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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君 Episode 3 Recap

Shi Meng asked if everything in this room could be used? Shi Meng approached the dialect and leaned over and said ambiguously, then I would use it, and then asked if I could sign a contract now? Dialect and Zuo Yao agreed to sign a contract, but there was a requirement to meet Shiyi today. Today is Shi’s mother’s birthday party.

Everyone asks when Shi Meng and Shi Yi get married? At this time, Meng brought a dialect to Shi’s mother’s birthday party. She didn’t plan to take the opportunity to escape in any dialect. Shi Meng quietly handed her the gift she had prepared, and Shi’s mother opened it to see the high-level customized scarf she was thinking of. Shi’s mother asked her zodiac signs while pulling her dialect. Shimeng opened her dialect to look for Shiyi.

The dialect was too nervous and she wanted to go outside to prepare. Shi’s mother took Hao Yingjun to ask questions about the length and the short, and asked Hao Yingjun to poke and talk with Shi Menghe dialect. The dialect was nervously thinking of a way, wishing that Zuo Yao was there, and then he made up and talked to herself, Shiyi suddenly appeared next to him, the dialect forced her to be calm, and Shiyi heard her voice as sound. Jiang then said that it seems that you are different from the person on the Internet, and then the two greeted each other.

The dialect said that I came to you specially today, and then I was nervous to say nothing. He kept drinking and became courageous. Then I asked if you know there is a kind of psychosomatism. I just got this disease and I kept talking about it. Then he pulled out the case and handed it to Shiyi. Shiyi said that you want to stay by my side for 24 hours?

The dialect said I thought you could hold me in your arms when I was in a coma, Shiyi reluctantly agreed, and then asked if you want to sign or hug now? When Shiyi said you need to, Weibo will send a private message to me. Dialect knows that it has been mistaken for a stubborn fan. Shi Meng asked the dialect people also met, is it time to sign? The dialect left angrily.

Zuo Yao said that she had a good way to keep them together, and then she found Hao Yingjun, found fault and said that he agreed to a condition and signed the contract, and then quietly said to arrange the dialect by Shiyi’s side. Hao Yingjun thought that the dialect like Shiyi, at that time What about Meng? Dialect like Shiyi, Shi’s mother wants to be with Shi Meng in dialect. Hao Yingjun thought for a long time to find a good way. Hao Yingjun told her that Shi’s mother was looking for a 24-hour home nanny for Shiyi. The two decided to apply. Hao Yingjun brought Hao Yingjun with him.

When applying for the job, he was an assistant who cooks, takes care of life, and regulates emotions. Hao Yingjun took out the contract, signed the name without even reading the dialect, and his mother gave her the key. . When a group of dialects came to Shi’s house, Zuo Yao and Weilin cheered her up. The dialects officially began to clean, mopping the floor, everything was ready, Shiyi thought of the psychosomatism that the dialects told her before, so they gave Dr. Cui I made a call and prepared to talk tomorrow.

The last room is left uncleaned. I am cleaning myself in dialect while amusing myself. When I clean the table I saw a glass ball ready for Sassafras. Sassafras accidentally fell under the bed, so he rushed to look for it. At this time, Meng came in thinking that it was an aunt who cleaned the room, and then began to undress and change to pajamas. Suddenly realized that someone was there and ran over to see the dialect. Explain quickly that I’m sorry that I am a new assistant? Don’t tell the fans. Looking up, it was Shi Meng. The two pointed at each other and asked why it was you?

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