang Yang bow his head, holding the wedding ring in his hand. It seems that the anger in the body has been taken away. After a long time, I made a difficult and determined divorce decision.

Because Jiang Yang insisted on appealing, Hu Yilang actively invited him to the high-end club box, tempted with beauty and money. Even though Jiangyang refused all of them, he was captured by a hidden camera. With the photos taken out of context, the confession of the lady of the club, plus the 300,000 cash found in Jiangyang’s home, the county Commission for Discipline Inspection accepted the investigation and found that Jiangyang For bribery, he was sentenced to five years in prison at first instance.

Zhang Chao became Jiangyang’s second-instance criminal defense lawyer, and he also consulted with his tutor Professor Shen. Therefore, he believed that as long as he admitted that he had accepted 300,000 bribes, he could be given a lighter punishment. In addition, his previous stay in prison could offset his sentence. year. When the verdict was issued, Jiang Yang was released from prison and ruined. Only Chen Mingzhang and Zhu Wei waited outside to greet him.

Two years is not long enough to destroy the high spirits of a prosecutor. Now he is reduced to a very humble middle-aged man, vicissitudes and low self-esteem, rickety and thin body, even his smile is slightly restrained. Chen Mingzhang learned that Jiang Yang was studying mobile phone repair in the prison, so he helped him take the shop and rely on him for a living.

In 2009, Wu Jian was about to retire. He stopped in front of a dilapidated house for a long time, seemingly determined, and finally took his briefcase in. At this time, Jiang Yang was bowing his head to concentrate on repairing the phone. After seeing the incoming person, he carefully identified him, and he was surprised and invited him into the house for tea.

After some cold and warm questions, Wu Jianyan returned to the truth and asked about Hou Guiping’s old case. Jiang Yang was a little stunned when he heard the words. After talking about clues of repeated destruction in recent years, his voice gradually choked. Feeling guilty, Wu Jian took out a kraft paper portfolio containing the list of sexual assaults and photos left by Hou Guiping, admitting that he did not have the courage to investigate, which caused many people to die in vain.

Seeing the old man who was nearly 60 years old sitting in a chair crying bitterly, Jiang Yang could no longer bear to blame from the initial questioning to the later silence, but he felt a sense of helpless collapse and almost collapsed.

Chen Mingzhang’s business is getting bigger and bigger, and Zhu Wei and Jiang Yang get together from time to time. The evidence is already in his hands. You only need to find the key witnesses. I believe it will not take long to see the light. Zhu Wei is good at activating the atmosphere, forgetting his previous unhappiness. The three of them had a moment of relaxation. Chen Mingzhang thought that Jiang Xiaoshu should go to elementary school in the second half of the year, so he prepared a red envelope in advance. Even if Jiang Yang pushed out, after his and Zhu Wei’s forced proposal, he could only redeem Keep your eyes closed.

Since Jiangyang was imprisoned, Guo Hongxia raised her son alone and never remarried. Chen Mingzhang and Zhu Wei knew well, persuading Jiang Yang not to let down the good women, and find a time to remarry in the future and live a good life. However, Jiang Yang was unable to bring his wife and children a stable life, and had to add more trouble. For a while, he didn’t know how to respond. Just as he cautiously put the red envelope into his pocket, he suddenly discovered that his wallet was stolen, and even his ID card and bank card disappeared. trace.

There is not much cash in the wallet, but it is the fuse that ignited the knot. Jiang Yang kept mumbling to himself, feeling sad, thinking of the various experiences he has experienced over the years, and then shrank in the corner, crying, and coughing violently. After screaming, blood spurted from his mouth, causing him to faint on the spot.

Jiang Yang woke up in a hospital bed, surrounded by many familiar people, including Chen Mingzhang, Zhu Wei, Li Jing and Zhang Chao. After a doctor’s examination, it was finally determined that Jiangyang’s lung cancer was in the middle and late stages. If he was sent abroad for treatment, he might have a few years to live. However, Jiang Yang didn’t want to spend his life in a meaningless time. The forces are brought to justice. Zhu Wei was unable to persuade Jiang Yang, so he pointed his anger at Zhang Chao. He was stubborn about the past. If Zhang Chao was not greedy for life and fear of death, how could Jiang Yangbai go to jail for two years.

Li Jianguo was worried that the photos would be exposed and immediately called Sun Chuanfu to find a solution. Zhu Wei knows that the content of the photos is exactly the process by which the Kahn Group induces girls to provide sexual bribery, so the pain he has suffered during the seven years with Jiang Yang must be repaid by those people. The anonymous letter did not appear in the newspaper office on the day of the mailing of the letter. Until the afternoon, the sixth letter was actually posted on the newspaper office glass window.

Yan Liang repeatedly linked the clues of the previous investigation, whether it was Zhang Xiaoqian’s oral statement; Zhang Chao’s confession; and the source of the forensic questioning. These important details made him go straight to Zhang Chao’s house, and finally found a long hole under the bearing wall in the living room, so he guessed The rope can be passed through the long hole, thereby creating the illusion of homicide.

The police mobilized newspaper monitoring and found that Zhu Wei had submitted the sixth anonymous letter while delivering water. Zhu Wei used the Jiangtan Evening News to publish the explosion information, while Yan Liang bought toys of the same model based on the car’s remote control, and then brought the toys to Jiang Xiaoshu. However, Jiang Xiaoshu had never played a remote-controlled car. So, what exactly does the remote control really do?

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